Customised human figurines

Mini figurines of people from photos

Make personalized human figurines using their favorite photos. Our custom human figures and miniatures of people are unique and can be a befitting gift for birthdays, weddings, and all sorts of fun occasions. Our collection of custom human figurines includes 3d selfies, personalised busts, headshot sculptures, bobbleheads, wedding cake topper figurines, a figurine of whole family or a group, custom action figure of you and many more. Each of these human sculptures are 3d printed as per your own requirements and can also be fully customized to suit any pose, body or face type, clothing, shoes and hairstyle. Just share reference photos with us and let us know how you want to customize your custom sculpture and we will extend our artistic skills to create it.

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Zombie Bobblehead
$119.00 $84.99
Zombie Bobblehead
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