National Provider Day- Gift ideas

Gifts For Your Provider On National Provider Day

1. For The Food Loving Provider- 

When was the last time you visited your favourite food joint? Just by the thought, I can see some of my favourite lip smacking food dripping in cheese or sauce. This is more than gift for that foodie sibling or friend with whom you have tried out almost every food joint or outlet in your city. While munching on your favoured meal, take a trip down the memory lane and enjoy a wonderful time together. Good food has the power to make everything literally good for everyone. It really is such a mood setter. You ought to do this at least for the love of food.  

National Provider Day - For food lovers
Gifts on National Provider day

2. For The Lazy Provider-

If you are as lazy as your friend then we have found just what you were looking for! A party in a box! This just solves all your problems and you will no longer have to scout through our pool of options on gifting. This all-in-one gift box contains eight beauty-related gifts including a sleep mask, bath bomb, sugar scrub, and more. All packaged in a beautiful gift box suitable for any occasion for your favourite human being.   

3. Gift For The Soul Sister Provider-

When you are short of words to express how grateful you are to have a sister like yours, this is what you should be doing! Bring home this bracelet for your friend by heart and sister by soul. Show her your gratitude for always being there with a hand to hold and a heart to understand. For we know soul sisters are hard to find. Now, that you are lucky to have one, make sure your forever friend is always loved. Each MantraBand is a simple, elegant, and minimalistic jewellery piece with an uplifting message. These polished bracelets promote a lifestyle of optimism, positivity and mindfulness.

National Provider Day- gifts for sister
National Provider Day-For Tea Loving Sibling-

4. For The Tea Loving Sibling- 

If your sibling has a steady appetite for some tea then gift them a pack of floral tea infusers. With this they will get to watch tea leaves bloom before drinking a cup of flavourful oolong or earl grey. These little cuties are actually are more functional than cute. They strain teas nicely and the coasters make it easy to enjoy quickly without the worry of drippings. It comes with a set of four so everyone in your family can enjoy having their own. If not family then friends or loved ones!  

5. 3D Selfie Dog Figurines

These Dog Figurines are for the provider who never wants to leave the sight of you, your father, mother or brother. The friend who knows it first whenever you are having a bad day and does all in its capacity to bring a smile to your face.

National Provider Day-Dog Figurines