10 Gift Items That Should Be On Every List

Tile pro with replaceable battery

For the grandparents who always forget their belongings, this tile pro tracker with replaceable battery is a life-saver. They would no longer have to turn the house upside down in search of their keys or wallet.  

Customized socks 

You may doubt this and your siblings may judge you to be extremely stupid but wait till they come around and tell you how these socks always reminds them of you. Your funny face on their socks will spark a smile on their face each time they put it on. 

Leather charger roll up

For a friend whose phone cable and charger management game is messier than his relationship. This charger roll up will get their life so organized that they will be forever grateful to have a friend like you.  

Metal Wine Rack 

Just like how wine gets better with time your bond with your beloved should also tighten over time. This metal wine rack would not only hold the weight of the bottles but also your relationship. Also, it makes a great prop for your home décor.  

Macrame Photo Display 

This is the ultimate experience of hanging pictures on the wall. Leave no walls no unturned when it comes to displaying the value of your friendship and how strong it makes you person. Let your friend have a throwback with this photo display.

3D Family Figurine

For the gang who are always together, My3dselfie’s custom family figurine is the perfect testimony to their friendship. You can customize it as per your needs just on the basis of a few pictures of your entire gang of friends. 

Oven mitt

This is quirky but a very thoughtful gift for the friend who loves to bake. They will be reminded of you the next time they touch the oven.  

Portable drink caddy 

For the friend who loves to carry the drink around from bathroom to bedroom. This portable drink caddy would be a great support while they relish their drink irrespective of the environment. 

A neon ice cream light 

A wonderful catch, for your wall looks great and also makes a great background for the gram. This could be the gift if your friend makes content for YouTube and other visual mediums but is always struggling with the background. 

Handheld Wireless Karoake Microphone

For a friend who always loves to sing. You know what is going to happen with your friend holding the wireless karaoke microphone at your next party night. 

Pet figurines and replicas

If your friend or relative has a pet then a personalised pet gift is surely going to make their day. Pet lovers usually have many memories and photos with their pets and a 3d custom figurine of themself with their dog, cat or any other pet is something that they love to keep with them. Infact even the memories of a deceased pet can be preserved in the form of a 3d replica, pet urn or a pet memorial statue.

Gifts really don’t matter. It is the thought that counts. To prove that you are worthy of being a good friend, you need not buy gifts. All you need to do is be around your friend like their shadow at all times. Be their companion, irrespective of dark or good days.