Vastu Elephant statue

Elephant Statues in Vastu are a symbol of good luck.

Like elephant ornaments in your house can symbolize auspiciousness and good luck, similarly including an elephant statue as home decor can grant you good luck and prosperity. As per Vastu, a good luck elephant statue attracts positive energy and retains it in your house. Vastu suggests that positioning different elephant figures at prescribed locations in your house can maximize the benefits of elephant good luck in your home.

But, let's answer some basic questions of an elephant statue placement as per Vastu. Such as, where to find the best elephant ornament? What is the meaning of the elephant trunk position? Which way should an elephant face? And where to get an elephant ornament that is tailor-made as per your needs? Read on to find out.

As per the studies conducted by various architects, interior firms, and Vastu experts, we have briefly summarized the Vastu and Good luck associated with elephant ornaments. 

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Elephant and a calf.

Vastu relation with Elephants Statues.

As elephants are always considered defenders and saviors in many cultures, including a good luck elephant sculpture as home decor can infuse positive energy and prosperity into your life. Keeping this in mind our 'Elephant statue for housewarming' can be the best possible gift for any family moving into their new space. A variety of elephant ornaments are setting a trend for home decor and everybody wants a part of it. Including elephant statues in home decor as specified in Vastu can benefit you, your family, and your home.

Positioning a pair of elephant statues at the main door is believed to attract positive energy. Similarly, keeping an elephant statue facing outward can repel evil and negative energy from entering your premises. You can also consider including a statue or painting of an elephant in your bedroom to strengthen your relationship with your partner. 

Whereas, including a mother-child elephant ornament in the kids' room or family room can nourish the bond shared between parents and kids. According to Vastu, parents should always install an elephant ornament in their kid's room. This can be done in various forms like an elephant figurine, an elephant painting, or in the form of elephant toys, which can improve their focus level and enhance their knowledge.

Positive effects on studies and academic pursuits.

As specified in some ancient and mythological writings, elephants are always considered among the most intelligent species. The presence of a good luck elephant figurine in the study room can enhance your knowledge and focus level. If you are a scholar or seek excellence you should always consider an elephant ornament in your study area like on your study table.

You can check out our 'Elephant paper roll holder' and 'Elephant figurine storage' which can be the best merchandise to use on your study table. These unique elephant ornaments can serve multiple purposes. A paper roll holder can hold small paper rolls while a storage figurine can be used to collect all stationery items required during your studies. 

Elephant ornament
Elephant standing on two legs

Elephants in various forms, Vastu elephant photos. 

The variety of elephant ornaments available for home decor makes it a very popular piece for home decor and can be found at offices, receptions, and homes. People love these elephant statues for their majestic design, versatile nature, and availability in different forms. You can also find Vastu elephant photos in many households. It is always necessary to check and consider Vastu sastra before you install any elephant statue photos in your home. The material, posture, and color of your elephant figurine should also be considered and installed as per your requirements and hardships.

Vastu elephant images printed on textiles

If you are someone who is not a fan of statues or figurines, but at the same time do not want to miss out on any Vastu-related blessings then you can look for textile products with Vastu elephants images on them. Nowadays it is very easy to find these Vastu textiles such as curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers, rugs, and many more.

These textiles carry different kinds of elephant images with various orientations and postures. You can position these textiles in different parts of your house like curtains for your doors, rugs, and pillow covers in your drawing room, or bedsheets for your bedrooms. Vastu elephant images are also found on shirts, kurtas, and towels in different orientations, and colors, symbolizing various benefits for an individual or the whole family.

Elephant and a calf walking by sunset.