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i love this company

great craftsmanship high quality great customer service i recommend this product for everyone i always wanted a doll of myself an action figure of me and now i finally got them thank you

Open Bust
Holly Schild
Such a precious little thing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the little bust of my best friend. It’s the smallest size & something I’d never purchased before. I’d seen other customers post theirs & loved the results so I gave it a try. I was not disappointed. My little bust is perfect. It looks exactly like my best friend from all angles & if he were here, he’d love it, too. It’s such a beautiful way to honor my passed loved one. Now that I have this little one, I want to order a larger size! I am impressed & happy beyond measure.

Dogs figurine
Sharon Fletcher

I didn’t know which star was the most (1-5). It was the best. It is so lifelike I have cried many times. I greatly appreciate the artistry and will use your company again.

3D Selfie
Jodi Gentry

The face had a lot of red in it. But other than that It was excellent and I have another ordered

3D Selfie
Linda L Brown
Nice Figurine

I love the figure. The colors were somewhat dull in places so I am painting some acrylics on to brighten but that is it. It will make an awesome graduation present!

A smile on my face.

I was extremely happy when I opened the box and definitely satisfied with the video game action figure. The figure looks just like the photo and you have gained another future customer looking forward to more figures. Thank you! My3dselfie.

Dogs figurine
Liz Regan

3D Printed Dog Figurine From Photos

3D Printed Busts
Ed Penniman, Painter
Beyond my expectations.

I couldn't be happier, I ordered two more for my two grandkids. Also will have my great granddaughters done as well, they change so fast!

Elephant figurine Set
Sharon Bryant
Love Them!

I love these elephants! More than what I expected, I collect elephants, these are my favorite thus far!

Dogs figurine
Wilma Wabnitz

As good as can be with only the four images you received

Gina Curley

I am so pleased! I got a 3D printout of my husband's head shot and I absolutely love it! It's adorable! It captured all his features and detail. He even agrees that it looks like him.

Communication with the team got a bit disorganized at times (for awhile, I was recieving updates for someone else's order, and was never shown the final render for approval pre-printing despite recieving an email thanking me for approving it) which made me worry a little about the final outcome.

With that said, though, I can tell a lot of effort was put into my figure and that the references I provided were followed as closely as the 3d sculpter was able. I was pleasantly surprised that the features I expected to have been simplified or left off entirely for ease of production were, instead, done in perfect detail! They even got his hairstyle and the design of his weapon correct!

If I had to make a complaint, I would say the neck is a bit too long, but this is, indeed, an 85% accurate figurine, as was advertised.

Thank you to the staff at my3dselfie for your work to bring my favorite character to life!

3D Selfie
michael santos

3D Selfie

Urn Figurine-Back
Lindsey Buchheit

The 3D urn figurine is a perfect replica of our little Husker (a Westie/Carin Terrier mix). It is the perfect addition to the mantle on our fireplace. Our entire family loves it!

3D Selfie
Tim Oren

Thank you

Dogs figurine
Karen Bellman
Statue of my Yorkie

Loved it. Looks just like Buster.

Dogs figurine
Dennis Molinari
3d print of dog

Came out great!

Dogs figurine
Alejandro Herrera
3 Buddies

Great experience from start to finish. Excellent customer service during the whole creative process.

3D Selfie
Ernest A Rousseau
Santa's Den says nice list approved

Great product and attention to detail. I would have gotten a larger one if I knew it would come out that good.

Dogs figurine
Donald Coady
All I can say is it's totally awesome!!

What a. great likeness of my dear Casper! Thank you very much!!

Dogs figurine
Nancy Novak
Impressive! 3d Selfie

I received the 3dSelfie of my dog who recently passed away and I am totally impressed with the quality and likeness of my dog. The size is perfect, too, because I can set it on top of the urn or bring it with me on walks and hikes which were my dog’s favorite things to do.:)

3D Selfie
Grandson looking good!

Ordered by My3dselfieWas not sure what to expect.
I received updates along the way including shipping and delivery. Open the package and was very delighted with how much it look like my grandson!
I will enjoy this piece very much.

Uday Kapoor

The model looks AMAZING. My whole family is enjoyed the product!! Will be ordering again

Dogs figurine
Lucy dog

My husband loves it! It certainly looks just like his Lucy and it arrived just before her 11th birthday. She wasn't as impressed with it as he was. He now wants one for our other dog, Shadie. I was amazed you were able to get her exact image, considering that the photos I sent weren't very detailed. (She doesn't pose well.) Thank you very much.

3D elephants

The elephants are better then I imagined. The quality is a 10. They arrived in perfect condition and in the time frame provided by the company. I couldn’t be happier