Father's Day

Top 10 Gifts For Father's Day


He is our first Superhero, first friend, first teacher and we call him by so many names. Dad, daddy, papa etc., yes he is our Father! He has been there all our life taking care of us and have always made us feel loved. This Father’s Day let us show him just how much he means to us!

So, we have curated a list of Top Ten Father’s Day Gifts for you!

Price $95

If your Father is an avid reader then this is a great Father’s Day gift! Your Father deserves the best and this eyeglass will definitely add to his style quotient. The frames are hand polished for three days and the lenses are impact and scratch resistant. Made from a single sheet of custom cellulose acetate which offers 100 % UV protection and maintains color parity.

Price $45.11

When we were babies we have kept our Father awake on countless occasions, now it’s our duty to make sure he has a good night’s sleep! First introduced in 1962, the Dohm Dual Speed All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine creates soothing sound of rushing air. It is so effective that it was named the "Official Sound Conditioner" of the National Sleep Foundation. The all natural white noise blocks noises and helps you get a deep and undisturbed sleep!

Price $70.00

If you want to pamper your father on this Father’s Day then this is an excellent gift for him! This Safety Razor and On-The-Go Super Close Shave Formula gets your Father the perfect shave. The double edge razor helps reduce ingrown hairs. Made from Botanical extracts such as menthol and tea oil, the easy glide shaving cream soothes the skin and provides a protective cushion and no skin irritation! Your Father will definitely love this gesture!



Who doesn’t love music? Your Father definitely does! This is a very thoughtful gift which would reflect your love for your Father and take him back to his young yesteryears. This classically designed STIR IT UP turntable is both simple and rich in material! The turntable is made of real bamboo details, earth-friendly canvas fabric, sustainably harvested birch wood, recycled aluminum and plastic enclosure. Keeping in mind with the same ideology, it uses recycled paper, plastic and other earth-friendly materials in its packaging as well!

Price $59

This Personalized 3D Printed Open Bust is one of the best gifts for your Father. A framed picture speaks a lot, just imagine how special this 3D Printed Open Bust is going to be. This Open Bust is an exact Replica with proper proportions and skin color of your Father. He is surely going to cherish this gift forever. Best thing is that all you need is 4 good quality photos of your Father. No physical scan needed!

6. Arlow Slipper

Price $64.95

These Soft Suede Arlow slippers are definitely a thoughtful gift for your Father. The slippers are lined with faux shearling and Tempur Cloud footbed paddings. These are exceptionally comfortable and your Father will definitely love this gift!

Price $200

Remember those childhood days when your Father used to take you fishing? Well it’s time to rekindle those memories! The Tenkara fishing rod is a compact fishing road which performs more than its size suggests. We are sure this gift will bring a wide smile on your Father’s face! It is made from carbon fiber and it telescopes from 20 inches to 8.6 feet within a second!


Price $129

This is another great gift for your Father. This 3D Printed figurine exactly matches your Father’s proportions, features and skin color. You can capture a moment of your Father’s and cherish that moment forever! For this you just need 4 good quality photographs of your Father. You do not need him to come to a store physically to be scanned, hence an excellent surprise gift that your Father would surely love!

Price $1,000

If your Father commutes a lot across the city, this Detroit Arrow Bicycle will surely make him do it in style! The Arrow offers a classic design with gender specific thoughtful touches, such as the saddle and overall proportional geometry. Every piece is hand fitted and tested for quality which makes it perfect for urban riding, smooth and comfortable.

Price $70

This Davidoff cologne is as cool as it looks, and your Father is sure to love it. It is as refreshing as the fresh ocean air and is perfect for casual use. It features a masculine blend of cool aquatic fragrances such as lavender, rosemary, mint, coriander, jasmine, oakmoss, sandalwood and musk which awakens your senses!

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