Personalized vs. Collector Bobbleheads: Which is Right for You?

Bobbleheads are among the most popular, funny, and cute figurines. They have been around for quite some time, and over the years, they have become a popular item among collectors. At the same time due to their cute and adorable appearance, these figurines have become a popular choice for those who wish to personalize their gifts and make lasting memories. Whether you buy a readymade collector bobblehead from the market or create a bobblehead of someone for gifting, they always create a playful and interactive experience for everyone.

One of the reasons why bobbleheads are so popular is that they are highly customizable. Manufacturers can create bobbleheads in any design or likeness, allowing you to collect your favorite characters, celebrities, or even your dear ones in a funny figurine avatar. Some manufacturers offer customized bobbleheads, which allows people to create their own personalized figurines. 

Bobbleheads come in mainly two primary varieties - 'collector bobbleheads' and 'personalized bobbleheads'. While Collector bobbleheads are based on popular characters, celebrities, sports stars, or other iconic figures and Collectors often seek out these bobblehead figures as a hobby, as they can be rare, limited edition, or have specific features that make them highly sought-after. On the other hand personalised Bobble heads allow you to create a Bobble head of yourself, family members, pets or any loved ones.

Collector Bobbleheads: World of valuable, rare, and expensive Bobbleheads 

Whether you are a fan of sports, movies, or pop culture, there is a Collector bobblehead out there for you. 

Antique bobbleheads are also popular among collectors and can sell for anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on their condition and rarity.

Collectable bobbleheads come in all shapes and sizes, from old classic bobbleheads to famous modern bobblehead action figures. Some of the most collectible classic bobbleheads include the Scooby-Doo bobblehead and the Three Stooges bobblehead. Meanwhile, some of the most popular modern bobblehead action figures include the Marvel Avengers bobblehead and the Star Wars bobblehead.

Funny bobbleheads for cars have also become a popular item in recent years, and they can be customised as well as per your preferences. These bobbleheads feature a wide range of characters, including animals, cartoon characters, and celebrities. Some of the most popular funny bobbleheads for cars include the Pug bobblehead and the Bob Ross bobblehead.

Finally, scary bobbleheads have also become a popular item for collectors. These bobbleheads feature characters from horror movies and TV shows, including zombies, vampires, and ghosts. Some of the most popular scary bobbleheads include the Walking Dead Daryl Dixon bobblehead and the Pennywise bobblehead from It. Whether you are looking for an expensive and rare bobblehead or a funny bobblehead for your car, there is something out there for everyone and My3dselfie can customize them too.

Personalized bobble heads - all you need to know about them

Did you know that Bobbleheads can be fully customized to meet your requirements in terms of depicting emotions, attire, body language, poses, hairdo, facial expression, shoes, companions, Props and avatar. With the advent of 3d printing and 3d modeling technologies you can make your own bobbleheads and everything can be altered to suit your requirements. Now you can create a bobblehead of you, any loved one, your favorite personalities, sportstars, cartoons, movie characters or even your own pets.

Choosing between a popular bobblehead vs Customized Bobblehead

You can design your own bobblehead and personalize it in any way you like, to match the decor of your home or office, perk up your workstation, beautify the dashboard of your car or to gift someone on any specific occasion or day.

Personalized bobble head comes in two varieties: 

a) Those that can be completely customized including body pose, hairstyle, props and clothing.

b) Ones that comes with premade bodies and only their heads are customized to fit yours. 

What Makes Personalized bobble head so famous?

One of the probable causes you are ordering a personalized bobblehead is their popularity. Getting a custom bobblehead will work wonders to make your loved ones happy because as a gift they are a memorable souvenir to mark any momentous occasion. Infact they have become so popular as a gift that the best custom bobbleheads are the ones given as birthday, anniversary, or wedding presents.

1. In contrast to other special gifts they are not expensive because you can make your own bobblehead for a reasonable price.

2. Bobbleheads are ideal gift items for a variety of reasons, including their durability, cuteness and personalisation.

With the advent of 3D printing and 3d modeling you can bobble head yourself as computer sculpted bobbleheads. Their appeal has caught everybody's attention because they are as lifelike as they can be.

Why Bobblehead are Famous?

Personalized bobble head: Choosing Between a Premade body v/s Fully Customing them. 

The first thing you need to consider is whether you want to buy a popular bobblehead option with zero to minimum customization, or if you are looking for a fully customized bobblehead including the outfit, also known as a head-to-toe design.

The majority of bobblehead shops do provide a selection of options from premade popular bodies while putting your face on top of them. However the accuracy in the head, facial features can still make a lot of difference and if these are not matched with the face of the personality then it can be a frustrating experience.

Some popular premade body types while designing your own bobblehead 

No matter which of the below options you decide to go with, what you need to check in these premade bobbleheads available in the market is if their head actually bobbles or not. Some stores charge extra for making a head bobble, while quite a few stores do not offer Bobbling ones at all.

1) Casual outfit:

A casual or formal attire bobblehead is personalized to include your head on top of the chosen body options with formal, suited or casual clothing. This particular bobblehead is for the laid-back individuals. It is a novel gift to surprise a casual and fun-loving person in your life depicting him wearing a plain T-shirt and a pair of pants. This unusual and beautiful bobblehead gift will make anyone grin.

2) Custom graduation bobblehead:

This unique custom 3d bobblehead is one of the popular choice among college students. It depicts you carrying the graduation certificate and will help you commemorate your loved one's important occasion i.e a graduation day. It can be maintained and treasured as a unique keepsake of the graduation day memories, if it captures your excitement in your facial expressions well.

3) Bride and groom bobblehead:

Honoring the big day of a man or women is made even more enjoyable with the help of this bobblehead. Her pearl white, exquisite bridal dress is the center of attention. Give it to any bride or groom to remember the memories of one of their best day. But do make sure to check out the accuracy and facial detailing of the Bobblehead store you are buying from.


4) Proposal pose Bobblehead for Valentines and Anniversary day:

The special proposal pose comes with a 3d bobblehead and is a wonderful substitute for the traditional manner to ask someone to marry you or expressing your love towards them. This unique bobblehead is the most romantic among all and will be an unforgettable experience, however if elegance of body language and accuracy is not captured well then it could be frustrating for you.

5) Sports bobbleheads:

This one is for sports enthusiasts. You can make a 3d printed sportsman bobblehead figurine from your own photographs in any sports avatar, which is then joined to the pre-made sportsman body of your choice from the possibilities below. Regardless of the body style you select, make sure to check out the accuracy of other figurines already showcased by the online store as ultimately that’s what matters the most.

5.1 ) Martial arts Bobblehead:

This bobblehead will make an excellent companion for martial arts enthusiasts who have previously been involved with any martial arts, MMA or Karate. It is dedicated to the strong and the indestructible. The accuracy of body language in any martial arts pose is very important for you to decide where to make a Bobblehead from.

5.2 ) Custom Golf Bobblehead:

The golfing bobblehead just hit a flawless shot. With this fantastic personalised present that is ideal for any golf enthusiast, you may earn a hole in one but you need to ensure if the store you are buying from will be able to replicate the Golf props, body posture and outfit as well as the face well.

5.3 ) Rugby Athlete Bobblehead:

The player is prepared for battle and you are about to make a bobblehead of him. Score a point with this incredibly special and spectacular present that will astound and amuse any rugby fanatic.

6) Businessman Bobblehead:

A businessman bobblehead will depict a person in a business suit. It can be used for desk decorations, or given as gifts to business professionals. 

Choosing a bobblehead from the popular bobblehead collection

Create a fully personalized bobble head from a photo:

Making custom bobblehead with My3dselfie allows you to specify everything about a Bobblehead, including clothing, appearance, posture, footwear, hairstyle, and props. This might be the funniest 3d bobble head you own, or customize it to make a special gift for someone, or to put in his car or office as a collectible.

1. Fully Custom 3d bobbleheads are tailor made completely according to your own specifications, whether it's a funny facial expression that you want to carry, your favorite dress, a cap or muffler you loved in your favourite photograph, a gadget or prop you love to hold, or your favourite body posture. 

2. Every thing can be customized when you bobble head yourself in these unique figurines to capture any candid moment and make it lighter and funnier.

3. These are bobble heads that look like you most accurately than any other option available in the market.


4. Usually they are 3d printed which means they are created from any 2d normal photo. However most important criteria for you to evaluate a Bobblehead store or an online shop before customization should be to look at the products on their stores and find out how accurately they are able to match your facial characteristics and expressions, body language, eyes, hairstyle and dress in addition to your skin color.

Fully customized 3d bobblehead figurine
3d customized athlete bobblehead
Customized 3d Groom Proposal Bobblehead
3d printed bobblehead for your garduation day

Fully personalised 3D-printed bobblehead allows you to choose the appearance and outfit exactly the way you are dressed up in the photograph, or customize them the way you want according to your preferences. We will create a completely unique  bobblehead with the body type and attire of your choice.

If your funniest collectible fantasy is to bobble head yourself using your own images, then you will surely enjoy creating these custom bobblehead dolls of yourself. It's a fun and unique way to display your personality and sense of humor, and it also makes for a great conversation starter, or gift for friends and family. Just be prepared for some laughs and maybe a few double takes when people see your bobblehead in action! Now you can get them as an amusing gift for any relationship, or as a special piece of decor for your friend's car dashboard that actually resembles him.

Personalized bobbleheads have become much more popular than ever as they make a perfect gift for any occasion. Everyone loves a gift which is personlized, as they can make it with their own creative imagination or personalised design to make them standout and be unique. Designing your own bobblehead is also universally flattering, as long as you come up with  your creative ideas. The beauty about the personalised bobbleheads is that they can be made on any theme and yet look cute.

Personalized bobbleheads can be made to show any items, vehicle, sports props, objects, people, animals, pets, clothing, or anything else you might want to include and represent any event in your life. However resemblance to the photograph and accuracy should be the key factor that distinguish one Bobblehead store from another.  


Whether you purchase a pre-made collector bobblehead from the market, or craft a personalized one as a gift or want to use a Bobblehead for collecting life memories, bobbleheads consistently provide a fun and engaging experience for all. Finding the best custom bobblehead maker can help you pick the right collectable bobblehead for you, or to bring your creativity to life and ensure that your loved ones feel happy about your best personalised gift to them everytime they look at it.

If you're looking for a high-quality custom 3d printed bobblehead which is not just value-for-money but also replicates the person, the props, or pet accurately . We at my3dselfie will make them and deliver anywhere in the world on schedule. Every detail that our customers provide to us is accurately and expertly captured by our artist and 3d modeling technology. Custom Bobbleheads are the most thrilling and captivating gifts you can give somebody, unlike ordinary gifts. So make sure to invest your time into finding the best custom bobbleheads maker.

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