The Best Occasions for Funny cake Toppings

A cake is a heaven for the dessert lovers, be it the classic chocolate decadence or New York-style cheesecake. But a cake is way more than just a dessert. It is the ornament of events and celebrations. Birth party celebrations? You need a cake. Hit a milestone? You need a cake. Anniversary? You definitely need a cake. Somehow, a cake makes every celebration better. 

It is a great way to remind someone how special they are. To make it extra special you can use funny cake toppings, and there are plenty of good options available for you. You can also use personalized cake toppers, as they are becoming increasingly popular cake toppers, due to their variety and versatility. If you really want to go the extra mile to make an occassion or someone special, or add fun or a sentimental touch to any celebration then you can try custom cake topper figurines. This simple step can elevate the celebrations and it is also a great way to add a zest of humor. Adding funny cake toppings can showcase your inner quirkiness and make the whole experience more memorable for everyone. 

With today’s technological advances, you can add 3D-printed figurines as cake toppers and make them funnier than ever before or customize them absolutely as per your own preferences for the occassion. These figurines are printed in a range of materials, including plastic, resin, nylon and sandstone, and can be made to reflect anything, from fantasy characters to festive flavours, or mimic your beloved pet. What more? The cake topper when personalised will remain as a memento of the celebration. So, next time you purchase a cake for a celebration, consider 3D-printed funny cake toppings with it. 

So, how can you use 3D-printed cake topper figurines to add more fun to any celebrations? Let's explore the best occasions where you can add these cake decorating figurines to your decorations.

Children's Birthday Parties

Everyone is aware of children's passion for shiny, bright objects. They typically like birthday parties when all of their favorites can be present. Just add custom cake decorating figures to give them a little extra on special day. Having their favorite fictional character appear on their birthday cake is the best cake topper scenario. Dinosaur cake toppers, unicorn cake toppers, mermaid cake toppers, cars cake toppers, and power rangers cake toppers, there can be any topper your kid likes, and it can be customised in any way you like. 

Why to settle with cakes toppings that are boring? You may make them even more intriguing and unique by custom 3d printing. If you are having a theme party, make your cake a part of it with such customized funny toppers. With that, you and your kids will have one of a kind birthday cake, that you will cherish forever.



Weddings are the big events in people’s lives and for some, the biggest. We all want a wedding ceremony to be customised in a way which we will remember for the rest of our lives. The same goes for the cake. 

We want the cake to be special and one of a kind. That can be easily done with wedding cake figurines toppers. Bride-groom figurines or couple bobbleheads can be added to mark the special day of the couple, which can also be a cute & funny keepsake for them. Other than that, there are several romantic wedding cake toppers that can be added to the celebration of love and commitment.


Hitting a milestone in relationships and love calls for a celebration and a cake should be there to commemorate the same. the cake can be personalized as per the requirements. As for cake decorations, 3D-printed cake topper figurines can go a long way in making any anniversary celebrations remarkable. 

Simply add a figurine of the couple celebrating and it can be customized from photos of the couple. Anniversary cake toppers can be a surprise to the couple, and will make it worth remembering. Be it 25th or 50th years of togetherness, a celebration with a well-decorated cake is worth including in love life.

Corporate events

Everyone appreciates the celebrations and parties hosted in the office. Those are the occasions where all of the staff assemble to have fun. The celebrations are ususally marked and remembered with a cake. Funny cake toppings can be added to the cake in corporate gatherings of all shapes and sizes to keep things interesting. Choose cake with personalized cake toppers to extend the celebration of achievement for your company's Platinum, Golden, or Silver Anniversaries as well as smaller milestones. The cake toppers can be customised to showcase the company's logo, a figurine of directors, or a 3d printed brand mascot, or the essence of the brand identity. This can be a great way to promote solidarity among all employees.



Every employee hopes to get promoted, and when that day comes, we want to celebrate the accomplishment. It is an unwritten rule that cakes must be present at such celebrations. The event can be enhanced with funny cake toppings. Boosting someone's happiness is a tiny but important step. By simply including personalized figurines that will signify the promotion event, you can easily create a one-of-a-kind cake for example you can customize and create a cake figurine showing the person's best memories during his/her association with the company.


Take your holiday decorations up a notch with 3D-printed cake decorations. For Christmas, you can have Santa Claus figurines on your cake, or even better, figurines of the whole family together as a cake topper. That will definitely make your Christmas celebration remarkable. For Halloween, you can put 3D-printed cake toppers that match your party theme perfectly. 

For mother’s day, surprise your hardworking mother with a beautiful cake that has her replica as a cake topper, or something that defines her. For a new year’s party too cake topping ideas can be fun-filled with cake toppers like mini alcohol bottles.
Similarly make the 4th of July’s cake toppers showcasing the spirit. The fun in holidays is endless and so are funny cake toppings.


Every significant life achievement, no matter minor or major, merits celebration. Graduation, which occurs after several years of efforts, is an example of such a milestone. A cake is essential if you are hosting a graduation party. To make the cake interesting add funny cake toppers like figures of the celebrant or graduation-related decorations. You can even pay tribute to your favourite professor on your graduation day by making a custom cake topper that looks like them. Whether graduation is celebrated in a small gathering with loved ones or a large party, these toppers and miniatures will be a hit.

Pet's Special Day

Those furry friends we have at home deserve to be cherished, not just for their existence but also for brightening our lives. For a pet's birthday, you can throw them a party and invite their furry pals. You can even bake them a cake and decorate it with unique toppers. You can build a lifetime memory by adding a figurine of your pet as cake topper.


A worker is valuable to a firm, and they ought to feel appreciated even on their last day at work. Make sure your retiring employees takes some pleasant and enjoyable memories with them. Personalized figurines as cake topper can go a long way toward making the event joyful and memorable. As a result, even on the last day, the employee will depart with pleasant memories.

New Beginnings

New beginnings can be both exhilarating and overwhelming, whether it is a brand-new business or a relocation from the old house. Some sweetness can always help start the new voyage off positively. 

Sharing a cake with family, friends, and co-workers may be a delicious beginning to a new adventure. By simply adding amusing cake toppings, you can make it more fascinating. The unique toppers will symbolize your fresh start.

Celebrating Sports Victories

A devoted supporter will cheer on their side all the way to victory. You want to acknowledge the successes of your team at the end. To celebrate a team victory, have a cake decorated with figures and toppers and share it with your fellow enthusiasts. Basketball, soccer, or football cake toppers can be personalised into 3D-printed figurines to celebrate the achievement of your favorite team and player.


You can still enjoy a cake for yourself even if there is no significant occasion to celebrate. To give any occassion and celebration that "extra," 3D printed cake toppers  can be customised according to your preferences. It is a simple cake decor design concept, yet  can enhance any occasion. Customized cake toppers made using 3D printing are an option to think about if you want to make your loved ones rejoice. Use My3dselfie's funny cake toppings the next time you throw that surprise birthday party, to create a perfect memory. 

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