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Individuelle Statue Ihres Hundes

Eine maßgeschneiderte Hundefigur ist eine 3D-Nachbildung Ihres geliebten Hundes, geschnitzt aus Sandsteinmaterial. Mit unseren erfahrenen 3D-Designern und KI-basierter Technologie können wir aus ein paar Fotos, die Sie uns zur Verfügung stellen, eine individuelle Figur Ihres Hundes anfertigen.

Haustiere sind geliebte Mitglieder unserer Familie und bringen Kameradschaft, Spaß und Freude in unser Leben. Vor diesem Hintergrund können unsere realistischen und niedlichen personalisierten Hundestatuen Sie an Orte begleiten, an denen Ihr Haustier keinen Zugang hat. Beispielsweise können Sie Ihre coole personalisierte Hundefigur immer auf Ihrem Schreibtisch haben.

Unsere kleinen Miniatur- Hundefiguren werden mit viel Sorgfalt und Liebe hergestellt, da dies die beste Möglichkeit ist, die Bindung, die Sie mit Ihrem geliebten Hund teilen, zu bewahren. Diese individuelle Hundefigur ist einfach eine Mini- Nachbildung Ihres Hundes.

3D-gedruckte Hundefiguren gibt es in verschiedenen Größen und Positionen. Die Größen der Mini-Hundefiguren beginnen bei 2,2 Zoll und können bis zu 7,5/8 Zoll reichen. Wenn Sie möchten, dass Ihre Figur größer als 7,5/8 Zoll ist oder eine lebensgroße Nachbildung Ihres Hundes ist, senden Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail an contact@my3dselfie.com

Übrigens ist es normal, dass man von Trauer und Verlust geplagt ist, wenn man ein Haustier verliert oder stirbt. Obwohl wir alle unterschiedlich auf diesen Verlust reagieren, sind unsere maßgeschneiderten Hunde-Gedenkfiguren die bestmögliche Möglichkeit, mit dem Verlust eines Hundes umzugehen und Ihre Bindung zu ihm und die Erinnerungen, die Sie geteilt haben, zu würdigen.

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  • Price break if I order 2 of the same pet figurine? Any Black Friday or other coupon code? What is time to receive, ie will it be available for Christmas?

    You will get a 40% off for the 2nd copy.  Currently, due to the holiday season, all our orders are taking longer delivery time. We still have the Guaranteed Christmas Delivery for an additional fee. However, we will be stopping that soon.

  • What is the price if you want two dogs on one

    It will cost you same as ordering two different figurines of your pet based on the size you are planning to order. We then assemble the figurines of the pets on the same base.

  • I want to put 2 figurines of dogs on a grooms cake. One dog is a German shepherd and the other is a Scottish Terrier. Would the sandstone work on a cake and what size would you recommend for a grooms cake?

    Yes, sandstone will definitely work on the cake as it used for all cake toppers. We normally recommend going with 4.5-5.5 inches figurine of the pet. It is our most popular variant.

  • What size are dog selfies

    The size of your dog selfies depends on the position of the figurine. We have 3 position variants for pet figurine- Standing, Sitting and Lying. For standing position, the size of the figurine will be around 3-3.5 inches in Height. For sitting position, the size of the figurine will be around 2.2-2.5 inches in height and for lying position, it will be around 2-2.3 inches in height. All these variants cost $99. If you would like to order this in a bigger size, the prices vary accordingly. We do it up to 7inches in heights for pet figurines.

  • How heavy are the 3-3.5" figurines? I'm hoping to create a Christmas ornament of our dog, perhaps by attaching wire to the figurine's head or to the base. Do you think something like that would be possible with these figurines? Thanks! (They look amazing!!)

    They are lightweight. A 3-3.5 inches will be around 200-300g. Yes, that will be a gread idea indeed to have your dog figurine created as christmas ornament. You can go ahead and place the order.

  • Can this replica be done in all white black eyes without the scarf?

    Yes, it can! It is a fully custom product and based on your special requirement, we can create the dog figurine of your choice.

  • Can you add a message to personalize the dog statue

    Yes, you can add it on the base. It will cost an additional $10

  • Is the Dog sculpture a good gift idea for pet lovers?

    Definitely! Our dog sculptures makes a wonderful gift for pet lovers of all ages. and can be fully customised as per your wish. Its charming design and lifelike details make it the perfect way to show your love for your furry friends.  

  • Where can I find inspiration for creating a Miniature Dog Figurine?

    Check out social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest for tons of inspiration and visual ideas for creating your own fairy garden. You can also browse through the products on My3dSelfie.com for more miniatures to add to your collection.  

  • Can I use the shih tzu figurine in my indoor decor?

    Yes! Our shih tzu figurine is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your indoor decor. Place it on a shelf, a windowsill, or even on your desk to add a little bit of magic to your everyday life.  

  • How can I clean my schnauzer statue of my pet which i got done by you?

    To clean your schnauzer statue, gently wipe it down with a soft cloth, soft brush or sponge. Avoid using harsh chemicals, water or abrasives that could damage the figurine.  

  • Can the Angel memorials Figurine be customized?

    Yes, My3dSelfie.com offers customization options for your angel dog figurine as well. You can choose to personalize it with your dog's name, breed, or any other special details that you want to include. Please do share visual references with us in the form of images so that our team gets an understanding of the way you want the figurine to be customised.  

  • How will Angel Dog Monuments Figurine of my pet look?

    The Angel Dog Monuments Figurine is a beautifully crafted statue and come in different ways, typically depicts an angel embracing a dog or yourpet dog looking like a winged angel. It is customised absolutely as per your wish and the reference photos shared by you, we will make it with high-quality Sandstone material  

  • Can you make Angel dog figurine of my pet for memorial gifting?

    Yes we can. We just need a few good quality photos of your dog and reference images of angel figurine the way you want. Angel dog figurine is a thoughtful and meaningful gift for anyone who loves dogs or has lost a beloved pet.  

  • Would you recommend Sandstone material to make my Great Collie and Sheltie dog figurines?

    Yes absolutely! Sandstone is not just sustainable material, but it is also a durable and long-lasting material that is ideal for creating extremely high-detailed dog figurines, no matter what breed it is for. We can replicate your Great Collie as well as  Sheltie dog figurines. Please do share the photos of them with us while placing your order.  

  • What is your dog figurine made of?

    Our dog figurine is made of high-quality sandstone material that is durable and long-lasting.  

  • Can I choose the color to make my puppy dog figurine?

    Yes, My3dSelfie.com offers custom puppy dog figurines that look exactly like your pet.  Our best in class 3D modeling and 3D printing process helps us achieve the color and shades of your puppy in our figurines. You can  share the photos that best best matches your dog's fur with us and we will replicate that into figurine.  

  • How long does it take to create a pit bull figurine of my pet?

    The turnaround time for a 3D printed pit bull figurine of your own pet is typically around 3-4 weeks. This includes the time it takes to create the 3D model, print the figurine, and apply any finishing touches.  

  • Is your Dog figurine suitable for outdoor use?

    While we customize your Dog figurine with durable sandstone material, it is not recommended for outdoor use as it may be damaged by exposure to the elements.  

  • Can I order multiple custom figurines of different pets?

    Yes, you can order multiple custom figurines of different pets. Simply provide us with photos of each pet you'd like to have made into a figurine.  

  • Can I customise my own pet dog into a Yoga Dog figurine and give it as a gift?

    Yes, the Yoga Dog figurine can make a unique and memorable gift for yoga enthusiasts, dog lovers, or anyone who appreciates cute and quirky figurines. We can customise your dog too but there may be additional costing for that. However if you have a specific photo of your own dog in a pose you are looking for then that could be the best way.  

  • What makes your Dog statues a good gift, and who would appreciate it?

    Our custom  Dog statues are a timeless and elegant gift that would be appreciated by anyone who loves dogs, or own them, or appreciates fine figurines in general. It makes a great addition to any home decor or collection and is sure to be cherished for years to come.  

  • How big is the Labrador Lab dog figurine?

    Our figurines come in a variety of sizes ranging from 4 to 8 inches tall, depending on the size you choose. How ever you can even make them in any higher sizes by paying higher charges. Contact us and let us know your size preference.  

  • Can I customize the pose or accessories of the Labrador Lab dog figurine?

    Yes, we offer a range of customization options for our 3D printed figurines. You can choose the pose, clothing, and even add accessories like a leash or collar to make your Labrador Lab dog figurine truly unique.  

  • How detailed will the Labrador Lab Dog Figurine be?

    Our 3D printing technology allows us to create highly detailed figurines that accurately capture the features of your Labrador Lab dog. From their eyes and ears to their facial expression, we strive to create a lifelike representation of your furry friend.  

  • What if I\'m not satisfied with my pet\'s 3D figurine?

    We stand behind the quality of our products and offer you support throughout the process. If for any reason you are not happy with your pet's 3D figurine, simply contact us and we will work with you to make it right.  

  • Can I get a 3D figurine of a pet other than a dog?

    Absolutely! We can create 3D figurines of cats, horses, birds, hamsters, rabbits, and all other pets. Simply upload a high-quality photo of your pet and our team of skilled 3D designers will create a 3D model that captures all of your pet's unique details and personality, and 3D print it. Figurines will be delivered to your doorsteps, no matter which part of the world you are in.  

  • Can I order multiple dog figurines of different breeds for myself or as a gift?

    Yes, we offer discounts for bulk orders of our custom dog figurines, making them a great option for pet owners, breeders, and pet-related businesses. We make custom 3d printed statues of any dog breed in any pose, our figurines also make unique and memorable gifts for pet lovers.  

  • Can I customize the german shepherd figurines with a unique pose or accessory?

    Absolutely! We can create custom poses and add accessories to any dog breed, including german shepherd figurine to make it even more unique and special. Just let us know your ideas and our team will work with you to bring them to life.  

  • Can I customize the pose or size of the dog statues?

    Yes, you can! At My3dSelfie.com, we offer customization options for the pose and size of the dog statues. Our expert 3D designers can work with you to create a custom pose that reflects the personality of your pet dog or the pet owner too if you want the figurine together. We can also adjust the size of the figurine based on your preferences.  

  • Is the dog figurine fragile?

    While our 3D printed figurines are made to be durable, they should be handled with care. The dog figurine is made of Sandstone material, which is sturdy and long-lasting. However, we recommend keeping it away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, and water to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.  

  • Can I customize my 3D printed dog figurine?

    Yes, you can customize your 3D printed dog figurine by choosing from a variety of different poses and sizes. You can also select the type of material you would like your figurine to be made from, such as plastic or resin. Additionally, you can add personalized touches to your figurine, such as a name tag or a special accessory.  

  • Can you create custom poses for my pet dog’s 3D figurine?

    Absolutely! We can create custom poses and add accessories to your pet dog’s 3D figurine to make it even more unique and special. Our team of 3D designers will work with you to bring your vision and imaginations to life.  

  • Can dog figurines be used for decoration?

    Yes, our dog figurines are perfect for decoration! They can be displayed on a bookshelf, desk, or mantel, and can add a touch of whimsy and personality to any room. They are also a great conversation starter and can be a fun way to showcase your love for dogs. We can make lifelike statues of whichever dog breed you have.  

  • Can I make changes to the design after I submit my order?

    Once you submit your order and our artists begin working on the 3D model, it may be difficult to make significant changes to the design. However, we do offer a proofing process where you can review and approve the design before it goes to production. You can make minor changes during this process.  

  • Can I customize the Vintage Royal Doulton English Dalmatian Dog Figurine to look like my own pet?

    Yes, at My3dSelfie.com, we offer any kind of custom 3D figurines of pets, and we can create a figurine of your own pet that looks similar to the Vintage Figurine, however costing may differ depending on the complexity of the task. Do share as many reference images with us to make it clear to our 3D designing team about what you are looking for.  

  • How big is the Yoga Dog figurine?

    The Yoga Dog figurine measures approximately 4 inches tall and 5 inches wide, making it the perfect size for displaying on a desk or bookshelf. However you may customize it in any size you want by contacting us.  

  • How can I display your Dog decor Figurine in my home or office?

    Our Dog decor statues look beautiful piece that can be displayed in a variety of ways. You can showcase it on a shelf or mantel, use it as a centerpiece on a coffee table or desk, or even incorporate it into a larger display of your  figurine collection. Their lifelike details and playful design make it a conversation starter and a great addition to any home or office decor. If you like a bit of utility value along with novelty of the figurines then try other figurines in our collection like our Dog storage figurines, Dog pen holder statue and Thinking dog figurines.  

  • I am a collectible lover, are your dog figurines a good investment?

    Of Course yes! Our Dog Figurines are a collectible item. However, it's important to note that the value of collectibles can fluctuate based on factors such as market demand and availability. If you're considering customising any Dog Figurine as an investment, it's recommended to do your research and consult with a reputable collector or appraiser. However if you are buying it as a dog owner or lover then a custom figurine of your pet can be priceless!  

  • Can the Dog breed Figurine be personalized?

    Yes Dog breed Figurine can be personalized in a variety of ways to suit your personal preferences, However in that case simply choose the product as ‘customized figurines’>pet figurines’>’custom dog figurines’ instead of choosing our ‘Dog figurines by breed’ under the ‘Collectible figurines’ product category.  

  • Can I customize the pose of the Labrador Lab Dog Figurine?

    Yes, we offer a range of customization options for our 3D printed figurines. You can choose the pose of your Labrador Lab dog to capture their personality or a specific moment.  

  • How long does it take to create and deliver a 3D printed wolf figurine?

    The time it takes to create and deliver a 3D printed wolf figurine depends on several factors, such as the complexity of the design and the shipping location. Typically, it takes between 3-4 weeks to create and ship the wolf figurine anywhere in the world.  

  • What types of occasions are 3D printed dog figurines suitable for?

    3D printed dog figurines are suitable for a wide range of occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, or as a special gift for a pet lover. They are also a great way to commemorate a beloved pet who has passed away, creating a lasting tribute to the memories and joy they brought to your life. Moreover the best part is that you can carry a lookalike replica figurine of your dog or puppy even to no pet zones where you miss them the most.  

  • What makes 3D printed dog figurines unique?

    3D printed dog figurines are unique because they are created using advanced 3D modeling and 3D printing technology, which allows for an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy. Each figurine is a lifelike miniature replica of your pet, capturing all the unique features and characteristics that make your furry friend so special.  

  • How do I get started with creating a 3D printed dog figurine of my pet?

    Getting started with creating a 3D printed dog figurine of your pet is easy! Simply visit our website, upload a few photos of your pet, and select the desired size and material for your figurine. We'll then use our advanced 3D modeling and 3D printing technology to create a lifelike miniature replica of your pet that you can cherish forever.  

  • How long does it take to create a custom 3D figurine of me and my dog together?

    Our production time for custom 3D figurines is typically 3-4 weeks, but may vary depending on the level of customization requested.  

  • Can I get a 3D figurine of my own pet dog, rather than a generic breed?

    Absolutely! At My3dSelfie.com, we specialize in creating custom 3D figurines of all pets, including dogs,  based on photographs provided by our customers. Whether you have a retriever or any breed, we can create a lifelike and personalized 3D figurine that captures your pet dog’s unique characteristics and personality.  

  • Are dog figurines a good gift idea?

    Absolutely! Our custom dog figurines make a great gift for any dog lover, no matter what breed he wants to make a statue for. Our 3d printed dog statues are unique, thoughtful, and can be customized to suit the recipient's tastes and preferences. Plus, they are a great way to celebrate the special bond between a dog and their owner.  

  • Can I customize my terrier dog figurine?

    Yes! At My3dSelfie.com, customers can customize their terrier dog figurines in a variety of ways, such as choosing the pose, the base, and even adding personalized text or a message. This makes each figurine unique and personalized to the customer's specifications.  

  • What your the process for creating a custom 3D figurine of my pet dog?

    We use advanced 3D modeling and 3D printing technology to create a digital 3D model of your pet first, which is then 3D printed to create a unique and lifelike figurine.  

  • Can I customize the Yoga Dog figurine?

    Yes, My3dSelfie.com offers customization options for the Yoga Dog figurines as well. You can choose the pose, size, color of the figurine to match your decor, and even add your pet's name to the base. Share a few reference pictures with us about how you want your figurine to look like and that’s it!  

  • What is your Dog breed Figurine, and what makes it a unique collectible?

    Our Dog breed Figurines are  beautifully crafted 3D figurines that captures the playful and loyal nature of different dogs. Its lifelike details, such as the dog's fur and expression, make it a unique and highly sought-after collectible in our collection. Each figurine is meticulously crafted by our 3D artists, ensuring that it exactly represents your favorite dog breed.  

  • How do I clean my Labrador Lab Dog Figurine that i got customised at My3dselfie?

    You can gently clean your Labrador Lab Dog Figurine with a soft cloth or brush. Avoid using water or harsh cleaning chemicals as these can damage the material.  

  • Can the wolf figurine be used as a decoration for a specific event or occasion?

    Yes, the wolf figurine would make a beautiful addition to any home decor, especially for those who love wolves or collect their figurines. It could also be used as a decorative piece for special events such as weddings or parties.  

  • What makes 3D printed dog figurines different from other types of pet memorabilia?

    3D printed dog figurines are unique in that they offer an incredibly detailed and lifelike representation of your pet that captures all their unique features and personality traits. Unlike other types of pet memorabilia, such as photographs or paintings, 3D printed dog figurines offer a tangible and lasting reminder of your beloved furry friend that you can hold and display for years to come.  

  • Can I get a 3D printed dog figurine of my pet?

    Absolutely! At My3dSelfie.com, we specialize in creating lifelike miniature replicas of pets using advanced 3D modeling and 3D printing technology. Whether you have a dog, cat, or any other type of pet, we can create a stunningly realistic figurine that captures all the unique features and personality traits of your furry friend.  

  • Can I turn a photo of myself dressed as a Viking along with my cute puppy into a 3D figurine?

    Yes, at My3dSelfie.com, we can create a 3D figurine of you dressed in any attire, along with figurine of your puppy using the latest 3D scanning and printing technology. Simply upload a high-quality photo of yourself in your Viking costume, or whichever costume you like and our team of skilled designers will create a lifelike 3D figurine of you and your puppy together.  

  • How can I get a lifelike sculpture of my beloved pet?

    At My3dSelfie.com, we specialize in creating lifelike dog figurines of your pets using the latest 3D modeling and 3D printing technology. Simply upload a high-quality photo of your pet and our team of skilled 3D designers will create a 3D model that captures all of your pet's unique details and personality and then print it in 3D.  

  • Why are terrier dog figurines so popular, do you make them?

    Terrier dog figurines are popular for a number of reasons. For one, terrier dogs are a beloved breed among many dog owners and enthusiasts, and figurines allow them to showcase their love and appreciation for the breed in a decorative way. Additionally, our customized terrier dog statues can be highly detailed and lifelike, making them an impressive and eye-catching addition to any collection.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Michelle A

This was a gift for my husband for his bday. We had to let our sweet baby go March 15, 2024 and that was the hardest loss EVER, but he lives on in the memories we keep. To see this monument of him is like looking directly at our baby.

Kristina Sullivan

My3dselfie did not disappoint! The figures are perfect, capturing our dogs perfectly for our wedding cake! The customer service was incredible! It is rare to find a company as responsive as My3dselfie! I highly recommend to anyone looking to have a 3d figure made from a photo! Could not be happier!

Gary Gertz

I am impressed with the likeness of my Dog Archie; Looks exactly like him. He is a 17 lb Powder Cressed

Beverly Worley


Joseph Gajdosik
Amazing product

Love the product it’s absolutely amazing. Working on shortening the unboxing video down so I can send it. Would recommend to others!!

Rodger Cochran

it was simply perfect

Dima Spellman
Happy with the results

The finished product is not an exact 100% match from the photos submitted but it is done very well and I am very happy with the results. Considering my submission had several photos but only 1 photo of the pose I wanted, they did a really great job of referencing the pet's appearance from other angles and brought it into the pose I wanted. The print has a matte finish with a rough texture that feels nice and looks good. It did take a bit longer than expected but was worth the wait.

Cyndy Dailey
Perfect Gift

My3DSelfie of our dog came out beautifully. Customer service was great and let me make several adjustments when reviewing the prototype. My husband was pleased with the likeness of our dog.

If planning this for a gift it’s important to order well in advance to allow time for the product to be crafted.

Andrew P

Fantastic job! My wife and I love this ornament!

John Phillips

You captured him perfectly! Thank you for such a beautiful memory