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Home is where the heart lies, and the best way to design it is with exquisite home decor statues and figurines from My3dSelfie. Whether it is, your coffee table, mantel, shelves, patio, or entryway, our collection of home decorative items has everything to enhance the look, feel, and add sophistication to your home interior decor.
Fancy having wildlife figurines in your living room? Let your decor go wild with our collection of life-like animal figurines. Or you can choose from our classic sculptures like the figurine of Charlie Chaplin or the famous Bob Ross statue for room decor. These decorative objects are 3d printed and are modern elegant accessories for decorating every room in your home.
So why wait? Let's browse through our collection and add style and class to your home interior.

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Bob Ross Figurine Front
$129.00 $79.00
Bob Ross figurines
baby elephant staue
Cute Baby Elephant Statue
Mother Child Sculpture
$69.99 $30.00
Mother Child Sculpture
dog statue for gift
Pug Statues and Figurines
A collection of white, green, black Deer figurine
Deer Figurine Tabletop
Light Blue colored dog storage box for home and office decor.
$129.00 $99.00
Dog pen holder statue
Corona Warrior statue
$99.99 $39.99
Corona Warrior statue
Geometrically Bird Shaped Desktop Pen holder for Office Decor
Geometrically Bird Shaped Desktop Pen holder for Office Decor
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