Personalized 3d figurine gifts for grandparents.

10 Fun Personalized Gifts For Grandparents

Remember Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or Mia’s graceful Grandmother- Clarisse from The Princess Diaries? There can’t be a better teacher than Grandparents in life. They teach you how to stay grounded, they teach you about the principles of honesty and the various facets of life. Their experience is our treasure. Whether it is buying you your favourite chocolate or saving you from a harsh scolding, your Grandparents have done it all for you. They are important figures in the lives of children. They are very thoughtful of your every need. For some they are role models, for some they are mentors and some even consider them as their best companions. The amount of years they have spent in this journey of life is what makes them all the more valuable to kids. They may have been tough on their children but are the exact opposite to their grandchildren. Not all are lucky to have grandparents, having your grandparents around you is priceless now when you decide to give them a gift or surprise them with a present, to them it will always mean a precious token of love and appreciation. For them what matters is not the price tag but the intent. Here are a few smart, thoughtful, fun and personalized gifting ideas for your dear Pop-Pop and Nana-

Mobile, Purse and Key Trackers

As humans we often tend to misplace our belongings but the search for it might just be a herculean task, especially for your ageing Grandparents. Unnecessary bending and looking around for things can be extremely painful at times and is not the best exercise at their age, in order to save them from all that stress, enters this Bluetooth enabled tracker. For all the concerned grandchildren, check out these portable and versatile trackers by Tile which can help you find anything attached to it within the range of 200 feet and also has a user replaceable battery. 

Grandparents' lives are made easier with these versatile trackers.
Smart watch to track fitness and health.

Smart Watches

Sure! Nothing can topple the wisdom of your grandparents but staying fit and in good health should be a priority for the young at heart Grandpa’s and Grandma’s. Smart wrist watches keep a track of their fitness, time as well as sleep. These luxurious wearables do help you find on-screen answers to your questions and it also gives you weather as well as news updates. If you are living with your grandparents then you might as well use it to give them healthy reminders while monitoring their heart rate and the number of footsteps taken by them. From a pool of options available you can opt for a Fitbit, Apple or Samsung Galaxy smart watch based upon your preference and convenience.

Engaging Puzzles

This could be fun! A good opportunity to relive some great family moments as well as a chance to create fresh new ones. Engage your grandparents in solving custom made family puzzles. This works well when you are on a vacation with them and you do not want to drain all their energy in long walks. A fun exercise for their brains while you spend a gala time around them. Check this Chalkboard puzzle by Shutterfly.

Custom family puzzle.
custom pillow covers

Pillows and Covers

Pillows cannot beat the comfort of leaning on your Grandma’s lap but you can always gift her a customized pillow cover. Also, you can always be in her thoughts with a pillow cover in front of her eyes. Chances are that she will keep it safe forever. You know you are always in her thoughts but this will make her miss you more. Throw in the names of your family members in these handmade covers and gift them to your Granny the next time you meet her. We like this one out here.

3D Figurines for Family and Grandparents

This one here is very personal and brimming with emotions. 3D selfie figurines are basically 3D printed replicas of you or your loved ones. This is precious and extremely friendly gift for your grandparents for it remains with you everywhere and at all times reminding you of them. Memories for eternity can be preserved with these figurines. Gifting your Grandparents a customized 3D printed figurine of them or the entire family is an experience worth trying! So on their anniversary or on your next meeting with them, hand out this customized gift to them. Make sure to capture the glimmer of joy on their face upon receiving it. You can make a figurine reminding of any occassion for grandparents with just the help of few photos. The accuracy of these figurines have really surprised the reviewers, don't miss out checking reviews on our website.

image to 3d figurines
Scratchable map

World Maps

For the traveler grandparents who have been to places around the world and still wish to explore then they would surely like this Scratchable map to look back upon their travel history. This comes with a comfortable scratching tool, memory stickers to mark their travel memories, eraser to clean scratch smudges and a magnifying strip. This map defines #throwback and is definitely a fun filled activity with an opportunity for having fruitful conversations. You never know, this might just be the source of your itinerary for the next family trip. 

Secret Letters

Grandparents of this generation were born and raised in the last century. Let’s refresh their childhood memories with these letters which were a thing of their era. From their fondest moments in life to their secret recipes, they can jot down all their thoughts in these papers and save them as treasures to be shared with their grandchildren. 

secret letters
book with blanks to fill emotions

Write Down Your Thoughts

If you are wondering what to gift your Grandma on her next birthday then grab this little book and fill in the blanks. Express all your deepest emotions through honest words and there you have a personalized gift for the best of the best. This one is specially meant for all the adorable Nana’s. Check it here.


If you regret about not being a helping hand to your old buddies then gift them RoboVacs or Robot Vacuum Cleaners. They are just the companion Granny needs to keep her floors spick and span at all times of the day. They are constantly evolving and getting better at their job. Susan Booth, the engineer who oversees vacuum testing at Consumer Reports says, "We're challenging these bots to work larger, more complex spaces—making sure they don't snag on your carpet tassels and cables and don't get stuck in awkward places."

robot vacuum cleaners
touch lamps

Touch Lamps

Thank you to whoever came up with this! At times like these when maintaining safe distance from the people closest to you is considered best for their well-being, gifts like a touch sensor lamp can do wonders. Keep one at yours while the other stays at your grandparents’ living miles away. Touch the long distance lamp whenever you miss the warmth of their love, and the other one will blink to send them a reminder that you miss them. Nice! Isn’t it? These options are great but the best way to make them realize that you care, remember them, is to frequently call or visit them. They get happy just by the sound or sight of you so may be now is a good time to dial their number.