Tips to choose material and style while buying urns for pets

Shopify API | Jan 31, 23

In the past, pet owners had a hard time finding a Pet urn to store their pet’s remains once they passed away. Urns are available in different materials, shapes, styles and sizes. You should never feel pressured into deciding what to do with your pet’s remains. Our tips will help you to evaluate the best option for you.

Shopify API | Jan 29, 23
What color of pet ashes urn should you choose?
Pet ashes urns are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The color of the urns is an important factor that should be taken into consideration when buying one. Choosing the right color for pet ashes keepsakes can be difficult. However you may want to make sure that it is appropriate for the pet and its personality.
Shopify API | Jan 28, 23
Elephant Trunk Up vs Down: Significance in decor statues
Elephant statues are regarded in Vastu and Feng Shui as symbols of power, safety, knowledge, and good fortune. The trunk position in figurines is an important indicator.
Shopify API | Jan 18, 23
Pet Memorial Gifts: Do's and Don’ts
There is no worse pain than losing a pet, whether for a family or an individual. It should come as no surprise that pet owners grieve the same way they would if they lost a member of their human family when their four-legged friend passed away. Although it is said that time heals all wounds, the best pet memorial gifts can undoubtedly be a kind, consoling act for a grieving animal parent.
Shopify API | Jan 14, 23
How Decorative figurines are adding charm to your living spaces and decor.
Decorative figurines enhances your decor. 3d printed sculptures are a great addition to your home or work decor. They can be personalized to your preference.
Shopify API | Jan 13, 23
How tall is the biggest Bobble Head?
This huge bobblehead, popularly known as 'The Big Dog Bobblehead is 4.69 meters tall, roughly weighing 1,500 pounds. It took approximately 400 hours to create. It has a two-tone spring inside the head that allows it to bob, and it is composed of steel and polystyrene.
Bilal Farooqui | Jan 05, 23
Latest Trending Pet Urn Ideas to Preserve Your Pet Memories

If you've decided to cremate your pet, you may be wondering what should I do with my pet's cremated remains? You have many options when determining how to honor your pet. Pet urns certainly stands out.

Following are some of the best pet urn ideas to help you create the perfect personalized pet urns for ashes. 

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