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Family Sculpture 

Capture the Family moments and memories with our Family Figurines and cherish them for a lifetime. 


✔️  Our 3d printed family figurine is life-like, super realistic replica of your family members or a set of your favorite people. We make these statues only from a few pictures. We are the world’s first to create these one-of-a-kind sculptures that have a minimum accuracy of 90%. Our Family figurines comes in different sizes ranging from 5 to 12 inches in height. The higher the size, the better the detailing you will get. 


✔️  Capture the special Family moments spent with your family and preserve them for a lifetime in the form of our 3d printed Family statues. Now you can replace any 2d picture of your Family with our highly realistic mini family figurines, the future of photographs. Celebrate togetherness with our amazing sculptures. 


  ✔️  Our Family statues are perfect Personalised family gift for you, perfectly crafted with precision, leveraging the combination of technology and art to celebrate your relationships. Now immortalise your family memories of motherhood, fatherhood, the love for our partners, friends, colleagues and every human relationship & occasion. Now you have something to look at and hold onto and cherish family moments for a lifetime.
Customize a family portrait or a family collage that was taken during any gathering, and then instead of creating a 2d photo which is rather a flat expression try a 3d printed Family statue which can be custom made depending on the number of members in the photograph:

✔️family of 4 figurine
✔️family of 3 figurine

✔️family of 5 figurine
✔️or higher

          It will be fun and treat for your eyes to see your own 3d family kept at your office desk or bookshelf. It can bring alive lots of forgotten moments. All that you have to do is to choose your best family pic and share with us at the time of placing your order. And that's all we need. You can choose from any of your favourite photo from a marriage, birthday, anniversary, christmas or any other family gathering.


          ✔️  Get the miniature family figurines or personalised family gift of your family who's always been there for you! It's your chance chance to give happiness to the most special people in your life. 



           For custom family figurines orders or Family Bobbleheads, please email the photos after placing the order at with the subject of the email being your order number. We also make other family figurines collectibles on demand.


          ✔️  After all, we are a celebration company. We celebrate love and human emotions from the first cry to the last breath.

          ✔️  Congratulations, you are about to add something really special to your life and make an impact. 

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 14 reviews
          Laura Flores
          Love my figurine

          My figurine was a gift to my son and his wife. I couldn’t wait for them to see it.
          They loved it.. it’s really amazing how we can send a picture and you can make it into a 3-D all the way around…. Great job!!!!
          We loved the way it looked

          Trang Le
          Parents figurine

          The details were impressive. They look very much I like the photos that we sent. Customer service was excellent as well.

          Karen Dine
          Bobblehead and family figurine

          The bobblehead and figurine look spectacular. The wrong picture was used for the bobblehead, but the customer service has been great about correcting the error. I am really happy with how the items are turning out.

          Arturo Hernandez

          pruevenlos asta te asen el favor estan vien chingones y muy bonitos buen trabajo

          Thomas torres

          This product was everything that was promised. The attention to detail was comprehensive and the willingness for the company to check and double check for agreement on the final product was well beyond the scope of the typical process. We strongly recommend the product and the MY3dSelfie experience.

          Roger Sanchez

          Family/Group Figurines

          Craig Karpinski

          It is very nice. I expected a little more detail in the face but am satisfied overall

          Frank Bitzer
          Custom Family figurine-almost spot on

          I ordered a matching pair of figurines for my two sons as Christmas gifts. Quite accurate replication. The ONLY issue was that they gave my oldest son a bit of a lantern jaw. I wish I had been given a chance to review and correct this before the final product shipped. But I still very much like the end product

          Christy Fuller

          The customer service is phenomenal! The craftsmanship is excellent. The likeness is very close on one of the figurines, but not so much on the other. Overall I am glad I bought the statuette.

          Randy McNear
          Well Done

          I received my order today Nov 4th. I am pleased to inform you that your team did an excellent job. I appreciate all of the time that was invested in creating such a life like statue. I wish your company continued success in the future. Thank you so much.


          Ask a Question
          • I want to order one but it never takes me to the place to upload photos. It just goes straight to shipping then payment

            As the size and the number of photos to order a family figurine is higher, we want them to be emailed at after placing the order with the subject being the order number.

          • Where do you put your picture in?

            As family or group figurines would need quite a few photos of each individual, it is better and faster to email us the photos after placing the order with the subject line being the order number.

          • Hi I can't get site to give me a price. A group of 4 people with clothes in the picture, Do you need pictures from different angles.

            FOr 5 inches custom clothing, the 3d printed family figurine will cost $916. Yes, if you have that then it is helpful.

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