Elephant Figurine decor ideas.

Elephant Figurine Decor Ideas: 10 Ways To Use Elephant In Your Home Decor

There's something special about elephants that make them uniquely suited for home decor. Maybe it's their majestic stature or their reputation for being wise and kind. Elephant sculptures are a wonderful addition to any house for a variety of reasons.Looking for some ideas for your next home improvement project? Check out these ten ideas for elephant figurine decor. From adding a touch of Africa to your living room to creating a whimsical kid's room theme, these ideas will help you bring some fun and personality to your home.

Where should elephant statues be placed at home?

There are a few things to consider while looking for elephant statue home décor ideas. Consider where you want to put the statue first. Do you want it to be the center of attention in the room, or should it be more subdued?Second, think about what style of the statue you want. There are traditional elephant statues, as well as more modern ones. The meaning Elephant statues express depends upon the place in the home. For example, an elephant figurine placed near the home's entry, inside the front door, has two distinct meanings.A statue of an elephant in the entryway, facing away from the door, brings good fortune into the house.The home is guarded by an elephant facing it. It protects your home from all types of harmful energy.If you're not sure where to start, here are a few ideas to get you started:- Place an elephant statue in your entryway to make a grand first impression- Put one in your living room as a conversation starter- Use a small elephant statue as a paperweight on your deskNo matter where you put your elephant statue, it's sure to add a touch of elegance to your home.

Shelves with various show piece.
Elephant in grass lands.

What do Elephants as Home Decor mean as per Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui?

Due to some special values, beliefs, and characteristics represented by Elephants from years immemorial, perfect home decor items according to both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. Maybe it's their grand look and impressive presence. Or, it could be because they're considered to be good luck charms.In Hindu mythology, the elephant is a sign of power, integrity, and strength, and it is commonly employed in home décor. The elephant-headed God Ganesha bestows blessings and removes impediments. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Indra's beautiful elephant carriage signifies heavenly wisdom and regal authority. According to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, the elephant figure has its own significance. Elephants represent power, wisdom, good fortune, and fertility in Feng Shui. Elephant sculptures and paintings are frequently used to bring optimism into a house.Elephant exhibit items are supposed to bring great energy into your house for a variety of reasons. The best way to maintain an elephant statue facing north is to keep it facing north.No matter the reason, elephants are said to bring positive energy into your home. They're also thought to promote strength, power, and success. Elephants in a family room or a children's play area help to enhance family relationships. The elephant statue placed in the workplace represents knowledge and strength in this setting, and it is supposed to energize the workstation. In a bedroom, elephant décor symbolizes love and loyalty. An elephant in a child's room indicates wisdom and determination. Keep a statue or a photograph on the wall near your office entrance.There are plenty of ways to incorporate this fun and trendy motif from sculptures and statues to paintings and figurines.Here are a few elephant home decorating ideas to get you started:1. Display a carved wooden elephant statue in your living room or home office.2. Hang a painting or print of an elephant in your entryway.3. Place a small elephant figurine on your nightstand or dresser.4. Use elephant-themed items as part of your kitchen decor. For example, you could hang a set of elephant-shaped salt and pepper shakers on your kitchen wall.6. Scatter elephant-shaped throw pillows around your couch or bed.7. Add an elephant-themed welcome mat to your front door.

10 Ways to Use Elephant Figurines in Your Home Decor:

If you're looking for some unique ways to incorporate elephants into your home decor, look no further! Here are 10 ways to use elephant figurines in your decor:

Plant pot as Bookend.

1. Use Elephant figurines as bookends!

 This is a great way to add some personality to your bookshelf. Bookends are a great way to make a home library decorative going with the theme of the interior of the house. While many book collections appear to be diverse on their own, the appropriate decorations and bookends may bring the entire space back into line with your chosen aesthetic.

2. Position Elephant Statue on a coffee table or a side table to make a statement.

Placing them on a coffee table, because they make great conversation starters! With its sophisticated style, this statue will bring elegance to your coffee table.

Mini figurines on a coffee table.
Showcase elephant figurines.

3. Showcase Elephant Figurines in a china cabinet or other type of cabinet. 

If you have a beautiful collection of elephant figurines, why not display them in a china cabinet or other type of cabinet? This will allow you to show off your collection to your guests, and it will also keep the dust off of your elephants! Choose a cabinet that has glass doors so that your guests can see the elephants without having to open the doors.Arrange the figurines on shelves in a way that is pleasing to the eye. You may want to group them by color, or size.

4. Create a special place for them in a vignette on a shelf or mantel. 

Group them with other items that complement their look. This can be done by arranging the figurines on a shelf or mantelpiece, along with other elements such as candles. Make sure to keep a balance in the numbers and sizes of figurines used in the decor to avoid clutter.

Elephant mini figurine near plants.
Elephant figurine in kid's room.

5. Place Elephant Figurines in a kid's room or nursery.

 They add a cute and playful touch to the kid’s rooms and decor. The elephant figurine is a great choice for bringing positive vibes around your tiny tots. Elephant statues make a fantastic addition to any child’s room or nursery because they represent good luck, strength, and wisdom. Additionally, elephants are known to be gentle and loving creatures, making them the perfect companions for your little ones.

6. Decorate your kitchen top cabinet with Elephant Statue

If you're looking for a fun and unique way to decorate your kitchen top cabinet, why not try elephant figurines? Elephant sculptures not only spark discussion but also provide a whimsical touch to your kitchen. They'll also put a grin on your guests' faces.There are plenty of elephant figurines to choose from, so take your time and pick the ones that you love.You can choose them as gifts for a homemaker who loves cooking. These elephant gift ideas are great for bringing a smile to the face of an elephant lover.

Elephant figurine in kitchen cabinet.
Animal figurine in the bathroom.

7. Show them off even in the bathroom.

For a quirky touch, place them on a shelf or near the sink. Give your bathroom a bit of an elephant update with elephant-themed towels, soap dispensers, or even shower curtains. Elephant figurines can also be placed on shelves, in cabinets, or on the countertops. They may be mounted on the wall as well. If you have a small bathroom, an elephant figurine can be a great way to add some character without overcrowding the space.

8. Use them in an office.

 They can add a touch of fun and whimsy to any workspace. The north is the best direction for the good luck elephant figurine to be placed in the office. It will result in increased productivity and knowledge. According to Vastu, The elephant figurine should be placed in this direction for those seeking a career boost, as the north is controlled by the Lord of Wealth.

Animal figurine on office desk.
Elephant statue used outdoor.

9. Use them outdoors.

Display the elephant figurine in a prominent location, such as your patio, garden, or porch. This outdoor decor exudes serenity and tranquility. This gorgeous statue would look great in any room of your house. Your yard will come alive with the presence of an elephant statue! The heart will be warmed and comforted by this statue. In a prominent spot, such as your patio, garden, or porch, place the elephant sculpture.

10.You may use them in any way you can think of!  

Simply use your imagination and have a good time.Get creative and come up with your elephant home decorating ideas. Whichever way you choose to incorporate elephants into your home, they're sure to bring some good luck and positive energy along with them.Elephants are a wonderful addition to any house because of their adaptability and symbolic nature. Spread positive thoughts and optimism. With all these lovely animal figurines.Add elegance and prosperity to your life through these elephant figurine decor ideas. Order Elephant figurines from My3dSelfie now!

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