Bobble Your Own Way: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Own Bobblehead

Does the idea of gifting stress you out because you struggle to choose the most appropriate present? Let’s face it, not all of us are great when it comes to gifting. Sometimes we want to give our loved ones something memorable and impactful, but cannot decide what to gift. At such times, it is better to go for personalized gifts that can reflect the other person and make a lasting effect.

Take bobbleheads for example. Besides being fun-filled, they can be souvenirs of a lifetime. Your loved ones will surely remember you and your gift if you give them a personalized bobblehead. These playful bobble figures have been around for quite some time and they have proven to be great gifts that not only look cute, but also are unique and memorable. People love them for their quality of being one of a kind and funny.

You can also make your own bobblehead, which can be customized the way you like. With that at your disposal, never worry about finding the perfect gift. Personalized bobbleheads are known for adding a humorous and quirky touch which makes them perfect for a gift.

If you have wondered about how to make your own bobblehead you are in the right place. Creating a bobblehead has become simplified over time, especially with 3D printed technology. Here is a step-by-step guide, if you want to create your own bobblehead instead of purchasing a readymade one.

From image to bobblehead statue

Step 1 - Decide on the Design of Your Bobblehead

Planning and designing are essential steps in any creative process. The same goes with making a custom bobblehead. During the design phase, take your time and gather your imaginations. This is the stage where you may plan out the overall appearance of your bobbleheads. Having a clarity about your conceptual design in mind, will really help you avoid any confusions if you want to create your own bobblehead.

There are numerous ideas in terms of postures and poses to pick from. You may have many questions in your mind that you need to think about, and find an answer to. For example to choose a sitting pose or standing? What kind of apparel will the person be wearing in the Bobblehead? Should the person be standing straight or in a tilted position, or with hands in pockets? Whatever be your imaginations, try to collect some reference photos around them.

Personalized bobblehead of a man

Bobbleheads can be made of both human and animals, so you can even create a bobblehead of your pets as well. Possibilities are endless, but you need to fix your purpose behind making it along with the design concept. Try to find answers to the questions like:

What is the purpose of this bobblehead?

Is there any specific occasion that it should portray?

Is it a present for someone else or just for you?

Are you creating it to collect memories or just to make a collectible?

Will it be a likeness of a real person, a fictional character, an animal or an object?

What style or design elements should the bobblehead have? 

Should it be realistic, cartoonish, or stylized in some other way? 

Should it have a certain color scheme or theme?

What type of base should the bobblehead have?

Will it be a standard base or a custom base with a logo or message?

Will the Bobbleheads be given away as a souvenir at a trade show, sold in a gift shop, or used for any other purpose?

Is it for your workspace or your home decor?

Step 2- Will the Bobblehead be of Character or a Person?

Knowing your motivation behind designing your own bobblehead will help you choose which person or character to represent. Any figure, pet or person can be represented by a bobblehead. If you are creating the bobblehead to give to someone, you might want to symbolize that person or something associated with them in it. If it's for your house, you might decide on the bobbleheads of your loved ones or your pets. 

To decorate a child's room, make custom bobbleheads of their favorite fictional or cartoon characters. Here, it's important to consider the personality of the other person. You can keep in mind their fashion sense, distinctive movements, interests, or things they like. For example: a bobblehead of a person dressed in his favorite superhero costume can be a gift to cherish forever. Be ready to get compliments for your amazing gifting skills with that.

Bobblehead of a woman

Step 3 - Decide about Shape and Size

Bobbleheads can come in different shapes and sizes. While you decide on the design you also need to fix what size you want it to be. Average bobble figures can be from 5 to 7 inches. The heads can be of different shapes including round, rectangular, square, oval, and so on that. But you have the freedom to get creative regarding shapes and sizes as you are making your own bobblehead. So look for various visual images for reference.

Step 4- Accessorize  

In addition, you might want to think about any specific accessory or props to add, that will make the bobblehead different from others. You can personalize it according to the interests of the person being depicted. For instance, your pet’s collar with its name, your loved one’s favorite sports accessory like a golf club or a football, some specific apparel or jacket that defines the recipients, etc. These are the small details that will make your bobblehead a great gift.

When designing your own custom bobblehead, there are various accessories you can add to make your bobblehead more personalized and unique. To start, you can dress up your bobblehead in different types of clothing such as a custom hoodie, school uniform, or even a suit and tie. Adding a hat to your bobblehead is another option, whether it's a baseball cap, a cowboy hat, or just a cap. Glasses are also popular accessories to add to your bobblehead design including sunglasses and prescription glasses.

Additionally, you can add a necklace, earrings, or other types of jewelry to personalize it further. Another option is to give your bobblehead a prop that reflects their personality or interests, such as a guitar, a skateboard, a book, or a sports ball.  

Lastly, a custom background can be added to your bobblehead design, such as a beach scene, a cityscape, or a sports arena..  

Accessories for bobbleheads

Step 5 -What material to choose?

Once you have decided on the design and you know what you want to depict, the next step will be choosing the best material for it. Bobbleheads can be made of plastic, clay, ceramic, resin, nylon, sandstone, etc. If you are making your bobblehead by your own hands then you can go for clay as it can be molded by hand and it can be an interesting little art project. However, if you want a more professional touch, sandstones, and nylon are good options for you.

Step 6
How do you make a custom bobblehead?

Well after a lot of planning now It's time for executions as your design is complete and you've chosen your material too. Either you can make a Bobblehead yourself as a DIY task, or hire an artist or else get it 3d printed. Below, the 3 methods are presented for your consideration:

* DIY it

It's time for executions once your design is complete and you've chosen your material. Either you can create it yourself or hire specialists to accomplish it. Below, the options are presented for your consideration..

* Get It Done by an Artist

If you want a handmade bobblehead but do not want to make one on your own, then consult a sculptor . They are specialists and can unquestionably design any bobblehead you desire. Simply get in touch with them and describe your design. They can assist you in creating your own bobblehead that will reflect the same sentiments. However, every sculptor may not be making custom bobbleheads and you may have to struggle to find the right match. Though these Bobbleheads can generally be a bit expensive, the exact resemblance may not be guaranteed.

Bobblehead in different postures

* Get a 3D-printed Bobblehead

The use of 3D printing allows you to create your own customized bobblehead with the highest level of accuracy, and hence they are becoming popular day-by-day. Practically in today's hustle bustle we gon't get the time to build a DIY bobblehead ourself clay or other material, or find the best artist to do so, and hence this is a great way to secure one and that's why the most widely popular method of making personalised Bobbleheads these days. Fortunately, 3D-printed bobbleheads are available to buy online. All you have to do is provide a few images with your specifications and special instructions. Customized bobbleheads will be made by them using 3d modeling & printing and put at your disposal without any hassle.


Pet bobblehead

3D printed Bobbleheads makes it possible to create your own bobblehead in just a few clicks. You can customize bobbleheads online and ensure the best surprise gift for your loved ones. Whether you are making bobbleheads for yourself, a known personality, pet or someone else, they surely will bring in more smiles and joy. So let your imaginations speak and create your own personalized bobblehead today.