Give a Personal Touch to Your Angel Figurines and Cherish them for a Lifetime

We all have seen the beautiful angel statues and figurines that exude divine feeling and positivity. In art history and museums, these figurines are abundant. They have often been a part of home decorations and garden accessories. These winged figures in the art are thousand years old, appearing in various mediums from paintings to sculptures. In ancient Greece, Eros inspired angel figurines in art and Hellenistic Greek shows the production of marble angel sculptures. Gradually, angel figurines started to become more earthly. 

Today, angel figurines are not confined to art only, they have a lot more variety and purpose. Figures of angels confidently hold the palm among the vast array of souvenirs. They are given for holidays and to express love to someone special. We are all familiar with the concept of a guardian angel, which is found across cultures. They are believed to be our protectors. 

Ancient angel sculpture

We all have different perspectives of angels. For someone it might be a close friend or a loved one, or for someone it might be their beloved dog. Offering an angel figurine can serve as a powerful amulet. You can get them as miniatures collectibles for decoration or in lifelike sizes for gardens and outdoors. Either way, they offer meaning and aesthetics to your lovely house. On top of it, angel figurines are customizable now. So you can get an angel figurine according to your preference at your doorstep.

So when should you give an angel figurine? Read on to learn more about the symbolism of such gifts and the purpose they serve. This blog will help you to figure out whom to gift these figurines and on what occasions.

Surprise your loved ones with exquisite Angel Figurines!

You don't even need a reason to give a souvenir angel as a gift. There are few occasions, however, when you can consider giving an angel figurine to a loved one.

For New Year, Christmas, or Epiphany

For Valentine's Day

For Birthday

For A Wedding

For new starts

Beautiful angel figurine

If you are giving an angel figurine as a means of protection and with the idea of a guardian angel you can give it to a child, a pregnant woman, a beloved spouse, parents, elderly relatives, brothers and sisters, friends, and colleagues. You can also offer angel figurines of cherub or cupid for any occasion in love. These angel figurine can also be given to an earnest art lover who replicates ancient art and sculpture. You can also personalize your angel figurine according to the occasion and the person you are gifting.


Enhance your interiors with Angel Figurines

Angel figurine for interior decoration

Angel figurines can be a great addition to your home decor. They can bring serenity and aesthetics to your house. You can position these figurines anywhere in the house. However, angels, it is said, are best placed in the room's northwest corner because they provide the owner of the house with additional inspiration and energy for new goals and achievements. 

Amulets for children should be ideally placed to the west of the nursery. With personalized angel figurines, you have the freedom to decorate any way you like. For example, a cute angel dog statue of your beloved pet can be kept in the living room to show how they have been an angel to you.

If you are looking for angel figurines to fit the style of your house and interior design then keep the following tips in mind:

1) Little charming cherubs and cupids with arrows made of souvenirs will blend in beautifully with rococo, baroque, provincial, rustic, and shabby chic designs;

2) With regular facial features and a thin high camp, an angelic figure that appears to have come from a religious theme painting may be used to embellish a classic interior;

3) Contemporary style does not demand much embellishments, although you can add a winged angel to it if it suits the overall theme.

4) You can put an angel figurine in the garden or lawn to make your outdoors aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. These are generally large or medium-sized figurines that add the classic outdoor decor design.

5) In the living room to accentuate the interior decoration. These can be small angel figurines or personalized figurines.

6) On a dressing table, coffee table, bookcase, fireplace, or bookshelf of any room as an accessory these can be used as small and collectible angel figurines.

7) On the office desk as an art piece or to show the significance of guardian angels you can get miniature angel figurines for this purpose.

8) In the vehicle as an accessory small angel figurines can be put inside the car.

9) In wedding venues to add positivity and divinity medium-sized angel figurines can be a part of wedding decorations to enhance the venue and make it more meaningful for the couple entering the holy matrimony.

angel miniatures for your home

Personalized Angel Figurine for Decorative Purposes

Angel statues can be a great option for decoration, whether indoors or outdoors, permanent or temporary they are  even better when personalized to add a unique touch. Decorative angel figurines can be a great symbol of faith, power, and love. It can add an air of positivity and Some of the angel figurines that you get are mentioned here.

𝐇andcrafted 𝐀ngel 𝐅igurine

These tall, elegant wooden angel figurines with wings represent hope and love and make a lovely addition to any living room, bedroom, or personal space. These figurines are also available in the form of  family angel figurines however, they can be a bit expensive and tricky to find. You can consult artists to get your handcrafted statue. These angel figurines can be mythical or collectibles.

𝐆uardian Angel with Rustic wings

The rustic metal wings represent strength, resilience, grace, and all-powerful beauty, perfectly highlighting the finished and unfinished sides. Use handcrafted wooden angel statues as sympathy gifts, grief gifts, funeral gifts, or any other purpose. They can be made out of ceramic and stone as well. Whatever material or size, it can be a perfect home decor accessory. At the same time, it can be a thoughtful, emotional and one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones.

Angel garden statues

Incorporating an Angel Garden Figure in your garden can be an interesting option. Angels statues have long been used as garden decorations. Ideally, large and medium-sized statues are used for this purpose which can be spotted easily. Be ready to be complimented for your beautiful garden with these angel figurines. You can get them pre-made or customized.

Angel statues for garden decoration

Perfect Angel Decor statue

This miniature angel figurine is also available in larger designs, allowing you to mix and match each one-of-a-kind piece or display. Perfect angel decor statue can be put in almost all rooms in your house. They will radiate serenity and positivity.

Birthday Angel Figurine

With today's birthday celebrations, there is lighting, a lovely setting, music, and cake. Angel figurines can be used as decorations during birthday parties to evoke feelings of love and blessings. Birthday angel figurines can also be found as miniatures, which make lovely souvenirs. Cake toppers can also be made out of angel figurines. You might create an angel cake topper for the celebrant for a comedic effect.

Angels figurines of beloved pets

Angel Pet Figurines

Our pets are like angels to us. They are the epitome of innocence and angelic qualities. Whether on earth or in heaven, they will forever be the angel of our lives. To commemorate the same, you can get angel figurines of your dog or cat. For someone who has lost a pet, it can be a comforting gift. They can also be used as decor pieces for homes, offices, or even vehicles.

Cupid Figurines

Cupids, usually referred to as cherubs are famous, innocent celestial creatures who have long been utilized as romantic emblems. Since ancient times, love and happiness have been linked to Cupid statues. These sculptures would make wonderful presents for Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, or any other celebration honoring love. Being a symbol of love, Cupid sculptures have been popular in art throughout history and are still common today.

Cupid figurines

Faceless Angel Figurine

The Faceless Angel Figurine exhibits great artistic taste. You can use them for a decorative purpose or can gift them to your friends and families. These figurines do not have any specific person or expression to depict, which is why they can be special. They can exhibit different emotions for different people and can be assigned personal meanings. Faceless Figurines can be great home accessories and you can customise them from any reference photos or imaginary idea that you may have.

Can Angel Figurine be 3D printed?

Both customization and 3D printing are possible with angel figurines. They can be designed by customers based on their preferences. The use of 3D printing and 3d modeling technology enables the production of Angel miniatures, figurines, and models in high quality. Even the smallest prints have incredible detail. 

Angel figurines are available to you with the aid of an image or visualization. You can customize angel figurines for your loved ones, pets, or even home decor.

3D printed angel figurine


Both customization and 3D printing are possible with angel figurines. They can be designed by customers based on their preferences. The use of 3D printers enables the production of miniatures, figurines, and models in high quality. Even the smallest prints have incredible detail. Angel figurines can be customised to your own imaginations and requirements,  all that you need to do is to share a few reference images with My3dselfie at the time of placing your order. You can customize angel figurines for your loved ones, pets, or even home decor.

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