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Unique christmas gift in 2022.

People have been exchanging gifts on Christmas for a very long time like several other familiar Christmas Customs. Even though the styles and preferences in gifts may change, people all over the world have marked the tradition of buying, making, and giving unique Christmas gifts to loved ones as a way of celebrating the holiday season.

Today, exchanging Christmas gifts with our loved ones is a celebrated part of this holiday, with many families dedicating enough time to these traditions. The likelihood of receiving gifts is often the highlight of the holiday season for all children and some adults alike.

However, it is always important to know how this gifting tradition started and what it represents, If only, to keep us from losing sight of what our unique Christmas gifts truly mean.

So, if you have already received invitations to a Christmas party, and probably started thinking about a gift for the host on this special occasion. We got you covered, here is a well-organized list of 15 unique gifts for Christmas that will not only make your holiday shopping easier but your effort will also be undoubtedly appreciated.

1. Custom neon sign decor

A custom neon sign is a festive decor piece for your walls that can be installed in your drawing room, garage, or at your home bar. These neon light tubes are flexible and can be personalized to any unique figure like your name, a quote, a sculpture, or something unique you want. These LED neon tubes are safe, eco-friendly, and handmade. These neon sign decors are popular for decorations during festive events like Christmas, weddings, birthdays, and other events.

Custom made neon sign decor.
Custom made name necklace.

2. Silver or Gold customized name necklace

A customized name necklace is the best way to express your fashion sense with your jewelry. There is no limitation for customization to this unique necklace and it is setting a new fashion trend. You get to choose from various materials starting from 14k gold, white gold, rose gold, sterling silver, or gold-plated pendant for your custom name necklace. You can also choose your favorite font style and size for it.

3. 3D selfie of yourself as Santa Claus

A 3d selfie is a small-scale 3d printed replica of a person crafted from a few photographs. Here at My3dSelfie, we transform your 2d pictures into physical 3d printed figurines with the option of custom outfits. It is always fascinating to have a 3d selfie of yourself as Santa Claus among your Christmas collectible treasures. This can also be a unique Christmas gift idea for your loved ones too, send us a few photos and we will deliver your beloved Santa Claus customized figurine to your doorstep. 3d selfie as Santa Claus can be tailor-made as per your requirements in five different sizes ranging from 5 inches to 12 inches. Hurry up, get your favorite Santa now!

Name engraved beverage tub for christmas party.

4. Name engraved beverage tub

We all love parties and beverages are a basic requirement in them. Now you can keep all your drinks and beverages cold and handy with this customizable beverage tub. These drinks tubs can be customized with your name, initials, monograms, logos, or any custom detail you need. You get to choose from stainless steel or galvanized tubs with optional stands to keep any party going. These are perfect for indoor or outdoor use like birthdays and pool parties making a customized beverage tub a unique gift for Christmas.

5. Christmas figurines for couples

These exclusive 3d printed figurines are perfect for couples. Our Christmas figurines for couples are made from a few photos that you share with us while placing the order. These are standardized to resemble the couple in your photos while wearing the Santa jumpsuit and two tiny Christmas trees are placed on either side to add a perfect Christmas vibe. Although these figurines make a unique gift idea for Christmas, it also provides customization options to allow you to personalize them as per your liking. 

Turn your photo into Christmas figurine.
Custom pillow cover.

6. Custom throw pillow for sofa

A custom pillow is a great way to create a beautiful and unique gift for your loved ones. It allows you to feature their favorite photo, names, text, or a combination of these to make it a perfect gift that everyone will love. These are available in many fabric options like microsuede, poplin, linen, or sequin, and the removable pillow filling is made of polyester. The personalization option makes these custom pillows a unique gift for Christmas and can be customized to match and enhance the interior decor of any house. 

7. OTT platform subscription

If you are looking for a perfect family gift for Christmas, consider a family-friendly OTT streaming platform subscription. The range of entertaining content from old blockbusters to the most recent release has everything to offer for the old ones and the kids. This can be the perfect solution if you are stuck at the last moment pickle and will surely be welcomed by everyone in the family. There are two types of subscriptions, digital and physical coupons. In digital mode, you can redeem the code and get access to your favorite streaming platform. Whereas, in the physical mode, it works as an account credit that you can use to purchase your desired membership.

OTT streaming platform.
Santa as a elf mini statue.

8. Santa Claus as elf figurine

As Santa and his elves play a vital role in Christmas for every child. Whereas Santa is known for distributing toys to children, and elves are known to make toys in Santa’s workshop and take care of his reindeer. In recent times the elf on the shelf tradition has been a fun way for kids to interact with Santa and his elves and bring excitement from thanksgiving to the eve of Christmas. Check out our Santa Claus as elf figurine, available in three different sizes and is the most adorable Christmas gift for children.

9. Personalized Christmas door wreath

Christmas door wreaths are made by bending green branches in circular form, which are then decorated with an arrangement of flowers, berries, ribbons, and other decorative ornaments. The circular shape of the wreath represents Christ’s love, strength, and the creation of new life. A personalized Christmas wreath can be made with your name, symbol, or any custom idea you have. These can also be customized with flowers, berries, and ornaments of your choice. These wreaths will give your house an appealing update and add a Christmas vibe to it. Gift these wreaths to your loved ones, friends, or neighbors, and let them welcome their guests with eye-pleasing Christmas decor.

Personalized door wreath for christmas.
Santa on his sled figurine for christmas.

10. Figurine of Santa on his sled

In traditional and popular cultural beliefs Santa’s reindeer are known to fly his sled through the sky and help Santa deliver gifts to every child at their home while they are asleep. Our Santa on sleigh figurine is a representation of Santa and his reindeer during Christmas eve. This 3D-printed figurine defines creativity, knowledge, and resourcefulness. This unique figurine for Christmas can adorn their selves or table and add a Christmas feeling and bring joy to your loved ones.

11. Personalized Tic Tac Toe game board

Tic Tac Toe, a classic game also known as ‘noughts and crosses is a popular paper and pencil game for two individuals. A personalized tic tac toe game board is a perfect gift for your loved ones and can be played for hours without wasting paper. This custom tic tac toe set allows players to compete with their initials instead of Xs and Os. It is a unique gift idea for Christmas and smart addition to family game night. You can also gift a personalized game board to a fun-loving couple on their wedding or anniversary.

Tic Tac Toe game board
Mary and baby jesue statue.

12.  Mary and baby Jesus Statue

Our Mary and baby Jesus statue is the best way to pay homage to this pristine moment that brought a miracle to this world. This figurine is perfect for a Christmas gift and is believed to shower divine blessing upon you and your loved ones. The infant figure of child Jesus is known to bring grace and love to your home. These unique Christmas figurines are 3D printed in sandstone material and are available in three sizes ranging from 3 to 5 inches. 

13. Personalized family sign wood board

A family name sign wood board is a perfect piece to adorn your home for years to come. These personalized family sign boards are beautifully handcrafted with your names or signs on a wooden board. This is an ideal gift for Christmas, housewarming, or couples celebrating their wedding anniversary. These sign boards are fully customizable starting from the colors of wood, font style, size, and shape of the board. This custom-made wooden sign will attract a lot of attention and add a rustic and vintage theme to your wall.

Family sign board made of wood.
Family figurine from photo.

14.  Christmas Family figurine

A custom-made Christmas family figurine is a 3D printed replica of your family that exactly represents a moment captured in a 2d photo. These custom figurines can be made from your favorite pictures that you send while placing your order. This is the most unique family gift that you can present to your loved ones this Christmas. 3d printed in sandstone material and can be custom made with two to nine members in each figurine. Send your best family photos, we make your custom family figurine and ship it to your doorstep in a few weeks. So, Now you have the luxury to preserve and showcase all the precious occasions you have with your family or friends for the rest of your life as a figurine family.

15.  Laser engraved holographic picture glass

A laser-engraved holographic picture glass or a photo crystal is created using a focused laser beam to a precise point under the clear surface etching tiny formation inside the crystal. The laser then continues the same process multiple times while shifting to the next coordinates. Millions of these points are etched to reproduce your photo inside the glass or crystal. These crystals are available in various shapes like cubes, hearts, diamonds, or trapezoids. This unique 3d crystal can be engraved with your photo, text, or logo and can be a perfect gift for this Christmas.

Laser engraved holographic picture glass
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