Paul - Dec 14th 2020

Hi Christmas But Covid!

Its Christmas  But Covid

First Christmas of the new decade is going to be historic for many reasons and here’s why we think a pandemic which has torn apart lives, families, countries and economies, cannot tamper the spirit of X-mas.

Palm Cake and Wine

With the advent of December, houses start getting decked up with glittering lights,  auspicious trees and stars, offices start gearing up for their annual retreat at a club, café, restaurant or office premises with their signature party anthems, ‘Jingle Bell’, ‘Feliz Navidad’ and ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ coupled with palm cakes and wine.

2020 Christmas & Covid

However, 2020 has come with new challenges and it has put into test the accuracy of a popular saying, ‘if you intend to do something tomorrow, why not today? If today then why not now?’, while the world is dealing with a pandemic, let it not play spoil sport with your festive season. We may not be able to physically visit our favourite stores
where the racks start filling up by this time of the year with exquisite gifts, cards, chocolates and items alike but you could still be a Santa for your kids, siblings and dear ones- thanks to e-commerce and digital stores. Experts predict a massive surge in online shopping in fact according to a research, between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day last year, the U.S. Postal Service delivered an estimated 910 million packages — in addition to almost 15 billion pieces of mail. That
includes gifts for faraway loved ones, cards, letters to Santa and those dreaded credit card bills after we put our holiday purchases on plastic’. This gives us all the more reasons to prepare our gifts collection in advance because you never know what may run out of stock the next day. Thus, it was imperative for us to prepare a list of highly
valuable gift items that can make this Christmas a memorable one for you while keeping all the safety measures in mind.  

1. Toys For Toddlers

Super Mario party 3d figurines.

For teens and toddlers, the best part about the big day is the hunt for exciting gifts stuffed inside the stockings or the Christmas tree. Now, if we consider the option of store to mall hopping as cancelled, the search for a perfect gift amidst all the clutter online could be a task. We looked up for a few streams in an ocean full of options-
i) 2020 seems to be the year of resurrection for old school classic toys like Barbie and Super Mario.
ii) The demand for legends like Star Wars and LEGO are also on the rise.
iii) Amazon has curated a list of their potentially bestselling toys which you can buy at a cheaper price during Amazon Prime Day starting from the 13th of October, deals will only last for 48 hours so be prepared for the race. However, you can already add them to your wishlist and cut the chase.
iv) While toys from the yester years are making a comeback, emerging new toys and games are here to teach your kids how to code or spell. They combine technology with fun and learning like the Harry Potter Wand Coding Kit, Really RAD Robots MiBRO, VTech
KidiZoom Studio (Red) and more.
v) It may be easy to impress teens with the upcoming PS5 or the latest gadgets or outfit of their choice. You might want to do some research before opting for the easiest option available.  

2. Baskets for your loved ones

Basket with favorite foods of your loved ones.

Get customer attention by clean visual and video

i) Prepare a menu, exchange it with your other half or your beloved kin and ask them to pick items of their choice. Make sure that you execute this way in advance so that it can be delivered on time.
ii) What should the menu include?
a)Curate a list of their go to dishes and get it delivered from their favourite restaurant, café or outlet. 
b)Make a list of their favourite dry snacks and beverages. Put them in a decorated box with a touching hand written letter. We believe gifts are always best when there is personal touch to it, which brings us to our next section of gifts.

3. Christmas Figurines

This one serves to all age groups, from your pet loving kid to your movie buff sibling, Christmas figurines play the perfect souvenir for our lives most cherishing moments. How? It immortalizes that beautiful memory of yours and works as a reminder for your busy minds. This gift is worth thousand may be more emotions and takes up only a tiny little space of your premises. We have one last suggestion which we believe many do try each year. Follow this link for some highly valuable figurine options-

Secret Santa- If you like to keep it lowkey around the most festive time of the year then you might like this idea of sparking a few smiles in the lives of complete strangers. Donate or contribute to a nearby orphanage, elder care or a community social welfare centre. Like you, we too hope that things get better before the 25th, nonetheless we wish a safe and sound Christmas for everyone




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