A Ganesha Figurine.

Ganesha – A Figurine Vibrating With Positive Energy

In the economic capital of the world’s second most populated nation India, is held a 10 day long celebration of an elephant headed deity. Ganesha, coming from the pantheon of Hindu Gods, is worshipped across the nation as well as in its neighboring countries but is even more widely celebrated in Mumbai, Maharashtra and parts of Southern India. Idols which go high up till 30 feet are installed at marquees in various parts of these regions for citizens to pray, which are immersed at the end of a 10 day celebration around the months of August and September every year.

Over the years the popularity of Ganesh also known as Ganesha, has grown tenfold overseas irrespective of one’s creed or belief. Just in America, many collect Ganesh idols and figurines as artefacts or get his image inked as tattoos. There are many definitions to explain this growing demand- some just build a connection and faith with the character whereas some treat Ganesha as an element of their Feng Shui practices. Even though the former cannot be culturally or religiously associated with the latter, it is the belief in Ganesha as an emblem of good energy which draws similarities between the two. Let us find out more about Ganesha also known as Ekadanta and what it means for you to place an idol of Ganesh at your residence or office, and yes you can get a custom 3d printed Ganesh figurine created by uploading any photograph or reference visuals on My3dselfie.com .

Who is Ganesha?

Hailed as Vignaharta meaning the remover of obstacles, Ganesha is traditionally known as the first born of God Shiva- who governs the forces of life and Goddess Parvati, known as the mother of the Earth. The story of how Ganesha came into existence has many theories. The most popular one is that he was created when Parvati breathed life into clay to bring to life a protector with utmost commitment of obeying her orders at all times. Lord Ganesh is worshipped for removing all our obstacles and finding the path for us to proceed in life.

Custom 3d Ganesh figurine
Custom 3d Ganesh head

The Elephant Head 

Born to Gods with human-like appearances, his elephant head did not come naturally. Legend has it that God Shiva was not around when Ganesh came to life. Neither did Ganesh know about his father’s appearance. When Shiva returned to pay a visit to Parvati, Ganesh- serving his purpose of being loyal to his mother, prevents Shiva from entering the premises. Furious by this behavior, Shiva then butchered Ganesh’s head. On finding about his relation with Ganesha, Shiva decides to bring him back to life, to which Parvati added the condition- that Ganesha be worshipped before all Gods.

Understanding The Symbolism

Known as the Lord of the Gana meaning people, Ganesh’s head denotes wisdom and symbolizes the soul. His trunk represents Om, the symbol of cosmic reality. There are 32 iconographic forms of Ganesha, each one of them have a unique meaning to it. His big ears represent his capacity of listening and understanding. The three-edged sword like Trishul on his forehead symbolizes the past, present and future. His body represents mankind’s earthly existence. He is known as the God who always listens to the prayers of his worshippers. His resemblance with elephants is also associated with the fact that elephants are embraced as path creators of the forest. They pave the way for the rest of the animals in the forest. Similarly, lord Ganesh always moves all obstacles from the path of his believers.

Custom 3d Ganesh figurine
Custom made idols

What it means for you to install a figurine or idol of Ganesha?

According to Vastu, one should place a Ganesh idol facing North or West. The ideal placement would be in the North-East direction. The idol should in no way face towards the south. One should avoid placing more than one idol of Ganesha. Having multiple Ganesh figurines can result in the disruption of energy coming out of each idol. One can place an idol or figurine of Ganesha at home or at work for attracting positive energy and keeping the mind stable at all times. It is considered this energy of his which is the reason of this universe.