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Süßeste Engelsfigur

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Stil: Betender Engel


Caret Down

Diese niedlichen Engelsfiguren werden Sie begeistern!

✔️ Stellen Sie sich diese entzückende Engelsfigur in Ihrem Wohnzimmer vor
✔️ Schenken Sie den Menschen, die Ihnen am Herzen liegen, Liebe mit diesem Geschenk.
✔️ Farbe: Weiß
✔️ Größe: Denkender Engel: ca. 14 x 9 x 9,5 cm, betender Engel: ca. 10,5 x 5,5 x 15 cm. Schlafender Engel: ca. 11 x 7,5 x 14 cm.
✔️ Material: Harz
✔️ Engelsfiguren spiegeln Positivität wider und symbolisieren Schutz und Sicherheit!!
✔️ Perfekt für Ihren Arbeitsplatz oder kleine dekorative Ecken Ihres Hauses.
✔️ Absoluter Hingucker und tolles Weihnachtsgeschenk!!!

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Questions & Answers

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  • How to maintain these angel figurines?

    They are very easy to maintain. Just use cotton cloth to wipe the surface and you are good.

  • what are the angel figurines that people buy?

    The best 3 that people are after are displayed in this page. These products have been made keeping customer's feedback and survey.

  • Should i keep an angel figurine that is broken ?

    It depends on your perspective and beliefs. The broken figurine may still be perceived as a hope.

  • Sizes of the different variants that you have?

    The Angel Figurines are of these following sizes

         Thinking Angel: 14X9X9.5 cm
         Praying Angel: 10.5X5.5X15 cm
         Sleeping Angel: 11X7.5X14 cm

  • What are the different types of angel figurines that you have?

    We have 3 types- praying angel, sleeping angel and thinking angel of the Cutest Angel Figurine Collections

  • What is the material that these figures are made of?

    The Angel Figurines are made with Resin.

  • What is the delivery time of these angel figurines?

    You will receive the angel figurines in 7-10 days at your doorstep from the date of order with our standard shipping option.

  • Is it wrong to collect angel figurines in your home?

    There is nothing wrong to collect angel figurines. In fact angel figurines are believed to protect from negativities and bad omen

  • what are the small angel figurines called

    Small angel figurines are generally tagged as cute or mini angel figurines.

  • Do you ship to Los Angeles?

    We sure do! We ship our products worldwide!

  • where to buy angel figurines?

    My3dSelfie has launched the category of Angel Figurines making us a one stop online shop to cater all your decor related requirements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sandra Martinez
On point!!

Very happy with my 2 Praying Angels but an error occured and I'm missing my Thinking Angel so support staff is looking into it. Hope I get it soon. Thanks.

Too cute!

Stumbled upon it on Instagram, and very glad I did. Too cute for the price I paid. I hope you make it into a series

Caroline J Green
Perfect for gift

I purchased this for a friend and she absolutely loved it. It’s a thoughtful gift and I might get more as gifts for Christmas.