10 Unique Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

If you are reading this then either you, your friend’s or your client’s big day is inching closer with every passing day. Your attention is on every minute detail, for you do not want to miss a single opportunity to make your wedding day grand. While you are at it, how can you miss the wedding cake? A delicious and lovely looking wedding cake serves as the most important component on the dessert section of a wedding platter. However, the cutting of a wedding cake by the newly married couple, is a ritual deeply rooted. Many couples observe the tradition of preserving the top tier of a cake to be relished on their first anniversary or on the christening of their first child only if that happens within the first year of their marriage. It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity for the newlyweds. "Saving the top tier of the cake came from Great Britain where they traditionally made fruit cakes for the wedding. Fruit cakes preserve exceptionally well and couples would serve the top tier on their first anniversary or their child’s christening" – Moriah Michelle of Wildflower Cakes, for Brides. 

Now, in most cases couples do not go for a fruit cake on their wedding. Some have even chosen to escape from the concept of having gigantic cakes made for the big moment instead they prefer to go with a Cutting Cake which is smaller in size, is budget friendly and is only meant for the couples to dig in and follow the rituals. A cutting cake is never cut and served because it couldn't possibly feed all of the guests. It wasn't made to feed 100 people—it's only big enough to look cute and support whatever cake topper or decoration the couple has chosen. Some couples simply believe that this tradition of preserving a cake brings back memories of their big day and helps them relive that experience on their anniversary or on a special occasion. With Cake comes the cake topper, let’s just say if Super Bowl is incomplete without a halftime performance, a wedding is incomplete without a cake and its topper. The days personalised cake toppers serves as an elegant ornamentation atop your wedding cake and it also enables you to reboot memories from that day at any place, moment or time. Here are ten unique cake topper ideas that can preserve your wedding memories eternally and make your wedding cake look more attractive or emotionally attaching.

Romantic Bride & Groom Cake Toppers

Let your romanticism reflect on your custom wedding cake topper figurines as well. A romantic cake topper of the bride and groom can definitely be a ravishing addition to your reception’s decor. It also does add more value to your wedding pictures. You can customize this romantic cake topper as per your preference or grab it as it is. This might sound cliché but some couples like their toppers to be nice, simple and subtle. There can’t be a simpler yet emotion filled topper that this for your big day. A keepsake from one of your life’s most memorable event.  

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Weddings are not just another occasion but they are a celebration of relationships, bonds and moments. They are meant to give you great memories for the rest of your life. Stories that you can share with your friends, children and grandchildren. Remember a funny incident from your first date or that deciding moment when you found a response to your proposal? Relive those moments with funny cake toppers that replicate it for you. Sharing these light yet important moments with your guests may also make the wedding all the more eventful and memorable for the visitors.

Sports Cake Toppers

Athletes or not, this one is for the fitness loving couples whose dating spots include a gym and a yoga park. For the very athletic and sports loving about to be couples, these unique Sports wedding cake toppers are definitely a go to. They are cute yet filled with agility thus sharing the spirit of the couple. If your wedding theme is inspired by fitness and good health then this will be your perfect cake topper. It also comes with a strong base for you to use it as show piece post wedding. It basically can serve your multiple purposes. 

Child Cake Toppers

Yes! It may get a little loud, clumsy and pardon me for this- irritating at times but without kids, don’t you think a wedding gets a little less cheery? For all the kids at the wedding will definitely find this very attractive. Couples can turn these toppers into a family heirloom. For couples who are already parenting or belonging to families with kids, this wedding cake topper fits the bill. You can also customize it from My3dselfie, to make your big day feel more personal. More so, the kids will also remember this as a memorable event of their lives!

Pet Cake Toppers

How can you forget your best friend at your wedding? Over 85 million families are home to pets in the United States. So there is a sheer possibility that couples do meet each other through their pets. These pets who are already a crucial part of your lives when turn Cupid- deserve cuddles, treatos and more. These personalized wedding cake toppers can be the perfect memento and gift for your beloved friend’s endeavors in fructifying your love life. So why not immortalize this fact with these Pet Wedding Cake Toppers. Also, let all your animal loving guests be like ‘Awwww!’

Acrylic Cake Toppers

The elegant looking Acrylic Cake Toppers are a class apart. They can be made in different shapes and sizes. These toppers are among the easiest options available in this list. These are again multi-purpose for they add an aura into your room’s décor. They can look incredible on a cake as well as your table or gallery. If your wedding is set by the beach or at a lounge by the pool then these Wedding Cake Toppers definitely deserves a thumbs up!

Cake Topper Display Stands

A Cake Topper Display Stand has three primary uses: First, it adds charisma to your cake. Second, it serves a very personalized touch to your home decor. Third, you can always come back to this to relive the fondest memories from your wedding day as a wedding couple photo frame or figurine. If maintained well, they will serve as a time machine for your grandchildren to go back in that day decades after your wedding. Jokes apart, these Cake Topper Display Stands can definitely be a classic addition to your wedding day cake.

Monogram Cake Toppers

This one tops the list of our easiest options available. Monogram your initials, surname or nicknames and use it as your wedding cake topper. This would be best when your ceremony would only be attended by close friends and relatives. However, you can use it in case of a big gathering as well- it’s your day so choice should be yours. These usually come in both- artificial and handmade to your specifications- options. They look ostentatious on top of wedding cakes. 

Acrylic Block Cake Toppers

An Acrylic Block Cake Topper in short means ECSTATIC! It adds a royal touch to your wedding décor. It can again be made in different shapes and sizes based on your preference. To make it more personal you can get it made in a color highly liked by your about to be. 

Customized Cake Toppers

Nothing can beat this one! Whether it is a gift or a memento, we like things when they are personalized for it comes along with attached emotions. These customized wedding cake toppers are touche for they give the couple a chance to use their replica as a cake topper. The accuracy of the personalized and imitated wedding cake topper of the couple can make all the guests present go gaga over how beautiful the couple looks in 3D figurines as well as in reality. I mean, it can’t get better than this! We can make these 3d printed personalised wedding cake toppers for couples that look exactly like the,  from any normal 2d photograph you provide us.. all with unmatched accuracy.

The fact that two individuals are binding in eternal love is reason enough for one to make that particular day or frame that very moment the most memorable one. However, you can always make it more special and romantic with other minute detailing. Make it clear to your planner or caterer while you can about the specifications on your wedding, a cake is definitely one among them. We believe refreshing memories from your big day is desired by most couples, while the cake is one way to go about it there are also other options- like your wedding after movie, photos from your wedding and the wedding cake topper to name a few.