National Superhero Day

10 Ways To Celebrate National Superhero Day

Fans of Marvel and DC often engage in drawing parallels between their heroes. The fans have also bagged the tag of arch enemies when their heroes fight for the same cause that is to keep our world safe and away from injustice and evil.
The idea of National Superhero Day is to celebrate the reel and real life superheroes who have made an impact on our lives. The day is observed on the 28th of April every year. It was started in 1995 by employees of Marvel Comics as an occasion to celebrate everyone’s favorite superheroes. The day has emerged in popularity ever since and so has its purpose.
Now, it is a day which commemorates the contributions of every fictional or real-life character in your lives. Whose image appears in your mind upon reading about National Superheroes Day or you always had a collectible replica of them to mark their presence in your lives?
Now imagine! Wouldn’t you want to celebrate them? Here are a few ways to celebrate the heroes of our life:-

1. Superhero letters

Did you know the first superhero – Phantom was created in 1936, which started with its own comic strip in a US newspaper. From there to having your Ironman and Batman we have come a long way. With that our perception of superheroes have also changed. This National Superhero Day, write a letter to your superhero. Your superhero does not have to be an imaginary movie or toon figure always, it can be your parents, uncle or a friend who has been with you at your worst. This would be fun even though it sounds more an assignment from high school.

A Letter To your Superhero
Inspiring Courage of Superheroes

2. Celebrate Their Courage

Whether it is the superhero of your fantasy or the superheroes existing in your life, make sure their existence is celebrated on the 28th of April in the best way possible. The superheroes in your life can also include the janitor, firefighter, policemen and basically anyone who takes it as a priority to protect you at all times, could be your pet as well! Celebrating their courage would mean a source of encouragement for them to do better. A simple gesture of writing them a letter or buying a superhero card could effectively do wonders in boosting their morale. 

3. Superhero gift ideas

Gifts come without a saying in any celebration. Now that you are celebrating the heroes in your life, it is imperative to greet them with gifts. A meaningful gift for your superheroes could be a sentence full of kind words, a nice personalised gift, or a basket full of snacks prepared by you. Anything can work as long as the intention is clearly put forward that is to appreciate their conscience of being your savior at all times without even a question. The size of the gifts would not matter in this occasion, it is the thought that will count. 

Gifts For Superheroes
Acknowledge your Superheroes

4. Acknowledge the Heroes 

What are the various ways one can acknowledge one’s efforts? We have listed out a few in the aforementioned points and also in the following points put below. Meanwhile, consider this as an exercise for you to come up with ways to acknowledge the efforts of the superheroes in your life. And we are not talking about trophies or badges here! Something as simple as a short note reminding them of that time when they stood by you at your most vulnerable situation, would also mean acknowledging their heroics. Someone once said, the greatest reward a man can get is acknowledgement for his deeds. 

5. Superhero Party & decorations

A superhero themed costume party should definitely be on the cards of every Superhero lover. This is definitely the most exciting idea of the lot. It can involve a lot of fun activities. From a make shift game parlor based on superhero games to preparing food items based around the theme of superheroes- one gets to experiment a lot while having fun along the process. This can be a great event for people of all age. 

Superhero themed costume party
DIY Superhero Mask for National Superhero Day.

6. Making Of a Superhero Mask

Here’s some fun activity for the ones who would celebrate this National Superhero Day.
The basic appearance of almost every superhero requires a mask  So, if your superhero dress makes you look and feel like your favourite action hero or super hero then a mask makes you invincible. Well that's just a saying!
But you can even take time in preparing DIY masks inspired by superheroes at home.
While you brainstorm on ideas to find the best dresses to look like your favourite Superhero and which  mask combinations works with it, don't forget to capture the memories of the event by creating a physical 3d printed custom miniatures, figurines, dolls, bobbleheads, actionfigures from any normal photograph that you have with you looking like a Superhero

7. Superhero Figurines 

The ultimate gift! Any superhero celebration could become the most memorable celebration with our custom 3D superhero figurines. though it may not be practically possible for us to meet and greet all the superheroes in our lives. How do we solve for that? The answer is a physical 3d figurine of your superhero exactly looking the way you imagined, with all the customisations that you thought of! If you wish to greet and acknowledge your superheroes but running short of words then let a 3d figurine replica do the job for you. A figurine can evoke emotions and will serve as the perfect memento for the heroes. So all that you need to do is to share reference pics or a brief with us and we will create an exact 3d printed replica and ship to you.   

3D Figurines to Celebrate National Superhero Day
Binge Watching superheroes movies

8. Binge Watching  

What better thing than binge watching all your favorite superhero movies and series’ on National Superhero Day! If you have ticked one or almost all of the above mentioned points then seems to be the perfect end to your day. This may not be the most agile of activities based on the day but it can nonetheless be a fun experience with friends or all by yourself depending upon your circumstances. In case, you are planning on hosting a Superhero Party, adding the option of binge watching could possibly make your party a lot more happening. 

9. Train Like A Superhero

While we are celebrating superheroes, we might as well start thinking like them. As we channel our thoughts, it is also important for our body, minds and brains to train like that of a superhero. As you start training you will soon realize changes in and around you. How do we start training? We incorporate all their principles in our day to day lives. The idea is to be like them but not imitate them and become their photocopies. Also, this whole process will require a lot of patience and perseverance. 

Superhero Day- Train Like A Superhero
Superhero Day- Become a Superhero

10. Become a Superhero 

It is a lot easier to be a part of one superhero’s fandom than to become one. Let’s take a pledge to become impactful citizens leading a life like that of a superhero and help the people in our surrounding whenever the need comes. What do superheroes do? They protect us from all dangers by bearing severe hostility and harsh challenges. If we wish to be like our superheroes then we need to open our arms and minds to accept one and all irrespective of their belief and faith. You become a superhero not by shape or size but by the power of your mind.