3d printed Christmas figurines

Decorative figurines and christmas collectibles

Bring grace to your home with our unique Christmas figurines and Santa statues.  Our collection of pre-made, as well as customized miniature Christmas figurines, has a variety of products for everyone. Get personalised figurines for your christmas village done by us by sharing photos of each member in the group. We turn any photos into customized christmas decorative figurines.

Our pre-made Christmas figurine comes in different sizes ranging from 3 to 5 inches. However, our pre-made Santa figurines can be made in ten different sizes ranging from 3 to 12 inches in height. 

Our personalized miniature Christmas figurines and Christmas statue for couples can be customized to look exactly like you, and the body will be the same as shown in the product. You can also go for our Jesus figurine bust or Mary and baby Jesus figurine which brings divine blessing to your home. 

In case you want a fully customized Christmas figurine for you, your friends, or loved ones including custom clothing, then check out our 3d selfie product. Spread love by gifting our custom christmas figurines this season!

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Christmas Elf Santa Claus Figurine
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