get your loved ones the best personalized gifts.

Give your love ones  their own figurine, can it be any cooler. Impress your loved ones, by presenting them with their own 3d figurine. But what is 3d figurine or 3d selfie?

Best Personalized item

First what is 3d selfie aka 3d figurine?

A 3d selfie is a 3d figurine of you printed in a 3d printer with sandstone material. With our skills and technology, we have mastered the art to create your life like 3d figurine just from your photos. You don't need to go to a 3d scan store to get your 3d figurine; you can order it at your convenience just from your home. It is very simple, you send us your photo while ordering , we send you your 3d selfie aka 3d figurine with a smile :). It is best gift you could think of ! We ship worldwide!