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Neushoorn beeldje

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€33,95 EUR
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Maat: Groot


Caret Down

✔️De klasse-act van ons neushoornbeeldje zal je woonkamerinrichting naar een ander niveau opfleuren.  Stijlvol, prachtig en geweldig zijn enkele van de bijvoeglijke naamwoorden die onze klanten gebruiken om deze te beschrijven neushoorn beelden.

✔️ Neushoornsculpturen zijn volgens Feng shui een symbool van bescherming
✔️ Ze symboliseren bescherming, positieve energie en houden jou en je dierbaren weg van eventuele negatieve energie.
✔️ Geweldig housewarming-cadeau of decoratief beeld voor op kantoor, bij de voordeur, in de woonkamer en naast het bed.
✔️ Deze neushoornfiguurtjes definiëren kracht en kracht.


Kleur: goudkleurig
✔️ Maat: Groot neushoornbeeld : 12,2 x 3,1 x 7,4 inch . De lengte is ruim 12 centimeter en de hoogte is ruim 7 centimeter. Kleine neushoorn : 9,25 x 2,8 x 5,3 inch. De lengte is ruim 9 centimeter en de hoogte is ruim 5 centimeter.
✔️ Materiaal: hars

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Questions & Answers

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  • Does a rhino have one horn or two horns?

    Our Rhino Figurines are two horned

  • Which Rhino has the biggest horn?

    The longest horn of a rhino was found in Kenya and it was 51 inches. And for one-horned rhino, the world record is 23 inches, and was found in Assam in 1909

  • How rhino figurines are made?

    The Rhino Figurines are hand scupted and is made of resin material.

  • What is the importance of Rhino Figurines according to Feng Shui?

    It is a symbol of protection. Keeping a Rhino Figurine, a rhino statue or sculpture is a symbol of protection and against negative energy like protecting you from robbery, betrayal, office issues, accidents etc.

  • What is the size of the largest Rhino Sculpture?

    The largest rhino sculpture is in New York which is a 17 foot bronze structure. It has 3 rhinos together one above the other while the middle one is up side down

  • Are Rhino Figurines beneficial for the children’s room?

    Yes, Rhino Figurines are regarded as symbol of protection and will keep your child from any negative energy according to feng shui

  • Why do we use Rhino Figurines in our home?

    Most of our customers buy our Rhino Figurines for Decor and for Feng shui to bring positivity and good enrgy in to their lives plus it just looks stunning in your living room

Customer Reviews

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Haleen D
Rhino Figurine

Very pleased with the purchase of this beautifully sculpted rhino figurine. 👍👍👍

Safa Sid
So unique

Firstly, I am very happy with the rhino piece in general. Was bought as a gift for my boyfriend who could not get over his rhino obsession after our wild safari trip. Since with the pandemic it is impossible for us to imagine going back on trips like such, this was the next close thing. It made for a beautiful birthday gift- a reminder of happier times.
Secondly, I am so much more happier with the uniqueness of this piece. Since me and my boyfriend live together, I had to get something that matches with my aesthetic too (wink). The golden hues with green undertones are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for that.