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We are about to step into the month of love. Being with our loved ones remains our priority this season. The confusion on how to bring smiles to our favorite faces is real. Valentine's Day is not just a day of celebrating love, but it is also a day where people make sure their home is decorated well to spread the love and joy. 

You can add that extra sparkle to your home décor to make the day special for everyone. From Valentine bobbleheads to decorative buntings your Valentine décor can make the day brighter. 

Decorating the Home for Valentine

Decorating for a Memorable Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special day for couples and families, and they celebrate this day in various ways. Many couples even do Valentine decorations at home or the venue of celebration. 

Couples and families love to celebrate their Valentine's day with DIY decor ideas, outdoor and indoor Valentine decor. Decorating tables, trees, doors, rooms by using home-made decorations add that extra special touch to the day. 

Playful, Rustic or Romantic decoration

From rustic to romantic, couples and families can choose from a variety of decoration themes to enhance the look of their home. Balloons, paper art, and heavily laden with Valentine ornaments are popular choices, adding a playful touch to the day. Valentine vases, buntings, and flowers help set a romantic ambiance, while candles and a cozy fireplace make for a warm and intimate atmosphere. 

Wood décor and garlands are also popular options, providing a rustic touch to the home. With My3dSelfie's wide range of personalized gifts, you can choose the best option to spread love and positivity in your home. So, make this Valentine's Day memorable with your loved ones and create new memories with My3dSelfie's unique Valentines figurines!

Personalised Gifts

Spread Love in the Workplace with Valentine's Day Office Decorations

Decorating the Home

Valentine's Day decorations are not just limited to homes, but people also decorate their parties and offices to celebrate the day with their loved ones and co-workers. From heart-shaped balloons and streamers to personalized banners and signs, the options for party and office decorations are endless. 

Adding a touch of love and romance to your workspace or event can make the day more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. There is a wide range of customizable gifts that can add a special touch to your Valentine's Day decorations, whether you're celebrating at home, at a party, or at the office.

Make Your Valentine's Day Sweeter with Personalized Cake Toppers

Cakes play a major role in any celebration, and Valentine's Day is no exception. Decorating your Valentine's Day cake with love-themed toppers, frosting, and decorations can make the day even more special and memorable. My3dSelfie offers custom Valentine cake topper figurines that can be personalized to match your celebration's theme, making your cake stand out and adding an extra touch of love to your special day. Whether it's a romantic dinner with your partner or a family gathering, a beautifully decorated cake is a must-have. So, make this Valentine's Day a sweet one with My3dSelfie's custom cake topper figurines.

At My3dSelfie we make 3d printed custom figurines and miniatures from photos, screenshots, or drawings. We capture your memories in three 3d printed life-life replica of human, pets or objects so that you can keep them forever, to reminisce those moments forever. 

We work on shaping your Valentine memories so that you can hold onto those memories in form of figurines. You can also check our other miniature custom figurines like headshots, bust sculptures, and custom bobbleheads to add newness to your decorative shelves.

Couple Figurine

Here are some bestsellers which can be a good option to surprise your valentine with a unique gift and a special valentine day decor idea. The list is as follows-

Valentine Bobbleheads

Valentine Gift Figurine

Custom bobbleheads are trending nowadays and will surely bring a smile to everyone's face this Valentine. It is not only a wonderful, unique gift to be given to your partner but also assures a smile to their faces. These Valentine's bobbleheads can be personalized to include any props or body posture. 

You can try a proposal pose Bobblehead if you want to propose or express your gratitude in a unique way. Gifts and a smile are the perfect combination to make this day special.

Decorative Figurines 

Decorative statues can not just help you in decorations but they also communicate a lot in terms of emotion, whenever there is a special occassion. The customized 3d printed figurines can be personalized according to any theme and hence acts as an essence to the whole celebration to add sparkle. 

Valentine Decorative figurines can be a great symbol of love. Selecting something for the figurine or customising it to your own preferences can hold special meaning and spread love into the air.

Figurine for Gifts

Valentine Cupid Figurines


Cupid, the god of love and affection could be your messenger for this valentine. Those arrows do work when you gift them to your loved ones. Cupid figurines could be a cute way to show your love to your partner. 

Cute Valentine’s Day decoration at home 

Valentine’s Day demands everything special. It's a special day to celebrate love and keep all worries aside. Ambience does plays an important part in a Valentine's celebration, and decoration helps to set the aesthetics accordingly. 

My3Dselfie helps you to shape your valentine emotions in the form of 3d printed custom figurines and convey your love through them by gifting. You just need to send us your photos and we will help you to add it as a figurine to your special valentine décor.

Personalised Gifts
Showing Love


Valentine's day is a special day to cherish love and make your loved one feel special. Be it your partner, friend or anyone you are deeply connected to, you can make the Valentine Day extra special for them with personalized gifts from My 3Dselfie. Choose from a wide variety of gifts and figurines for your loved one!

Cute ways that one can decorate home is to- choose the best space for the celebration, use scented candles, choose the best lighting, can use personalized love wall plaque, place a couple bobblehead on a table to have a laughter moment with each other and top it off with a good music.

We wish that your month of love be full of new memories and you continue to grow together and reach new milestones. My 3Dselfie pledges to be your savior concerning unique gifts and spread love, laughter, glamour, and positivity to your loved ones through your personalized gift ideas in this journey of love. We can’t wait to be a part of this journey together. 

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