Reviews of our Figurines.

We have received the highest number of 5 star reviews on our figurines. Our custom statues and sculptures have been loved by our customers and recommended to their closed ones.

Customers have rated us topmost in terms of quality of the product, accuracy and detailing. Many of our customers have reposed their faith on our services and purchased multiple figurines from us. Our Bobbleheads, pet statues, 3d selfie and wedding cake toppers are some of our products which have been recommended as the best 3d gift by our customers.

Each of our Figurines have impressed our customers, whether they bought a 3d statue of themselves or created 3d figurines from photos of their loved ones or pets.

We take ample pride in delivering our custom figurines worldwide. Please do check our customer reviews.


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Excellent 3d mini-statue

I recently placed an order for an award that featured a small statue of a person in a particular pose for a memorial. The life-life recreation is very impressive and brought happiness and tears to my eyes when I saw it. Great work!

Well worth it!

I bought this for my mom. Our dog recently passed away and they were really close for over a decade. I’m happy to say the figurine came out great and will be a beautiful gift!

Fantasy Figurine

Husband's eyes welled up when he held the Avatar he's been playing for almost 20 years! Truly remarkable!

Pure joy

After some concerns I first had about the final result of the statue, all about details that didn’t convinced me, it was an incredible experience for me to see the wide open smile in my dad’s face at the moment he saw his statue. Unforgettable!


Too beautiful looks real
Thank you 🙏🏼


Thanks for fulfilling my request
Figurine is toooooo beautiful and looks real

Great job

Truly a one of a kind figure. Very surreal having a character I created as a figure. Definitely recommend


The made me a MINI-ME of my wife. I sent them a favorite pic of my my wife and they nailed it! Looked exactly like the pic. LOVE IT!! my wife LOVES IT!! thank you so much

Charlie Chaplin

Got my Chaplin figure and I love it, it's perfect,hands on people to deal with.

Amazing resemblance!

I had a cake topper made for my father's birthday. It turned out so well, I am going to have to get one made of my mother so I have a set!


Thank you 3D selfie!

My mom passed away recently and as a memorial gift to myself, I ordered a bust figurine of her. I’m very happy to receive it, as it’s very well made. I keep the figurine on my shelf and whenever I look up, it’s like my mom’s smiling down at me.


Started figure

After a few emails back and forth to clarify my order and what I required....I got through what I wanted and I am very have woth my statue.

Such an amazing job!!

This is one of the best Statchues I’ve ever got! Great job and another sastified customer!!

Way better than I expected

Brilliant, I had them made for a bride and groom. Totally unique. The company is easy to deal with and the product is outstanding. I will definitely be using them again.

Selfie bust

Never thought that I will be having a figurine of myself in one of my R/C airplanes. Great company and FAST service.
My entire family wants one now!! Thank You.

Love it!

Got this as a gift to a close friend who just lost her furbaby and I love it! I just know she will too! Thank you all!

Great product

Is well made. A lot of detail on it. Great job

My perfect boy

I was so excited to see what my perfect sheperd boy looked like and when I received them I broke down in tears of just having them looking like my special sheperd ..I hold them as if I was holding my boy i so sadly world is empty without my sheperd boy but this has giving me a way of seeing him ..and it so helps me to deal with the horrible pain ..I want to get a big one of my boy just so I can look at him all the time and have him closer to his size..the figurines are beautiful.and help me deal ..thanks for bringing me that closeness to my boy

Dogs figurine

More realistic than I expected.

The figure I received beat my expectations. Definitely looked very much like the photo I sent in.
It was so good that when I sent a picture of it to show my friend they said "oh you got a haircut". Lol they didn't even realize I was sending them a picture of my 3Dselfie.
I would definitely recommend to others and I will definitely be doing more business with this place very soon.

Amazing product!

I was so delighted to receive my 'fantasy character' model which was of The Trickster from The Sarah Jane Adventures which has no merchandise at all - so I was happy that you guys could make him for me.
Amazing details from the face to the claw ring on his hand!

Roger Sanchez

Family/Group Figurines

Dog statue

Wonderful work