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3D Selfie - Full Body 3D Figurine

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$135.00 SGD
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Size: 5 inches
Clothes: Standard clothing
Please upload a frontal view image.
Please upload a side view image.
Please upload a left view image.
Please upload a full body image along with your face
Please describe your specific needs and requirement if any.

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Caret Down

Custom miniature replicas from photos

✔️3d selfie is an ultra-realistic mini replica doll of you made only from a few photographs. Here at My3dSelfie, we transform some of your best 2d pictures into physical 3d printed figurines. It’s always fascinating to have your own 3d selfie miniature being added to your collectible dolls and statues. These 3d figurines of you can be tailor-made by our team as per your specific requirements. It will certainly build an emotional connect with your loved ones, and can be the most unique custom gift for them.

✔️My3dSelfie is the world's first to create a 3d selfie replica with highest accuracy. Usually Our 3d figurines range from 5 to 12 inches in height, however depending on your requirements we can make them in any size. We always recommend a relatively larger size as bigger the size, better the detailing can be done by us. 

✔️Now all you need to do is upload your photos, select the size of your 3d printed selfie, and place your order. Once your order is placed your lifelike 3d figurine from these photographs will be carved in sandstone material by our team and delivered to your doorstep.

3d Selfie is a unique personalized gift perfectly crafted with precision leveraging the combination of technology and art to celebrate every human relationship and occasion. 

✔️Order your own personalized 3d selfie miniature online, and we will deliver it in 3 to 5 weeks anywhere in the world. Create an impeccable memory of moments with your friends, family, and loved ones in the form of our 3d Selfie figurines.  Don't let anything stop you from buying happiness.

✔️  Congratulations!!, you are about to add something special to your life and make an impact to it. And yes, do not miss out on our special Discounts that are currently available on 3d selfie figurines for a limited time. 

✔️  After all, we are a celebration company. We celebrate love and human emotions from the first cry to the last breath and capture those moments in the form of our custom 3d printed figurines

✔️Don’t forget to check out positive reviews that our past customers have posted about our studio and our custom figurines that we made for them from photos. Each of the selfie miniatures in our gallery tells an emotional story. It's your turn now to make your own statues on our website by uploading your photos. We will make a custom 3d printed figurine that looks like

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  • Can you do if and include a campaign hat? I’m a state trooper and want one done in full uniform.

    Yes, we sure can! 

  • I have no side or back pictures of my deceased son. Can you still make a 3d figurine of him? Also, can you include his motorcycle?

    We sure can. We create figurines for deceased people with whatever we get. Yes, we can include his motorcycle for an additional fee.

  • What does standard clothing entail? Will it basically be the same as the red shirt on the sample picture?

    We have a set of clothes in our library. We would normally pick the best possible selection compared to the clothes seen on the image.

  • Can you make a figurine from a black and white image?

    Yes,  we can!

  • Can you do family figurines from photo?

    Yes, definitely. You just need to send us few photos of the member along with the family photo. You can let us know if you want us to recreate the figurines from the specific family portrait.

  • Can you expose this to water?

    Figurines should not be exposed to water as it is made of sandstone. It is a delicate product!

  • Can you do couple figurines in embrace or any positions?

    Yes, of course! In fact, we can do figurines in any kind of pose or embrace. All we need is a reference image or an idea of the pose. When you order a couple figurine, you are also eligible for a 12% discount.

  • Can you reproduce myself and boyfriend whilst on a coaster ride from a photo taken in situ? Both of us are looking at the camera but there is only that view point and part of the cab we are sitting in?

    Yes, we should be able to. We need to see the image. Please send the reference photo to

  • can you print the selfie without the platform that it stands on and can you also print solid black or white figure

    We sure can!

  • What is your current turnaround time?

    Standard Service - Current delivery time- 4-6 weeks 
    Express Service- 3-4 weeks

  • Hello!! I want to make a symbolic bobblehead for my father for Christmas. This will be for commemorating the passing of his brother. Its a toy robot that my father was always jealous of as a kid. Could you make that?

    Yes, we can definitely create a custom bobblehead of a toy robot as per your specifications to commemorate your father's brother. Our experienced artists can craft a unique and personalized bobblehead that captures the essence of the toy robot your father was always jealous of. Please feel free to provide us with any reference images or specific requests, and we will do our best to bring your idea to life.

  • I have a photo of a young girl who passed away of cancer years ago. She is sitting in a toy chair holding a stuffed animal, her feet are not showing in the photo. Can this be done?

    We are sorry to hear that. Yes, we sure can do that. It will be considered as a fully custom figurine.

  • Can you produce a person figure 24 inches tall, by splitting my picture in two, and then adding the two pieces one on top of the other?

    A 24 inches will have same approach as our approach to life size figures. We can do it in two halves and you can then assemble it.

  • Can I get a figure without clothing with all body parts accurate?

    Yes, you can.

  • If I provide you with photos of me seated, with my legs crossed, while meditating... how tall will the 3D Selfie be, if I pay for a 5-inch tall figure ($129 USD)? Also, how much will such a figure (a typical 5-inch figure) weigh (approximately)? Thank you for your help.

    This will be considered as fully custom 3d figurines and for 5 inches tall in meditating pose, it will cost $349.

  • I have a motorcycle vest with patches on it. Can you do the patches also?

    Yes, we sure can but the patches will only appear on the higher size like 9 inches as the bigger size figurines are detailed.

  • can you make a figurine from one photo 4members include so u will be crete figurine?

    Yes, we sure do :) We can have all family members together in embrace! 

  • 4members in my you will crete in toy.sure

    Yes, we sure can. Here is the link where you can order a family or group figurine

  • I want to have this done of my twin granddaughter's in their custom fairy costumes that I made. Is that possible?

    Yes, it is absolutely possible. This is what we do :) Please select the custom clothing option while selecting the variant in the product page -

  • I wear glasses, do you suggest I upload photos with the glasses or with out?

    Please upload one with glasses and one without classes.

  • Could you do a 3D picture of family vacation for people

    Yes, we sure do! It is considered as the Family Figurine. 

  • My wife wanted a figurine of when she was younger and had a very attractive figure. She wants one in a single piece swimsuit or two piece however never took a pic in one.. could you produce one with pics taken in regular clothing

    Yes, we can!

  • Can you print a Live Oak Tree

    Yes, we can!

  • Am interested in getting two 5 inch bobble heads one of my daughter and one of my future son in law for their wedding, he is in a wheelchair and I would like him in a dark gray tux can you make that?.. and if I send a picture of my daughters dress can you use it as her outfit?

    Yes, we can definitely create custom bobbleheads of your daughter and future son-in-law for their wedding. We can make the groom's bobblehead in a dark gray tuxedo to match your preferences and also use a picture of your daughter's dress to replicate her outfit. Our experienced 3D artists will capture the unique features and personality of the subjects with meticulous attention to detail. Please visit our Custom Bobblehead product page at and place your order today.


Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
David Adam Deshields


Hyman Caldwell

3D Selfie - Full Body 3D Figurine

Pete O
Multiple Body Figurines

Overall it was amazing. I needed to adjust the skin and hair color slightly however the detail was jaw dropping. As it was in the holiday rush I know demand was high, however I would suggest a little more communication with customers. I would recommend it to friends. Thanks to your team!

Luke OBrien
Fantastic job, done quickly.

I sent them a few head shots from different angles, and a front and side view where I photoshopped my subject head onto a track suit I wanted used. A week later I had a very good likeness. Great, almost-fabric-like texture on the clothes too (Not sure how they pulled that off…it’s like the surface was very lightly sanded. Just perfect.)

Very, very happy with the final product. Great service too.

Linda beckman Romano
PI love the faces and can really see the amount of work that went into both of these figures. I ...

I believe it might be helpful to you to ask a few questions. The picture of the little girl was perfect when I approved it, however, she aged and instead of being 4 she looks about 6 or 7. I should have given you that info, or been asked. The second figure of the young boy, his body is to proportioned legs to height. He is 6 ft tall and 140 lbs- so I really like the finished product, it just would have been nice if it had longer legs! I am a satisfied customer and am still giving them as Christmas Presents

Paul Hamer
absolutely perfect

WOW, the 3D figurine was even better than expected, so pleased and appreciate the attention to detail, thank you.

Nicole Clark
Great resemblance

My 3D figure was nearly identical of the picture I sent I’d definitely recommend buying for sure Cute gift

Michelle B
Perfect gift!

The detail on this is wonderful! It looks just like the person. Thank you for a great one-of-a-kind gift!


Very satisfied with my figurine. I've been looking to create these in bulk. You should definitely have an option at an affordable price to make these in multiples. Many people interested in my figure to purchase. Thank you very much.

james ferrier

It was a fun little gift