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Yourself/character from movie, sports, anime, game or toon/ a painting or sketch
Yourself/character from movie, sports, anime, game or toon/ a painting or sketch
Yourself/character from movie, sports, anime, game or toon/ a painting or sketch
Yourself/character from movie, sports, anime, game or toon/ a painting or sketch
Your special preference or customization requirements (if any)


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3D gedruckte Fantasy-Miniaturen

Wir fertigen vollständig individuelle Fantasyfiguren aller Art nur anhand der von Ihnen geteilten Fotos, Skizzen, Bilder oder Screenshots.

Unser 3D-gedruckte Fantasy-Miniaturen können nach den Anforderungen jedes einzelnen Sammlers und Spielers maßgeschneidert werden. Jetzt können Sie sogar Ihre eigenen benutzerdefinierte Anime-Figuren oder Fantasy-Miniaturen sind so einfach wie das Hochladen einiger Bilder, das ist alles. Jeder Ihrer imaginären 3D-Avatare wie Dragoner und Feenfiguren kann mit unserer erstklassigen 3D-Modellierung und hochdetaillierten 3D-gedruckten Statuen zum Leben erweckt werden.

Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach maßgeschneiderten Minifiguren, Fantasy-Büsten oder personalisierten Engelfiguren sind, werden Sie unseren einfachen Herstellungsprozess lieben Fantasy-Miniaturen im 3D-Druck. Gestalten Sie Ihre eigenen Sammlerstücke nach Ihren Wünschen. Vergessen Sie nicht, die Bewertungen unserer zufriedenen Kunden zu lesen. Wir hoffen, dass wir auch Sie verzaubern können.

Wir achten bei der Herstellung jeder Figur auf jedes noch so kleine Detail und können Ihnen auf Wunsch sogar einen Probedruck vorlegen, bevor wir mit dem Drucken beginnen.

Unser Der 3D-Druck- und Modellierungsprozess ist für Sie super einfach. Sie müssen nur ein paar Referenzfotos hochladen, wenn Sie Ihre Bestellung aufgeben. Wir verwenden eine Kombination aus maschinellem Lernen mit künstlicher Intelligenz und unserem Team aus erfahrenen 3D-Designern, um Ihnen die genauesten Sammlerfiguren zu liefern. Jetzt können auch Sie bequem von zu Hause aus alle Arten von Fantasy-Sammelfiguren anpassen; vom Joker bis hin zu Superheldenfiguren, von Gothic- bis Horrorthemen.

Zu unseren Leistungen zählen unter anderem:

  • Vollständig individuelle Actionfiguren:

Wir fertigen sie in einem Stück aus Fotos beliebiger Comicfiguren, Popkultur-Künstler, Cosplays, Joker, Anime, Feen oder Gothic-Figuren. Du kannst sie ganz nach deinen Wünschen anpassen. Der Fantasie und Kreativität sind keine Grenzen gesetzt!

  • Filmfiguren oder Promifiguren:

Jetzt können auch Sie Ihre eigenen superrealistischen, individuellen Filmfiguren herstellen

  • Superheldenfiguren:

Sie müssen sich nur für eine Pose und Anpassungen in Bezug auf Outfits entscheiden. Wenn Sie nach einer personalisierten Superheldenfigur mit Ihrem eigenen Gesicht suchen, teilen Sie uns Ihr Foto sowie das Foto des Superhelden zusammen mit Anpassungsanweisungen mit.

  • Joker- Figuren:

Wählen Sie Requisiten für Ihre Joker-Figur. Lassen Sie es uns wissen. Pose, Charaktere und Hintergrundobjekte. Ihre Die Joker-Statuette wird innerhalb von 3 bis 4 Wochen überall auf der Welt an Ihre Haustür geliefert.

  • Anime- oder Toon-Figuren:

Verwandeln Sie Ihre Lieblingsfilmfiguren in eine physische, personalisierte 3D-gedruckte Figur.

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  • How long does it use does it take for the figure to be delivered

    It takes 3 to 5 weeks to reach your doorstep from the date of order! We also have express service which will reach you in 3 weeks from the date of order.

  • I only have one frontal image from the cover of a fantasy book. I tried to submit an order but I needed to upload 3 additional angles. Do you accept an order based on one image?

    Yes, we can still do it from one image. You can upload the same image 3 times and proceed to checkout.

  • Can you create a replica of a car ?

    Yes, we sure can create a 3d printed replica of a car or any vehicle from a photo.

  • How many do you get?

    You will get 1 piece of the fantasy character figurine/miniature

  • Could you just make a muscular superhero type figurine that is 10 inches tall and 12 inches wide at the shoulders? Thank You

    We can make it up to 12 inches tall in multicolored sandstone material but the wide will be proportional to the size of the height.

  • Can u make more then one for a charity event

    We sure can! Please let us know more details about the event at business@my3dselfie.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jenny Griep

My roommate loved and was soo excited to have a model of his role play character

Anna Belle Williams
Angel figurines

I ordered 2 angel figurines in the likeness of a friend who recently passed away. They were gifts for his mother and godmother. All I had to create the image was the obituary picture. The whole process with My3dSelfie was outstanding. Matt helped me through the process of reviewing the obituary picture to see if it could be used (it could), then placing the order. Soon after placing the order, Sarah reached out to me by email as my assigned Customer Experience Manager. She communicated with me through the whole process which was helpful. Nancy provided the 2D rendering for my review, which took my breath away. The whole team did an amazing job, and the final product was superb. I can't recommend highly enough.


Absolutely incredible work! It was exactly what I wanted and received it when they said I would

Chris Heiler
The product was amazing.

When I first received the package, as I opened it, it was broken into small pieces, so I had to buy super glue to stick them all together and it really works really well. As for the figurine itself, it seems larger than I thought it would be, but I love it so much. Thanks so much.

Alan Lecher
Superb work on fantasy figurines

I recently ordered two figurines based on movie characters. When I received my order and opened the box, I was simply blown away by the fantastic job they did. The likeness to the characters and attention to detail - right down to the ring on their fingers - is amazing. Throughout the process, I was contacted and asked for my opinion on their progress. When I asked for changes, they willingly obliged. Their customer service is off the charts. I will definitely be ordering from My3dselfie again in the near future.

Amaury Pasos
Pure joy

After some concerns I first had about the final result of the statue, all about details that didn’t convinced me, it was an incredible experience for me to see the wide open smile in my dad’s face at the moment he saw his statue. Unforgettable!

William Reed
Great job

Truly a one of a kind figure. Very surreal having a character I created as a figure. Definitely recommend


The made me a MINI-ME of my wife. I sent them a favorite pic of my my wife and they nailed it! Looked exactly like the pic. LOVE IT!! my wife LOVES IT!! thank you so much

Amazing product!

I was so delighted to receive my 'fantasy character' model which was of The Trickster from The Sarah Jane Adventures which has no merchandise at all - so I was happy that you guys could make him for me.
Amazing details from the face to the claw ring on his hand!


Communication with the team got a bit disorganized at times (for awhile, I was recieving updates for someone else's order, and was never shown the final render for approval pre-printing despite recieving an email thanking me for approving it) which made me worry a little about the final outcome.

With that said, though, I can tell a lot of effort was put into my figure and that the references I provided were followed as closely as the 3d sculpter was able. I was pleasantly surprised that the features I expected to have been simplified or left off entirely for ease of production were, instead, done in perfect detail! They even got his hairstyle and the design of his weapon correct!

If I had to make a complaint, I would say the neck is a bit too long, but this is, indeed, an 85% accurate figurine, as was advertised.

Thank you to the staff at my3dselfie for your work to bring my favorite character to life!