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Size: 2.5 inches
Name Tag: Without Name tag
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Caret Down

Our Headshot Figurines are 3D Printed look-alikes of you in your favorite 2D Headshot portrait style. These customized headbust statues represent your head-to-the-bust with exact skin tone and excellent detailing of your facial features.

These statues are available in three different sizes and can also be made with your name tag or without it. You can make your 3d printed customized headbust sculptures with us just by uploading any 4 good quality pictures. We will then 3D print it in sandstone material and
deliver it to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

NO PHYSICAL SCAN OR VISIT TO ANY STORE IS NEEDED. Headshots can be preferred as professional gifts, and for family or friends as well. These unique 3D printed figurines can also be used as a keepsake or for home decor on your shelves or work desk.

Create a 3D printed headshot sculpture of you or your loved ones with my3dselfie just by uploading your photos now!

You can select the best headshots of famous characters from movies, games, or get your own perfect headshot 3d printed by us and delivered to your doorstep. 


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  • unfortunately my dog has passed away but can you just take it from a old photo. It may not have a side view??

    Yes, we can do it from old photos. You don't need to have the side views. We do it for the dogs which are no more.  

  • Could you do a pet headshot, or is it just the clones?

    Yes, we could do a pet headshot as well.

  • could you reproduce a medal in plastic from a photo. the medal is about 2 Inches by 1 1/2 inches and I need a plastic model to use to make a mold and cast the medal in silver

    Yes, we can definitely do this! We can also do the casting part if needed!

  • On the 2.5, 3, or 4 inch bust how tall is the head on each size?

    The head portion will be around 55-65% of the whole figure.

  • Can you do a bust or headshot of a horse? How many photo views would you need?

    Yes, we sure can do bust or headshot figurine of a horse. We would need 3-4 good quality photos to create the exact replica figurine of a horse.

  • Can you do a 12 inch head shot? If so, how much in dollars?

    Yes, we can do 12 inches headshot figurine. This will be bigger than life size and will cost $4999

  • Can you do a headshot made from plastic or something similar so when dropped it won't break?

    Yes, we can :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Wesley Barber

This is a great way to create a keepsake. The product that arrived was better than what I expected.

Knocked it out of park

Killer design and likeness. Coworker was thrilled.

Adel Musanovic


August Booth

Honestly more realistic than I expected

Sadie Newman


charles uehara
Five stars

Can you give me total price 15 % discount if I make three more 3” heads at once ? Please

David Jansen
Excellent replication

I ordered a 6" bust from a grainy 50 year old photo. Excellent job 👍👍

Ian Robinson
Way better than I expected

Brilliant, I had them made for a bride and groom. Totally unique. The company is easy to deal with and the product is outstanding. I will definitely be using them again.

John Hardisson
Selfie bust

Never thought that I will be having a figurine of myself in one of my R/C airplanes. Great company and FAST service.
My entire family wants one now!! Thank You.

i love this company

great craftsmanship high quality great customer service i recommend this product for everyone i always wanted a doll of myself an action figure of me and now i finally got them thank you