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Ägyptische Katzenfigur

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Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie hätten diese Schönheit in Ihrem Wohnzimmer!

✔️ Vollständig von Hand geformt Elegante und stilvolle Katzenfigur im altägyptischen Design.
✔️ Material: Harz
✔️ Farbe: Schwarz, Rot, Blau
✔️ Größe: ca. 19 x 13 x 36,5 cm; Höhe: ca. 36,5 cm.
✔️ Material: Harz
✔️ Katzen waren in der alten ägyptischen Kultur sehr beliebt und gelten als heilig und glücklich.
✔️ Diese Katzenfigur symbolisiert Glück für ihren Besitzer.
✔️ Tolles Einweihungsgeschenk oder dekorative Statue zum Aufstellen im Büro, an der Haustür, im Wohnzimmer und neben dem Bett.
✔️ Erhellen Sie die Eleganz Ihres Wohnzimmers, Schlafzimmers oder eines anderen Raums mit dieser einzigartig gestalteten und glänzenden Katzenfigur.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Can I customize this figurine with my cat?

    If you want to customize your cat which is making a replica of your pet, then we have a different product call cat clones where we create your cat figurine from just few photos and which will be 3d printed. For the cat clones and 3d printed cat figurine, go here- https://www.my3dselfie.com/products/cat-clones

  • Is there any other color option available for the figurine?

    The colors available are black, red and blue

  • What will happen if it is accidentally exposed to water or any kind of liquid substance?

    This Egyptian Cat Figurine is made of resin and it won't have any problem if it is exposed to water.

  • Can I use this figurine for outdoor purposes?

    Yes, you can use this cat statue for outdoors

  • Is it safe to keep a Cat figurine inside the house?

    Ofcourse, yes! It is safe to keep a Cat figurine inside your home.

  • Where I can buy the Egyptian Cat Figurines and sculptures?

    You can buy amazing cat staues, cat figurines at our website my3dselfie.com

  • Is the cat is considered to be as a religious or holy animal?

    In ancient days the cats were included in worship. In fact, revering the cat, and cat worship has been practiced for thousands of years from now. Keeping a cat figurine in the house creates an holy environment plus enlightens the decor of your house.

  • What is the Egyptian Cat Figurines are called?

    Bastet or Bast, the daughter of Re (the sun god)

  • What material is used in this Cat Figurine?

    This cat figurine is handcrafted and is made in Resin material and then hand painted.

  • Does cat figurines bring good luck?

    Yes, keeping a cat figurine or cat statue in your house brings good luck.

  • Which is the best place to put an Egyptian Cat Figurine?

    From Feng Shui perspective, the best place to put the figurine is in the Southeast direction of your living room. It can be also kept on your office desk. It brings prosperity and helps to grow in your career.

  • Why the cats are known as the sacred animals in Egypt?

    The ancient Egyptians believed that the cats were magical creatures, and they are capable of bringing good luck.

  • Is there any other color variety available?

    This Egyptian Cat Figurine comes in black, texture red and texture blue.

  • What is the size of the Cat Figurine?

    The size of this Cat figurine/cat statue is 19x13x36.5cm

  • What breed of cats did Egyptians Worship?

    The Jungle Cat (Felis Chaus) and the African Wildcat (Felis Silvestris Lybica)

  • What does Egyptian Cat figurine symbolizes?

    The Egyptian Cat figurine symbolizes justice, power and fertility. In the book of the Dead the cat represents the sun god (Ra) and the benefits of the sun for the life on Earth.

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Vivianne Franecki

Perfectly .Thank You.

Sarina Weimann

Egyptian Cat Figurine

Bella West

Egyptian Cat Figurine

Madie Schiller

Very beautiful very happy with it had there two ordered now wait on the second then complete thank you so much

Ofelia Frami

very nice

Amalia Haag

Great! Kote class