21 Gifting Ideas For Halloween  


Halloween Gift Ideas

Although the origin of Halloween is highly debatable, it is believed by many that an age old tradition which originated from an ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain is how Halloween has evolved into becoming one of the most festive days of the year. Celtics believed that on the eve of the New Year boundaries between the Worlds of the dead and the living would become blurred. They ritually celebrated Samhain on the night of 31st October every year, where it was believed that the ghosts of the dead would return to Earth. People would even wear avant-garde costumes and light bonfires to keep the ghosts at bay. 

The day has now become a global festival celebrated across the world on the 31st of October every year. It is filled with fun activities like trick or treat where you hop out to fill your bag with sugar candies collected from your neighbourhood or surrounding houses. Other than that there are carving pumpkin lanterns, family gatherings, and exclusive themed parties where you dress as ghouls, pirates and eating special treats.
With lockdown restrictions slowly starting to ease, we can surely plan to spend Halloween this year with our loved ones. Get in the Halloween spirit with a fun sweater or full-on costume. Skulls, witches, pumpkins, you name it — find fun patterns that will lift your spirits. While you are planning here are some gifting ideas for you to ponder upon:

Skull ice cube mold.

1. 3D Skull Ice Cube Mold 

Here is a gift that you can buy yourself. This is one-of-a-kind, a patent-pending ice cube mold which will make you the talk of the haunted house. Imagine how fun will it be to drop a skull into their drink! You can create ghoulish cocktails with these creepy skull cubes. This best-selling ice cube mold makes solid ice skulls perfect for just about any drink. It’ll make 4 skulls and these are slow to melt so they won’t water-down your drink too fast!

2.Halloween Chocolate Tower Gift Basket

Chocolates serve as the perfect gift just for any occasion. This Day of the Dead-themed gift basket is loaded with goodies from fudge to chocolate-covered popcorn. These brightly colored and beautifully designed boxes make a classy, adult alternative to the typical children’s fare. Moreover, it includes the option for a personalized message. This one is more like a gift cauldron than a gift basket, but we love it nonetheless. This one comes with milk chocolate malt balls, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate truffles, English toffee, and more. 

Halloween Chocolate Tower Gift Basket.
The surprise skull mug.

3. The Surprise Skull Mug

Having a party at home, friends or family are coming over? Perfect! Welcome their arrival with these surprise skull mugs filled with their favourite drink in it. Once they are almost done with their favourite beverage, they will get a surprise skull head inside. Yes, Creepy, but cool when we are celebrating Halloween! 

Jack Skellington Mug.

 4. Jack Skellington Mug

Here is a Nightmare Before Christmas type of gift. But everything is fair in the name of Halloween. You can’t and won’t be able to resist this Jack Skellington mug. Jack’s eery face makes for a one-of-a-kind mug; a perfect Halloween or Christmas gift that is made from high-quality dishwasher-safe ceramic.

Ghost portable charger.

5. Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Portable Charger

Although this Ghost portable charger is supposed to scare you. With its help you can now walk into the darkness without having any fear. This is indeed a great prop for your Halloween costume. Also, the other important job that it does is that your phone will never die again, thanks to this adorable, wide-eyed, glow-in-the-dark ghost. 

Chocolate dipped candy apples.

6. The Milk & Dark Chocolate Dipped Candy Apples

Like I mentioned earlier, chocolates can fit in any occasion just like water. Moreover, you know what’s better than candy apples? It is Chocolate dipped candy apples! These come dipped in milk chocolate and dark chocolate and arrive in a cool wooden crate.

Handmade skeleton nesting doll

7.Handmade Skeleton Nesting Doll 

You love it when it is Halloween season but you don’t feel like dealing with the pressure of donning a costume nor do you want to take the pain of decorating? Then these, Not your typical type Russian nesting doll which is handmade in the shape of skeleton dolls can make a unique Halloween decoration. It includes five dolls which stack up inside each other. To add more to the surprise, consider hiding candy inside them!

Spooky 3D pop-up card.

8. Spooky 3D Popup Card

From the Nightmare Before Christmas to Disney’s Hocus Pocus, choose from a selection of 25 fun, 3D designs that are sure to give your Halloween enthusiastic a delightful fright. Celebrate this Halloween with a spooky game night. Día De Muertos themes are also available. Lovepop cards come with complementary shipping on all US-based orders.

Jack-o-lantern suculent plant.

9. Jack-o-Lantern Succulent Planter

This Halloween gift is nature loving. This special succulent planter is for the Earth loving friend who takes various measures for environment conservation. There cannot be a better gift than this to show your appreciation and to bring a bright smile on their face. Add a little succulent to this 3D-printed jack-o-lantern planter, and it makes a perfectly cute gift. 

LEGO Halloween haunted haunt set.

10.The LEGO Halloween Haunted Haunt Set

If your kids love all things LEGO, they will love this super fun Halloween set. It has 145 pieces and it comes with a vampire and skeleton mini LEGO figure, and even other fun things like a rat, spider, and more. It’s perfect for kids (or adults) 7-years and older. So, not just kids but arranging this haunted set is going to be the most exciting thing to do for all the LEGO fans, this Halloween. 

Anatomy dishes.

11. Anatomy Dishes

Hey it's Halloween so looking at images of anatomy while eating your dinner is cool! These creepy-cool dishes offer a lot of versatility. You can use them as ring or candy dishes, or even hang them on the wall for a unique decor moment. 

Cauldron Bath bomb

12.Witch’s Survival Kit (Cauldron Bath bomb)

Halloween is all about fun and the best way to have fun is to surprise your friends and family members. Give this to someone who loves conjuring up a little relaxation time.

Skull stein and Goblet set.

13. Skull Stein And Goblet Set 

This Skull Stein And Goblet Set will be definitely appreciated by your gift recipients. Made from a high-quality stainless steel, these mugs can be displayed as decoration or used for drinking coffee, beer or wine. You will feel like somewhere in a medieval castle full of ghosts and mysterious evil creatures. You will haunt them with your virtual presence every time they take a sip with that mug. 

Pick your poison party game.

14. Pick Your Poison Party Game

We all know Halloween this year is going to be much exciting than last year even though it falls on the most inconvenient day of the week. However, if you still wish to stay indoors without taking any risks but still want to have a fun Halloween party. Gift yourself Pick Your Poison, which is a card-based guessing game that will reveal how well your friends know you. You’ll pick two cards with “poisonous” choices and you have to choose the lesser of the evils.

Rockville Diner

15. Rockville Diner 

This is just a reminder for you that you can also take part in similar experiences in your respective cities. Diners in the City of Rockville will likely continue to have the option to eat outdoors on some city streets through Halloween, if the Mayor and Council approve an extension of the pandemic-related program this Thursday night. An extension order drawn up for the July 1 meeting will allow outdoor dining to continue in select public rights-of-way through October 31, 2021. Approved streets include Gibbs Street, South Adams Street, and E. Montgomery Avenue. Seventeen businesses across the city currently hold permits for such outdoor dining spaces on public easements and along public sidewalks. Those are scheduled to expire on Thursday, if officials take no action. You may consider Mr. Predicto Fortune Telling Ball, a toy predicting future, which will make for a fun vibe at any party. The ball offers three dozens of answers to your questions as well as several fun games for children. On top of that, the device plays music and has built-in LED lights. 

Thumb drive

16. Thumb Drive

Did someone lose his finger? Maybe we found another one as a replacement and it is very special, obviously useful and very unusual. If they wish that Halloween was all year round, you’ve come to the right option. Here’s how you freak out a tech-freak. A great gift idea for an office Halloween party, this literal thumb drive will give guests the creeps, while being practical and business-oriented at the same time. Buy them in bulk for the whole team.

Spider Brooch.

17. Spider Brooch 

Looking for something classy for female Halloween enthusiasts? This sparkling spider brooch looks just as wonderful as your lady. She may even wear it year round. She is definitely not going to doubt your taste after this. So hurry up and do not waste your time in thinking. 

Fantasy miniature with swords
Fantasy figurine - super girl
fantasy figurines from comic book
Figurines of company mascot
Fantasy Figurine cartoon
Fantasy miniature with swords
Fantasy figurine - super girl
fantasy figurines from comic book
Figurines of company mascot
Fantasy Figurine cartoon

18. Custom Halloween and Horror  Figurines 

Halloween is a great time for making memories and one of the best ways to immortalize them is through My3dselfie’s Custom Halloween and Horror Figurines.

You can create lifelike 3d printed replicas of yourself, friends and family just with the help of a few 2D images. You can even add your personalized choice of costumes.  So why not immortalize the memories of this Halloween when you are wearing the horror costumes, carrying skeleton and witch like props. Now you can create these custom miniature Halloween figurines of yourself just by uploading your photos.

Bloodbag drink holder.

19. Bloodbag Drink Holders

What group of blood do you prefer? You have the opportunity to treat your friends with real f19sh blood. These blood bags will be a perfect addition to your medicine costume for this party! Joke or not? Who knows, check it! These blood bags will be a ghoulish hit at your Halloween party. Fill them up with red wine or other colored drinks and start getting your vampire vibe on.

Trick or Treat beverage tub.

20. Trick Or Treat Beverage tub.

For that next haunted Halloween party, keep those concoctions, potions and other tasty beverages properly chilled in this wickedly cool tub. It is made of galvanized, rust-proof metal. Its added features are the easy-tote handles on the sides. It can hold 24 standard-size beer bottles. Its convenient iron stand holds the tub at easy serving height; folds flat for easy storage. Available in Pumpkin and Ghost designs, you can personalize the tub with any 1 line message up to 25 characters

Patterned rolling pin Cookies.

21. Patterned Rolling Pin Cookies

Actually, giving Halloween presents is not as common as giving Christmas ones, so the gift in itself will be part of surprise at a Halloween party. You can use this patterned rolling pin not only like a present but also to cook holiday cookies for your family and friends.

Halloween Product For All!

Custom Figurine

Family figurine - elderly couple
Family figurine of 4 with Pet dog
Family figurine - 3 members
Family - group figurine




Halten Sie Familienmomente und Erinnerungen mit unseren Familienfiguren fest und bewahren Sie sie ein Leben lang in Ehren. 

✔️ Unsere 3D-gedruckte Familienfigur ist eine lebensechte, superrealistische Nachbildung Ihrer Familienmitglieder oder einer Gruppe Ihrer Lieblingsmenschen. Wir fertigen diese Statuen nur anhand einiger Bilder an. Wir sind die ersten weltweit, die diese einzigartigen Skulpturen mit einer Genauigkeit von mindestens 90 % herstellen. Unsere Familienfiguren sind in verschiedenen Größen von 5 bis 12 Zoll Höhe erhältlich. Je größer die Größe, desto besser die Detailliertheit, die Sie erhalten.

✔️ Halten Sie die besonderen Momente fest, die Sie mit Ihrer Familie verbringen, und bewahren Sie sie ein Leben lang in Form unserer 3D-gedruckten Familienstatuen. Jetzt können Sie jedes 2D-Bild Ihrer Familie durch unsere äußerst realistischen Mini- Familienfiguren ersetzen, die Zukunft der Fotografie. Feiern Sie das Zusammensein mit unseren erstaunlichen Skulpturen.

✔️ Unsere Familienstatuen sind das perfekte personalisierte Familiengeschenk für Sie. Sie sind mit höchster Präzision gefertigt und nutzen die Kombination aus Technologie und Kunst, um Ihre Beziehungen zu feiern. Verewigen Sie jetzt Ihre Familienerinnerungen an Mutterschaft, Vaterschaft, die Liebe zu unseren Partnern, Freunden, Kollegen und jede menschliche Beziehung und Gelegenheit. Jetzt haben Sie etwas, das Sie sich ansehen und festhalten können, und können Familienmomente ein Leben lang in Ehren halten.
Passen Sie ein Familienporträt oder eine Familiencollage an, die bei einem Treffen aufgenommen wurde, und erstellen Sie dann statt eines 2D-Fotos, das eher einen flachen Ausdruck vermittelt, eine 3D-gedruckte Familienstatue, die je nach Anzahl der Mitglieder auf dem Foto individuell angefertigt werden kann:

✔️ Figur einer 4-köpfigen Familie

✔️ Figur einer 3-köpfigen Familie

✔️ Figur einer fünfköpfigen Familie

✔️ oder höher

          Es wird Spaß machen und eine Augenweide für Ihre Augen sein, Ihre eigene 3D-Familie auf Ihrem Schreibtisch oder Bücherregal zu sehen. Es kann viele vergessene Momente wieder zum Leben erwecken. Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist, Ihre bestes Familienfoto und teilen Sie es uns bei der Bestellung mit. Und das ist alles, was wir brauchen. Sie können aus Ihren Lieblingsfotos von einer Hochzeit, einem Geburtstag, einem Jubiläum, Weihnachten oder einem anderen Familientreffen wählen.

          ✔️ Hol dir die Miniatur-Familienfiguren oder personalisiertes Familiengeschenk Ihrer Familie, die immer für Sie da war! Das ist Ihre Chance, den wichtigsten Menschen in Ihrem Leben Freude zu bereiten.

          Für Wenn Sie individuelle Familienfiguren oder Familienwackelköpfe bestellen möchten, senden Sie die Fotos bitte nach der Bestellung per E-Mail an contact@my3dselfie.com und geben Sie als Betreff Ihre Bestellnummer an. Auf Anfrage fertigen wir auch andere Familienfiguren als Sammlerstücke an.

          ✔️ Schließlich sind wir ein Festunternehmen. Wir feiern Liebe und menschliche Emotionen vom ersten Schrei bis zum letzten Atemzug.

          ✔️ Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Sie sind dabei, Ihrem Leben etwas wirklich Besonderes hinzuzufügen und etwas zu bewirken.

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