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Bobbleheads From Photo

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Size: 5 INCHES
Bobble Head Variants: Casual
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Caret Down

Custom Bobbleheads

Our Bobbleheads are among the most famous and lively 3d printed figurines. They are characterized by large asymmetric heads that bobble over a comparably smaller body. We personalize these Fully Custom bobbleheads as per your requirements, whether it’s a funny face, a cute dress, or a personal bobblehead made to capture a candid moment.


These bobbleheads look like you, and we make them from any normal photos to match not only your skin color and tone but also your facial features and clothing. 


We make these lifelike personalized bobbleheads from your photos in two different specifications: 

  • Pre-made body: Here you can choose from 8 pre-made bodies and the bobbling head on top of it will be a replica of the reference pictures that you share with us. You can check all the pre-made bodies we offer like - Casual dresses, Formal Uniforms, Businessmen, Army generals, Martial artists, Cheerleaders, Zombie, and Soldiers.
  • Fully custom 3d printed Bobblehead: In this case, you can specify the looks and clothing of the bobblehead to customize it completely as per your wish. We will design a Fully custom 3d printed Bobblehead with the body type or clothing exactly as per your choice and preference. 


A personalized bobblehead made from your own photos can be your funniest collectible. You can buy them as a cool gift for any couple, or a unique decor item for your friend’s car dashboard that indeed looks like him.

Create your own Bobble head by uploading your photos now, sitting in the comfort of your home. All our high-quality bobbleheads are made of sandstone materials and they bobble unlike other ones available in the market. Moreover, we don’t charge any extra penny for making them Bobble. You can select from the different sizes we have.

Our Bobblehead dolls can be fully customized to include any props, objects, pets, persons, animals, or clothing, depicting a wedding or any other event that you may want to personalize as per your wish. Just share the reference photos with us and we will make it happen.

Do check out our reviews. You will be amazed! 


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  • I would like for him to be holding a golf glub

    Our Golf bobblehead may be of help for you. However if you want different pose or custom dresses and props then you need to place order for the product fully custom bobblehead
    Do share reference images with us while placing yoru order , this will help us understand what customisations you are looking for.



  • How tall are the bobble heads? Can you match the clothing in the pictures I upload?

    Yes, we can do that! it will be considered as a custom bobble head

  • Can you make if of a person with their motorcycle helmet on?

    Yes, we can create a custom bobblehead of a person with their motorcycle helmet on. In fact, we can customize the bobblehead to include the rider's motorcycle and outfit as well, making it the most unique and personalized keepsake. However depending on the complexities there may or may not be additional charges. Please do share reference images while placing your order  on the product 


  • Can you make a bobblehead from a kid's drawing?

    Yes, we can create a custom bobblehead based on a kid's drawing! Our skilled artists can take the drawing and turn it into a unique and personalized bobblehead that captures the essence of the original artwork. Just send us the drawing and we'll take care of the rest!

  • do you just need a front photo? I want my sons head but a different body. I need it to have a white t shirt and Duke shorts..but cant let him know

    Yes, a good quality frontal photos helps to create better output. We can create your son's head attached to a different body as per your requirement.

  • How long would it take for me to recieve my bobble head of I were to order it today ?

     The time it takes to receive your personalized bobblehead will depend on a variety of factors, such as the complexity of the design and the shipping destination. However, most orders typically take between 3-4 weeks to be completed and shipped out. We do have express and super express service which will reach you in 3-4 weeks and 2-3 weeks respectively.

  • What is the cost of 50 bobbleheads

    Please contact us at for bulk order.

  • I was wondering if I put in order in for one, how long that would take? I would like to give it as a Christmas gift.

    We can absolutely create stunning Christmas Bobbleheads. You will love them. You can even create  customised Santa or Elf Bobblehead of yourself or any family members. They are great for gifting. All you need to do is select our "Bobblehead from photo" product  and upload reference images. We usually need 3-4 weeks of time for us to make your Bobblehead. Do check out our Christmas seasonal Offers also, we have fabulous offers from time to time. Make sure to order your xmas Bobbleheads at the earliest to avoid festive rush.

  • Hello. Do you make couple bobble Heads of a man and woman together? If so, how much would it cost? Also, does one choose from models of bodies or do you send a photo of the persons body?

    Yes, we do :) For standard bobbleheads, it will just cost $169.98. We make the body as seen on the images sent by our customer. Our bodies are always custom.

  • Can I personalize the facial features on my superhero custom bobblehead?

    Absolutely! Our goal is to create a bobblehead that resembles you, your loved one or your favorite star as closely as possible. We can personalize the facial features, including hairstyles, face, eye color, and more. Our skilled artisans will carefully sculpt and paint each detail to capture the likeness accurately.  

  • Can I customize the uniform on my military bobblehead?

    Yes, you can! We understand the importance of attention to detail when it comes to military costumes. You can specify the type of uniform, rank, patches, and any other unique elements you'd like to include in your custom bobblehead's uniform. You can even specify the pose and weapons while placing your order.  

  • Can you make a customised military custom bobblehead for me?

    Yes, we can make them for you.  Our military custom bobbleheads are personalized figurine designed to resemble a military personnels, such as a soldier, officer, or veteran. It is a unique and creative way to celebrate or honor someone's military service or to commemorate a special military occasion. You can checkout our Military bobblehead product wherein we use premade body of a soldier and fit your head on top of it, however if you want a fully customised Military Bobblehead including changes in pose, body type, gadgets and weapons then choose our Custom Bobblhead option. In both the above cases do share the photos with us while placing your order   

  • I have a collection of hand sculpted Bobbleheads how is your customized bobblehead better than them?

    Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider our customized bobbleheads over the hand-sculpted ones: More Accurate: Our custom bobbleheads are created using 3D modeling and 3D printing technology, ensuring that the bobblehead is an accurate representation of you or your loved one. More Affordable: Our custom bobbleheads are more affordable than hand-sculpted ones, making them accessible to everyone. More Durable: Our custom bobbleheads are made using high-quality materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. More Customizable: Our custom bobbleheads offer a wide range of customization options, including body poses, facial expressions, clothing, and accessories, making it easier to create a truly personalized bobblehead.

  • I want to reproduce my favorite bobblehead which is a limited edition bobblehead, but extremely expensive for me to buy. Can you do it?

    Yes, we can reproduce your favorite bobblehead for you. All you need to do is provide us with a clear picture of the bobblehead, if possible from different angles. And our skilled 3D artists will create a custom bobblehead that looks just like the one you want. Our custom bobbleheads are affordable and accessible to everyone, making it a great alternative for you.  

  • I am a small-time music artist, I want to make giveaways for my next concert and I am thinking of giving autographed bobbleheads of myself. Can you make them?

    A: Yes, we can definitely create custom bobbleheads of you, which can be autographed and used as giveaways for your next concert. We offer a wide range of customization options to create a bobblehead that looks just like you, so you can even carry your favourite musical instrument in the Bobblehead. Our skilled 3D artists can customize your bobblehead as per your request.

  • How are your sandstone Bobbleheads better than the other material used to make Bobble heads?

    Sandstone bobbleheads offer several advantages like: Lightweight: Sandstone is a lightweight material, making the bobblehead easier to handle and display.  Enhanced Detail: Sandstone allows for intricate details to be captured more accurately. The material is ideal for capturing facial features, textures, and fine elements, resulting in a highly realistic and detailed custom bobblehead. Natural Texture: Sandstone has a unique grainy texture that adds an appealing visual and tactile element to the bobblehead. This texture gives the figurine a more organic and lifelike appearance compared to the smoother finish of resin. Eco-Friendly: Sandstone is an environmentally friendly material compared to other synthetic materials. It is non-toxic and can be safely disposed of without causing harm to the environment.

  • How is custom bobblehead and what do you need from me to make a Bobblehead that looks like me?

    Custom bobbleheads are personalized Bobble heads made to resemble a specific individual. You just need to provide us a few clear photos, preferably from different angles or description about the customisations you want: You also should give us information about  various customization options, such as poses, outfits, accessories, and additional details that you want in the Bobblehead.  

  • How does bobble head work?

    A bobblehead is a figurine with a large, oversized head that is attached to a spring-loaded neck. When the bobblehead is moved, the head will bob up and down. Bobbleheads are often used as souvenirs or collectibles, and they can also be used as promotional items.  

  • Can you make me and my family into a bobblehead?

    Yes we can! Imagine having miniature Bobbleheads of yourself and your family kept at your desk. We will capture the likeness and personality of every member in your family in a truly unique way! Simply provide us with clear photos of you and your family members along with instructions as to what customisations you want us to make.
    If possible then attach as many reference images as possible. Choose your preferred bobblehead style, and let our talented 3D artists work their magic. Whether it's a special family occasion or a surprise gift, our custom family bobbleheads are sure to bring smiles and laughter to everyone in your family. And yes the best part is that you can include your pets too in your Family Bobbleheads :)  

  • How do you ensure accuracy while making a Bobblehead of me?

    At My3dselfie we take immense pride in delivering best quality custom bobbleheads. Our team of skilled 3D artists combined with our properietary AI based 3D modeling technology ensures that your 3D model is the most accurate. We employ a rigorous quality control process to ensure that every bobble head we create is a true reflection of our customers' vision, imagination and likeness. We make each Bobblehead with utmost care to match finest of detailing. You can be rest assured that your custom bobblehead will be a cherished keepsake for years to come.

  • I am buying a bobble head for first time , please guide me?

    We offer an extensive collection of high-quality bobbleheads that cater to all tastes and preferences. Whether you're looking for a fully personalized bobblehead or a themed one, our website is your go-to destination. Browse through our diverse range of designs, including sports, hobbies, professions, and more, and choose the perfect bobblehead that reflects your passions.

    In case you want to create a Bobblehead of you, loved ones, favourite stars or your pet from scratch then go to our website and select 'Customized figurine' > 'Human figurines' > 'Bobbleheads' > 'Bobblehead from photo' option. While placing yoru order you just need to give us a few reference images about how you want the Bobblhead to look, and we will create your 3d printed Bobblehead just from these photos.  

  • I am a collector with more than 300 Bobble heads, i want to sell some of my bobbleheads, do you buy them?

    We do not buy old Bobbleheads however you may try one of the following places: Online Marketplaces or even specialized bobblehead forums may provide a virtual marketplace where collectors may want to buy old Bobbleheads. Local Collectible Stores - Check out nearby hobby or collectible stores in your area. They may be interested in buying your bobbleheads, giving them a new home for fellow enthusiasts. Bobblehead Expos and Conventions - Attend these bustling events where fans and collectors gather, showcasing their collections and sometimes engaging in buying & selling.  

  • Where to put a bobblehead for my car?

    Select a spot in your car where your bobblehead can comfortably reside without obstructing your view or becoming a distraction. You can place it on the dashboard, attach it to the air vent, or even utilize a bobblehead-specific adhesive.

  • Where to buy bobbleheads?

    You can buy bobbleheads from a variety of sources, including online retailers, specialty stores, and gift shops. However, if you're looking for a unique and personalized bobblehead, is an excellent option. At My3dSelfie, we specialize in creating customized bobbleheads based on your photos, or other reference images provided.  Whether you want a custom bobblehead of yourself, a loved one, a pet, or even a fictional character, My3dSelfie can bring your vision to life.  

  • Where to buy bobbleheads near me?

    You can find a wide selection of bobbleheads including fully custom options sitting in the comfort of your room, at the click of a button on our website We offer worldwide shipping, so you can order from anywhere and have them delivered to your doorstep.

    When choosing a company to create your custom bobblehead, be sure to read reviews and check their portfolio to ensure that they can deliver the quality and likeness that you're looking for.

  • Can you replicate bobblehead figure of my team’s mascot for me?

    Yes. We can replicate any Bobblhead figure just from photos. You just need to share a few reference images of your team's mascot with us. that's all we need.  

  • What is the process behind creating a custom bobblehead?

    At, we take pride in creating high-quality custom bobbleheads. Our experienced artists meticulously craft each bobblehead with attention to detail, capturing the unique features and personality of the subject.  

  • What are bobbleheads made of?

    Bobbleheads are typically made of a variety of materials, including resin, ceramic, plastic, sandstone, or vinyl. At, we specialize in creating bobbleheads using high-quality sandstone material. Sandstone offers a unique texture and finish, providing a premium look and feel to our custom bobblehead creations.   

  • How much does a bobblehead cost?

    The cost of bobbleheads can vary depending on the design, size, and materials used. Some readymade bobbleheads can be purchased for as few dollars, while others can cost hundreds of dollars. Custom bobbleheads could be slightly more expensive than some pre-made designs but offers you flexibility to make a custom Bobblehead of your own family member, friends, pets and relatives and they are great for gifting too. You can customise them to include any props, situation, vehicle etc  

  • How to make custom bobbleheads?

    Creating custom bobbleheads with My3dselfie is an exciting way to personalize a figurine according to your preferences. Here's a general process for making custom bobbleheads: Choose a reliable custom bobblehead provider or manufacturer. Select the desired size, pose, and base options for your bobblehead. Provide clear photographs or reference images of the person you want to be represented in the bobblehead. Communicate specific details such as facial features, hairstyle, clothing, and accessories. Work closely with our team to approve the design and make any necessary revisions.

  • What is a bobblehead?

    A bobblehead is a type of figurine characterized by a large head attached to the body by a spring. When the bobblehead is touched or moved, the head bobbles or nods back and forth. They are typically made of durable materials and often feature intricate detailing to resemble specific individuals, characters, or animals. To learn more about bobbleheads and their history, check out our blog post on "What Are Bobbleheads?  

  • What are bobbleheads used for?

    Bobbleheads are collectible figurines that are often used as decorations or gifts. They can be displayed on shelves, desks, or car dashboards. Some people collect bobbleheads of their favorite sports teams, celebrities, or characters from movies or TV shows.  

  • Are your custom Bobbleheads suitable for all ages?

    Yes, our custom Bobbleheads are suitable for all ages! Whether you're looking to capture a special moment with your family, create a unique gift for a loved one, commemorate a special occasion like a wedding or graduation, or looking for a Bobblehead for dashboard decor, our custom Bobbleheads can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Our team at has experience in creating them for customers of various ages, including children, teenagers, adults, and even pets! 

  • Is your bobblehead collection meant only for individuals or can they be made for couples, families, or groups?

    Our Bobble heads are not limited to individuals! We can create them for couples, families, friends, and groups as well. In case you want a group Bobble head you can choose the number of units according to members in your group. We will custom-made each Bobblehead to capture the likeness of each person. It's a unique way to create a lasting memory of your special bond with your loved ones.

  • What occasions is your bobblehead collection suitable for?

    We can make a bobblehead of you for a wide range of occasions! They make unique and personalized gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and other special events. They can also be used as cake toppers, home decor, or even as a custom action figure. The possibilities are endless!

  • Can I create my personalized bobbleheads from photo with different poses, outfits, and accessories?

    Absolutely! We offer a wide range of customization options to make your personalised bobble head truly unique. You can choose from various poses, outfits, and accessories to create personalized bobblehead dolls and make it a true reflection of yourself or your loved one. Our skilled 3D artists will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

  • Can I create a pet bobblehead or an animal Bobblehead also?

    Absolutely! We can create Bobbleheads of pets and animals as well, so that you can capture a lifelike replica of your furry friend to cherish forever.

  • How long does it take for you to create a bobblehead after i place the order?

    The production time for us to create a bobblehead is typically around 3-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the customization and the current order volume. We take great care in crafting each bobblehead to it’s minutest detailing and ensure the highest quality. Once the personalized bobble head is ready, we'll ship it to you using a reliable shipping method, and you can expect to receive it within a few days, depending on your location.

  • Can I preview and approve the custom bobble head dolls before it's shipped?

    Yes, absolutely! understands the importance of customer satisfaction, and we offer a preview and approval process for our custom made bobble heads, on demand. Once the bobblehead is crafted, we'll send you an image for approval, upon your request. If you're satisfied, we'll proceed with shipping. If you require any changes, we'll be happy to make them before finalizing your order. We want to ensure that you're completely happy with your personalized bobblehead.

  • What customization options are available for the wedding couples custom bobbleheads? offers a wide range of customization options for the wedding couples custom bobbleheads. You can customize the facial features, hairstyle, eye color, skin tone, and even the clothing and accessories of the bobbleheads. You can also choose from various poses and base designs to make the bobblehead truly unique and reflective of the couple's personality and style. To get a Bobble head of the wedding couple, choose a quantity of two.

  • What are custom bobbleheads and how can they be used for weddings?

    Custom bobbleheads are unique and personalized figurines that are made to resemble real people. They can be customized to depict the couple's appearance, clothing, and accessories as well. They can be used for weddings as cake toppers, wedding gifts, or even as decorations for the wedding venue. Custom bobbleheads add a fun and personalized touch to weddings, making them memorable and unique.

  • What makes the best choice for custom bobble head figurines? is the best choice for personalized bobble head figurines because we have years of experience creating high-quality, custom Bobble heads and figurines that are tailored to our customers' exact specifications. Our team of expert 3D designers and craftsmen use the latest 3D printing and modeling technology. Materials we use to create figurines are durable, accurate, and visually stunning. Rest assured you will be happy with your purchase.  

  • Are custom bobble heads a good gift idea?

    Absolutely! Personalized bobble heads are an exceptional and unforgettable gift that is sure to be treasured by everyone. Whether it's for a friend, family member, or colleague, a custom bobble head is a playful and imaginative method to demonstrate your affection. For more reasons to choose custom bobbleheads as a gift, check out our blog post about Reasons to Choose Custom Bobbleheads as a Gift. 

  • Can I request specific poses or accessories while making my own custom bobblehead?

    Absolutely! At, we pride ourselves on our ability to create completely custom bobbleheads that are tailored to your exact specifications. This means that you can request specific poses, accessories, or even backgrounds to be included in your bobblehead design.  

  • How do I order a personalized bobblehead from

    Ordering a personalized bobblehead from is easy! Simply visit our website, select the design that you want, and upload a photo of the person that you want the bobblehead to look like. Our team of expert designers will then create a unique and custom bobblehead that is tailored to your exact specifications.  

  • Looking for a bobble head with someone’s face and with a Detroit Tiger uniform on.can you do that

    Yes, we can definitely create a custom bobblehead with the face of your choice and in any uniform. Our experienced 3D artists will craft the bobblehead with attention to detail, capturing the unique features of the person's face and the design of the uniform. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the details of your order and we'll be happy to assist you

  • Can you make us motorcycles (close to our bikes) with our cull bodies and faces with wedding attire? Before mid-March? IF so cost?

    We can create custom bobbleheads with your bodies and faces on motorcycles in wedding attire. However, the delivery time may depend on the complexity of the order and the shipping location. To provide you with an accurate cost estimate and delivery time, please send us pictures of the motorcycles and the desired wedding attire along with your location. Usually it takes 3 to 4 weeks for us to finally deliver the bobblehead to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

  • Hello, have a full front view, how you get understand that's what I want?

    We request you to upload the images while placing your order on our product page Though we request you to upload the images not just in front view but even a few side poses as well so that we get a better sense of facial features, however if you do not have size poses then we will manage with front pose only.

  • I'm wanting to do a bobble head of a friend. I do not have any side images. Is attaching a side image necessary?

    Hello, it would be helpful to have a side image as well to ensure the accuracy of the bobblehead. However, if you do not have a side image, you can still place an order with the front view image. Our experienced artists will do their best to create a custom bobblehead based on the provided front view image.

  • My husband plays the trumpet, could I send a pic of him holding the trumpet. Can you put his name on the back of the shirt, because the shirt is his band shirt.

    Yes, we can definitely create a custom bobblehead of your husband holding a trumpet with his name on the back of the shirt. Simply send us the picture of him holding the trumpet and let us know the details about his band shirt and the name you want to add on the shirt. We'll make sure to create a unique and personalized bobblehead that captures his likeness and interests. Do select the product while placing your order.

    Please note that we will assess the requirement after seeing the images shared by you, and there may or may not be additional costing depending on the complexity of the requirement.


  • Can you make it side view showing a mullet hairdo

    Yes, we can create a custom bobblehead with a side view showing a mullet hairdo. We can work with the pictures you provide to create a bobblehead that captures the unique features and hairstyle of the person. Please feel free to contact us for more information and to place an order.

  • Will I be able to see the bobblehead before I pay for it?

    Yes, we can provide a preview of the bobblehead on mail for your approval, but only on your request. Once you are satisfied with the preview in an image form, we will start the production process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jeff Roark

Wet life like very pleased

Theresa bridges
Bobble head

I absolutely loved it. It was identical to the picture I sent

Anne M
Love it

I made it for my son and he got such a kick out of it.

terry patelski

This looks fantastic !! My My Grandson loved it . The only issue I had is it took almost 4 months to get it .

elaine tay
Delay in delivery service

I paid for express courier service as I needed the item urgently. Sadly, I received the item 15 days after despite paying a premium. My3dselfie has to look into improving delivery service and disclaim their responsibility that they did complete their part on time, thereafter it is not their responsibility.
The workmanship for the bobble head is not bad though.