From Silver Screen to The Shelf: The Charm of Charlie Chaplin 3D Figurine

Shopify API | Jul 22, 23
Explore the timeless charm of Charlie Chaplin 3D figurine. Meticulously crafted to embody his iconic tramp character, every detail celebrates the brilliance of this film legend. Add a touch of Hollywood's Golden Age to your home or gift it to a fellow Chaplin enthusiast, celebrating the enduring charisma of this beloved comedy icon.
Shopify API | Jul 04, 23
Beyond the Photo Album: Commemorate Graduation Day with 3D Figurines

Commemorate graduation day in a whole new way with lifelike 3D figurines. Unlike photos, these unique keepsakes capture every detail, preserving the emotions and pride of the special day. Discover how personalized figurines bring cherished memories to life, making them the perfect gift to celebrate and immortalize this significant milestone.

Shopify API | Jun 30, 23
How 3D Figurines can enhance and accessorize your home decor?

Transform your living spaces with 3D figurines, breaking free from generic decor. Personalize your home with captivating sculptures, adding charm and character. Create focal points, explore creative displays, and infuse your unique style into every corner. Embrace the world of endless creativity and elevate your home decor with's customizable figurines.

Shopify API | Jun 27, 23
Why Every Dog Lover Needs a Personalized 3D Dog Figurine: International Dog Day Edition?
Discover the remarkable world of personalized 3D dog figurines, the perfect way to celebrate the bond with your furry friend. Crafted with lifelike detail and customized to capture your dog's unique features, these figurines become cherished keepsakes. Embrace the sentimental value they offer and honor your dog's unconditional love on International Dog Day and every day.                                                      
Shopify API | Jun 20, 23
Elephant Figurines with Trunk Up: A Sign of Good Luck and Prosperity

Elephant figurines with their trunks up hold great significance as symbols of good luck and prosperity. Explore their cultural symbolism, diverse decor ideas, popularity as collectibles, and the personalized possibilities of 3D printing. Delve into the enchanting world of these elegant figurines and invite positive energy into your life.

Shopify API | Jun 01, 23
Honoring Grandpa's Legacy: Heartwarming Ways to Celebrate on Father's Day
Father's Day is an important day to express gratitude and honour the fathers and grandfathers who have shaped our lives. Whether you spend the day generating new memories or reliving old ones, Grandpa's Father's Day will be a memorable occasion. You can offer them thoughtful gifts or meaningful experiences. All grandfathers want to spend time with their grandchildren, and what better day than Father's Day? Let us make this Father's Day a meaningful tribute to the grandfathers who have had a lasting impact on our lives.

My3dSelfie Team | Jul 28, 22
Top 10 Personalized Gifts For Mother's Day

Mothers are god’s best gift. It is only a mother that can shower such genuine and unconditional love to her child. Her guidance, love and care has shaped us the way we are today!

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