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Cat statue - 3D printed

Our Custom cat figurines or Cat Clones are specially made to commemorate the beautiful life you shared with your furry friend. 

These miniature cat figurines are a replica of your pet cat which we make from just a few photos shared by you, It is then 3d printed and shipped back to you. Our customized 3d printed cat figurines are made with love and affection as it provides our customers with a unique way to cherish bonding with their cats.

Your pet cat can bring unconditional love and companionship to your life. We recommend you have a personalized cat statue of your pet, it can accompany you to all the places even where pets are not allowed.

We also understand that losing your pet cat is an emotionally devastating experience and can affect your own emotional and physical health. A cat memorial figurine of your deceased pet can be the best way to quicken the healing process and make you feel their presence.

Please upload a minimum of four high-quality images of your pet for us to create a fully customized cat figure. Or alternatively, once you have placed your order, You can send us a zipped file with multiple images of your pet to “”. In that case please make sure to provide your pet name and order number.

  • We ship worldwide
  • It takes 3 to 5 weeks for the product to reach your doorstep from the date of order
  • Shipping time for US, Canada is 5- 7 business days
  • Shipping time for Europe is 5-7 business days
  • Shipping time elsewhere is 10-12 business days
  • The figurines are printed in Sandstone material
  • The figurines are very delicate and should not be exposed to water

We just need 4 good quality photos of your pet. One full view, 2 side views and 1 front view are preferable. If you don't have those required photos, you can send us whatever you have. 

In case your pet is no more, you can send us whatever photos you have and we will make it happen.

The size of your pet figurines depend on the position of the figurine. We have 3 position variants for pet figurine- Standing, Sitting and Lying. For standing position, the size of the figurine will be around 3-3.5 inches in Height. For sitting position, the size of the figurine will be around 2.2-2.5 inches in height and for lying postion, it will be around 2.2-2.4 inches in height. All these variants cost $99. If you would like to order this in bigger size, the prices vary accordingly. You can see our pricing above up to 6 inches. If you need it in bigger sizes than 6 inches, Please contact us at

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Shelly Burgess
Really nice job!

The passing of my cat Pippa was quite unexpected. It sent me searching the internet for a figurine to place on top of her urn. I was so nervous her face and eyes weren’t going to be right but I can see my girl in these eyes! My only recommendation I would make to the company would be to slim down and shorten the cat muzzle. These domestic cats aren’t tigers even though they might think they are. I work in the veterinary industry and I will and have already recommended this website. When the time comes I will be a return customer. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job for the memory of my Pippa!

T S Aust
Such an amazing job!!

This is one of the best Statchues I’ve ever got! Great job and another sastified customer!!

Abby Tibus
Cat Figurine

I ordered a cat figurine of our cat Lulu who recently passed away. I just got it in the mail today and the figurine came out great! It looks just like our cat Lulu! They even got her cute brown smudge on the side of her nose! ❤️

Scott Mapes

I wanted to wait before writing my review so I could be fair. Is this a perfect representation of my late cat Ariel? No, but I didn't expect it to be. IE: She was a long-haired cat so I knew that would be tough to replicate, nor did I expect they would be able to render her beautiful, fluffy tail. But what I got is definitely recognizable as her. Even my Google Photos app recognizes the figuine as Ariel, that's how close they got it! And the surving cat seemed to recognize it too.
I will definitely be ordering a few more clones from them!

So sweet

Loved this. Only the color was a bit off and the texture looked more like long hair than short. But the face was perfect!!! Made my sister so happy. Great gift option.

William Werner
Thoroughly Pleased

I am thoroughly pleased with the figurine of our cat, Giles.

Clark Woods

Despite not having the best pictures of Misa to work with, the clone came out great! I am very happy!

Pattie Ann
Cat Clone

I was looking for something I could have designed after my cat sparrow who sadly passed away and I wanted something that looks like him. When I received my cat clone, which was worth the wait, I smiled because the cat did look just like my cat sparrow. I referred my best friend Ashley who sadly lost her dog not a week after sparrow past. She saw my pictures of my cat clone and loved it. I plan on doing this again and would love to do a cat clone where as both of my cats are next to one another. I absolutely loved it. I say it’s worth the wait cause it takes almost a month to receive it but it’s absolutely worth it. Excellent job!

Really good clone of my cat!

My cat died last year and I had few photos of her. Send it over to my3dsellfie and got a fantastic replica of her. I am going to keep the figurine in my car. Thanks, My3dselfie!

Really good clone of my cat!

My cat died last year and I had few photos of her. Send it over to my3dsellfie and got a fantastic replica of her. I am going to keep the figurine in my car. Thanks, My3dselfie!


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  • Can you create 6" miniature figures from a single head shot? This would be for a dollhouse.

    Yes, we should be able depending on the photo.

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