11 best
3d printed Christmas collectibles that you will love in 2022

Christmas is a season of decorations, and collectible figurines are great for brightening up your home at this time. Most families have at least one of their own collections of Christmas collectibles. Each of these ornaments is collected over the years and usually has quite a few memories associated with them. Christmas collectibles like statues of Santa Claus, Carolers, Nutcrackers, and Gnomes have been associated with festive decorations for a long time. However, creating a collection of collectible figurines, or adding a piece to it could be very challenging, especially if you were looking for something that can be personalized according to your Christmas decor. 

With the onset of 3d printing technology, 3d-printed christmas ornaments are becoming popular among people who want to make their christmas decorations look more festive and yet add a hint of personal touch to it.

A ready-made collectible figurine purchased from the market that appeals to one person may not appeal to another. Nevertheless, with the advancement of 3d printing technology, we now have the luxury of personalizing each and every collectible to make it suitable for your own christmas decor, while adding your unique persona to it.

The best aspect about these 3d printed collectible figurines is that they are unique & distinctive, can be utilized as a souvenir to cherish your christmas memories and an ornament for your home decor even after the festive season. While the personalization of these christmas collectibles provides them with a much longer retention value. Non-personalized collectible statues can equally be fun and amusing to add to your christmas collection. We usually 3d print them in resin or sandstone.

In this article, we take a closer look at several personalized and non-personalized Christmas collectibles that can be unique gifts for your loved ones and will surely be appreciated and remembered.

1. Christmas couple figurine

One of the most popular personalized christmas figurines represents an adorable couple wearing Santa costumes with a snow-covered base and two miniature christmas trees on either side of them. This charming couple figurine can be custom-made from photos to replicate you and your better half. All you need to do is upload your couple photos or individual selfies, and our designers with top-notch 3d modeling technology will create a couple’s figurine that will exactly look like you and your loved one. These personalized collectibles are the best sellers among newly married couples, as they treasure these as keepsakes of their first christmas holiday together.

2. Christmas angel figurine

Angels are known as a symbol of good luck, and a personalized angel figurine at your home is believed to attract positivity and blessings into your home. You can see a legion of angel figurines online, but a custom-made christmas angel figurine will always stand out and will be unique. At My3dselfie we make personalized angel figurines that can replicate your imagination about angels, you can upload some images for reference and a brief description, and the heavenly angel figurine collectible of your imagination will be 3d-printed and delivered right to your doorstep. You can also choose to make these figurines look like any of your loved ones. These celestial angel figurines are really elegant and can also be displayed as home decor or on your car dashboard all year round. 

3. Personalized Christmas Santa figurine

Celebrate this holiday season with your own Santa Claus figurine. Capture and cherish your most loved Christmas memories with our personalized Santa Claus figurine that looks like you. With our splendid 3d modeling technique you can showcase yourself, any family member, or a loved one as a Santa dressed up in a traditional Santa jump-suit and hat. You can further customize these figurines with additional christmas features to provide a personal touch to your festive decor theme. Making customized christmas statues with My3dselfie is an effortless and fun way to get creative. Upload a few photos of your favorite person, and we do the creative part to make a unique Santa Claus that replicates your loved ones.

4. Christmas village figurine

A Christmas village figurine is one of the most popular and traditional parts of decorating homes. Most ready-made Christmas village sets available in the market are quite standard and do not complement your entire Christmas decor theme. While personalizing a unique Christmas village figurine it can become a focal point of your entire decor theme and bring warmth to your festive home. At My3dselfie we customize and 3d print figurines of Santa, elves, humans, reindeer, children, or any other person for you to add to your village set. Any of these characters in your village set can be personalized to look like you or your beloved person. If you are planning a DIY Christmas village set, then you can choose my3dselfie as a one-stop solution for all your personalized Christmas figurines needs.

5. Christmas family figurines 

A 3d-printed family figurine is a miniature of a family or a group of people in a surreal and realistic representation of any moment, made from a few pictures. A Christmas family statue set can showcase your most memorable Christmas get-together pictures as a 3d-printed figurine. You can choose your desired group members, let it be your friends, colleagues, or your own family. We can customize your Christmas group figurine to make them wear Santa’s jumpsuit, while they look exactly like you. For an entire group or family Christmas statue set you just need to upload photos of your favorite group, and we will replicate them as a Christmas group miniature.

6. Christmas superhero figurine

A superhero figurine for your christmas is an impeccable choice for the true superhero fans in your house. These one-of-a-kind Christmas statues and customized superhero action figures can be created especially for any superhero enthusiasts at my3dselfie, representing them as their superhero in a traditional Santa suit and hat. In addition, you can customize these mini superhero figurines to add many other features like a mask, a cloak, a crown, etc. You just need to upload a few good-quality photos, screenshots, or images of your favorite superhero for reference. We recreate a 3d design, print them, and then deliver it to your doorstep. These customized superhero statues are the best gamble when you ran out of gift ideas for children.

7. Christmas doll figurine

Kids have perpetual love and admiration for Christmas dolls. While watching tv shows, and reading storybooks, they come across several kinds of dolls and toys. We at my3dselfie custom-make these dolls or toy figurines from photos, to make them look like their favorite doll. This Christmas surprise them with their favorite toy character as a 3d printed figurine, and they will cherish that moment for a long time.

While we have already covered 7 of the most loved and popular personalized Christmas figurines. Here we have also listed some unique and appealing non-personalized (yet customizable) Christmas collectibles.

8. Christmas elf figurine

Christmas elf figurines are usually seen with them wearing red and green attire with large pointy ears and weary hats. They are tiny mammals that lived with Santa at the north pole as his helper, and hence are commonly seen in Christmas decorations. While Santa is known for distributing toys to children, elves are known to make toys in Santa’s workshop and take care of his reindeer. In recent times the elf-on-the-shelf tradition has been a fun way for kids to interact with Santa and his elves. 3d-printed Miniature elf figurines will bring excitement to your decor from thanksgiving to the eve of Christmas. 

9. Mary and baby Jesus figurine

If you are planning an elegant statue for your home that can enhance the Christmas aura and add value. A Mary and baby Jesus figurine is something that you should consider. This graceful statue is the best way to pay homage to the pristine moment that bought miracles to this world. The figurine of mother Mary holding the infant Jesus symbolizes a sacred occasion that brings divine benefits to your well-being. This vintage-style statuette is perfect for your religious as well as a 3d printed Christmas collectible.

10. Santa and Sled figurine

This distinctive yet elegant Santa Claus figurine showcases Santa on his sled flying through the night sky with his reindeer. This figurine is 3d printed at My3dselfie, using sandstone materials. You can also customize this unique Christmas statue to add more attributes so that it will not only remain special during this festive season but can be exhibited on your mantle, or shelves all year long.

11. Jesus Christ bust

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ celebrated all around the world. As he was believed to be the protector of humankind, similarly a Jesus Christ bust figurine is believed to protect you, your loved ones, and your home from everyday nuisance. Our Bust figurines are 3d-printed in sandstone and evoke beauty in both design and material. The unique color tone of old ivory and bronze gives it a more sophisticated look. It is a perfect gift idea for friends or family members who are fond of religious artwork or can also be added as an exquisite Christmas collectible statue.


When shopping for the best Christmas collectible for yourself, your loved ones, or your friends, always consider your overall Christmas decor theme. This gives your Christmas figurine a more cohesive look, though we have quite a few standard statues as well available for Christmas decor. The best Christmas collectible figurines also come down to our own personal preferences. We at My3dselfie custom create any imaginary statues you have thought of, for this Christmas. All you need to do is upload photos, images, and even screenshots for our reference. We design, confirm, and 3d-print your preferred Christmas collectible and then get it delivered to your doorsteps.