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About 3d Selfie

What is 3d selfie?

What is it made of?

why do I want a 3d selfie/3d figurine?

Do you just make 3d figurines of human?

How detailed will be my 3d figurines?

What is sandstone?

How it is printed?

Do you do family figurine or 3d portrait for family?

Do you do pet figurines?

Do you do character figurines from a comic book or a superhero/celebrity?

What is Standard clothing figurines?

What is custom clothing figurine?


What kind of photos do you want?

How many photos do you need?

I only have 1 photo, can you still do it?

I don't have proper front images, like passport, can you still do it?

How can you guys create a 3d figurine just from few photos without scanning them?


Do you ship worldwide?

What are the shipping rates?

How long does it take to get my figurine in hand?



Can you customize my figurines?

How much does it cost to add stuff and customize the figurine?

Pet Figurines

What are pet figurines?

Do you make figurines for all kinds of pets?

What are the sizes of the pet figurines?

Reseller/Business inquiries

Reseller opportunities

I want to resell your products. How do I do that?

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