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Our Leopard figurine can definitely make for a unique and eye-catching addition to your home decor. With their majestic and powerful appearance, these statues can add a touch of elegance and wildlife appeal to any room in your house. 

Moreover, they also make for great gifts, especially for wildlife and nature enthusiasts, as well as art collectors. So pick a leopard figurine now to ensure the best quality you purchase.

These Leopard statues have been described by our customers as Classy, Marvelous & Amazing. Do make sure to read customer reviews before you decide to purchase them. The Class act of this Leopard Figurine will brighten up your living room decor to another level.


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  • Do you have anything around 2 1/2 feet?

    We currently don't have a 2 1/2 feet leopard sculpture.

  • How tall is this leopard figurine?

    The smaler one is approximately 26.5 cm tall which is 10.4 inches. The larger one is approximately 31.5cm which is 12.4 inches

  • What colors are available for the leopard statues?

    The Leopard Figurine is in golden color.

  • Where is the Leopard Structure by Kelpies creator Andy Scott is situated?

    It is in Aberdeen, Scotland

  • In terms of Spiritually what does a leopard means?

    The Leopard Figurine symbolizes the beauty and boldness and will attract the energies that you need. It also signified ability to do many tasks at once, ability to see in the dark and being powerful even in the night.

  • Is it safe to keep Leopard Figurines inside a house?

    It is of course safe and why won't be and it brings various great things to your life. As per Feng Shui, it is believed that it can avoid creating problems, such as sickness, arguments, fights and accidents.

  • What is the exact dimension of the figurine?

    We have two sizes of this beautiful Leopard Sculpture.
    The dimension of the larger size is- 22.5*8*31.5 cm
    The dimension of the smaller size is- 12*8.5*26.5 cm

  • Are these figurines robust or fragile?

    These figurines are made of very high quality resin and it is quite durable

  • Will the color of the figurine fades away?

    No, it won't. The golder color of the leaopard figurine won't fade away

  • What material is used to make this sculpture?

    The leopard Sculpture is hand sculpted and is made of high quality resin

Customer Reviews

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Valeria Clark
Fabulous leopard

Absolutely beautiful. I love it!