Figurines As Gifts For All Occasions.

Unique Figurines As Gifts For All Occasions.

Everything on Earth is a gift to us. Our parents, our friends and family are a gift to us. Even the breath that we take is a gift to us. Then are gifts that we give each other as a memento or a token of appreciation. These are memoirs that remain with us as a memory of someone. Then there are figurines which brings a unique sense of belonging with it. If you are reading this then I assume it would most likely be for the following two reasons- i) You don’t really know about figurines, so your curiosity drove you here to find out more about it. Or ii) You already know about it but a consolidated list helps in making the right choice much easier. Whatever the reason may be, what we have learnt is that figurines are not merely an object, they are unique collectables that can be personalised or bought for gifting or decor.

We can say this with affirmation based on our several interactions with thousands of our customers who bought figurines from over forty countries across the globe. We take a look at variety of unique figurines which can be gifted on any occasion or can be bought for our personal- emotional and moral support. If you are finding these words superficial then I can assure you that if you keep scrolling till the end of this blog, you will surely change your mind.

Angel Figurine.

1. Angel Figurines

When your eyes fall on these unique statues you sense déjà vu, like it is an impersonation of someone really important to you. We all have angels in our lives in the disguise of human beings. They play an important part in our lives without us noticing it. They will be there for you in your most desperate times without you noticing it. They could be anyone- a friend, a pet, your parents or grandparents. These pristine angel figurines carefully preserves all the wonderful memories that you tend to forget over time. It reminds you of good times, your trip across the globe. This little model helps you retrieve all those exhilarating moments within the fraction of a second. This helps you realize that life is eventful and it is filled with joyous minutes. You get that sense of feeling that there is someone always watching, irrespective of what circumstances you are in. You are going to immortalize all your memories with this 3D figurine which brings a smile every time you look at it. Nothing seems to beat the charm of these angel figurines. It will forever behold your fondest memories my beloved Grandmother. It is wonderful how a tiny figure helps in evoking such divine emotions right?    

2. Elephant Figurines

Have we not all laughed watching these videos of baby elephants embarrassing themselves? Social media is flooded with their cuteness. They may be silly as a child but an elephant holds an important place in Hindu mythology and is often used in home décor, to symbolise power, integrity and strength. The elephant figure has its own importance, according to Feng Shui, as well as Vastu Shastra. People often include statues and paintings of elephants, to bring positivity to a home. According to Feng Shui, while a raised elephant trunk symbolises good mood, a trunk in the downward direction represents ability to solve challenges and longevity. Contrary to popular belief, an elephant trunk in the downward direction does not mean bad luck. Such statues are often seen to be situated at offices, warehouses and alike. Feng Shui experts also compare the elephant trunk to a vacuum cleaner that sweeps negative energy. Similarly, as per Vastu in Hinduism, elephant statues with their trunks facing upwards are considered to be very lucky and are considered to bring good fortune to the family. For a moment if we ignore all of the above points, any animal loving person on Earth is going to hold them endearing.   

Elephant Figurines.
Cake Toppers as gift for Various Occasions.

3. Cake Toppers

Well this is surely a unique figurine but it can serve multiple purposes. Wedding Cake Toppers have become an integral part of every big day. They not only add a charm to the cake but they also make a great memento of the big wedding day for the couple. A Cake Topper has three primary uses: First, it adds charisma to your cake. Second, it serves a very personalized touch to your home decor. Third, you can always come back to this to relive the fondest memories from your wedding day. If maintained well, they will serve as a time machine for your grandchildren to go back in that day decades after your wedding. Jokes apart, these Cake Toppers can definitely be a classic addition to your wedding day cake. They also come in different shapes and sizes like a Classic Display stand or the elegant looking Acrylic Cake Toppers, which are a class apart. These are again multi-purpose because of the reason that they add an aura into your room’s décor. They can look incredible on a cake as well as your table or gallery. If your wedding is set by the beach or at a lounge by the pool then these Wedding Cake Toppers definitely deserves a thumbs up!

4. Pet Figurines

Pets make our lives so beautiful. Almost 40% households have a pet in America. This data is based on a 2017-18 report so you can expect the numbers must have grown a lot higher now. Some of these pets have gained so much popularity in the social media world that ‘Pet-influencers’ are now a legit thing. Some of these Pet influencers count their followers in millions. These followers look up for the posts of these pets on their feed to brighten up their day. Whether it is a Cat, Dog or a Parrot, you know how emotionally connected pet lovers are with their pets. Pets are literally their best friend and their companion at all times. Check out these Angel Of Friendship collectibles by Willow Tree for a dog parent that you know. A gift is always best when given with a more personal touch. Check out these customized figurines of pets by, you can get an exact replica of your friend’s pet as a gift for them. They are surely going to cherish this forever and keep it close to their hearts. They will now feel the presence of their pet even when it is not physically present around them. Also, this will obviously remind them of your thoughtfulness each time they look at it. 

Pet Figurines
3d Selfie miniature

5. 3D Selfie

One thing our human race loves doing is to keep evolving irrespective of what challenges come forth. For decades and centuries, we have kept advancing bearing all weather, storm and pandemics. Towards the later part of the 20th century, when 3D printing came to this world it was not seen as a great tool for the growth of our race. The response was similar to how people laughed at the concept of a computer. Fast forward to 2021, 3D printing is one of the fastest growing industries and also a great form of technology which can help reduce industrial waste. One of the latest evolutions of this technology is a 3D Selfie, it is no different from a 3D figurine but what gives 3D Selfie an advantage, is that it can be made with the help of a few 2D photos only. Earlier, you would need the subject to be physically present while a 3D print is being carved out, that is not the case any longer as we now have 3D Selfie. This flagship property of My3dselfie is winning hearts across the globe including America. It has helped them impersonate their favourite beings into figurines which can never be out of their sight.     

6. Fantasy Figurines 

Some of our greatest teachers do not even exist in real life. This is the answer you will get from people who are staunch followers of the superhero universe. Fantasy figurines help you reignite all your childhood memories. Imagine how boring your childhood would have been if not for these cartoons, comics and their fantasy figures, who evolve to become our role models. They help us set our code of conduct and principles. Fans of Marvel and DC often engage in drawing parallels between their heroes. The fans have also bagged the tag of arch enemies. Meanwhile the heroes that they fight for are struggling for the same cause- make the world a better place to live by. This fandom for the fantasy characters gave birth to the idea of a National Superhero Day. The purpose of this day is to celebrate the reel and real life superheroes that have made an impact on our lives. The day is observed on the 28th of April every year. Now, the thing is that you need not wait for an occasion to gift these unique figurines to a superhero fans. For them every day is a great day to celebrate their heroes.  

Fantasy Figurine.
Figurine of Charlie Chaplin

7. Figurine of Charlie Chaplin

What can you gift someone who likes to achieve everything on their own and are always persistent in achieving their ambitions? They never give up and they will not stop at anything. Nothing but your words of encouragement can be the perfect gift for them. While you sew these words of encouragement, you can also bring them a memento, a token which will remind them of your words every time they will look at it. We recommend a figurine- it could be of someone you look up to or someone they are really inspired by. First person who came to our mind was Sir Charlie Chaplin KBE. A man who paved his own way as an Actor, Filmmaker, Composer and rose to fame as a worldwide icon on the basis of his screen persona. A career which spanned over 75 years was an outcome of extreme hardship and poverty. From being at a workhouse before even turning nine to being getting signed at 19 as an actor, it were these experiences which helped Sir Chaplin cement his name in the world of cinema and entertainment. His is a name which will remain evergreen for the next decades and centuries to come.

8. Family Figurines

Someone rightly said, ‘a happy family is but an earlier heaven’. Everything that we do we do it for the family. The family too reciprocates by doing everything in their capacity for your safety and good health. It is our families who make life worth living for us. No matter how small or big but family is where your home is. ‘With every word we utter, with every action we take, we know our kids are watching us. We as parents are their most important role models’ said Michelle Obama and we couldn’t agree more. Family members are like bricks which lay down our foundation pillars. They are teaching us lessons about life at every step because family means that nobody is left behind. Being a family means holding on to each other at all times and weather every storm. Being family means to love and be loved unconditionally. There is a line in the TV show Dexter, ‘Being part of a family mean smiling for photos’, yes indeed it is. These photos make up an important part of our lives. These photos are memories that we can cherish with all our hearts. My3dselfie’s 3D figurines are a revolution in preserving memories. With our 3D technology, you can now impersonate these photographs of your family into life like figurines which celebrates each and every member of the family.   

Family Figurines
Figurine of Bob Ross

9. Figurine of Bob Ross 

Life is a canvas and we are the artists creating our own individual piece of artwork. Robert Norman Ross popularly known as Bob Ross showed this world the joy of painting. The American painter, art instructor and television host sparked a new life into the art industry and more specifically into the world of art. His impact is such that he is still a noted figure with his posthumous presence in the internet era. In contrast to more traditionally famous artists, Ross’s work was described as a cross between ‘fine art’ and ‘entertainment memorabilia’ and is highly sought after by common fans and not just wealthy collectors only. If you are looking for a gift that inspires someone then this is it. This will be there reminder that if you wish to achieve something there is nothing but only you who can stop yourself from achieving it.   

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