Personalized christmas figurines for everyone.

10 Trending Christmas Figurines You Didn't Know Can be Personalized

The winter is here, and this holiday season is when we get to express our love and connect with our dear ones the most. It is the time of giving and the perfect occasion to shower your dear ones with loads of love and gifts. While you can browse through the legion of Christmas gifting options available online these days, personalized Christmas figurines do stand out and add emotional value and meaning to your gifts. They are perfect for cherishing your loving relationships or presenting them as a token of gratitude, either way, they will be heartfelt and timeless.

If you are buying a customized Christmas figurine for your loved one or as a Christmas collectible for yourself, they will surely make your holiday extra special. You can never presume what your beloved ones will cherish the most, but if you gift them a customized Christmas figurine that is made to look like them, they will love and treasure it forever.

Now that you have made up your mind about the best possible Christmas gift for your family and friends, it might be overwhelming to browse the internet or to visit various gift stores while simultaneously you also have to deal with the never-ending typical holiday chores, and your hunt for the best Christmas gift becomes quite a challenge.

So keeping your convenience in mind we have rounded up 10 of our best-personalized Christmas collectibles in the article below. Whether you love whimsical, traditional, or nostalgic Christmas gift set, there is something for everyone.

1. Christmas Carolers Figurine:

If you are among the carol lovers or churchgoers, then celebrate the festive season with carols. This customized carolers doll is the perfect personalized Christmas figurine for you. You can get any carolers figurines customized just by sending us a few photos for reference. We, at my3dselfie design and 3D print your unique Christmas statue with details to match facial features and skin tone of you and your loved ones. You can also place an order for a carolers family set figurine with miniatures that represent each member of your entire family.

3d printed Christmas caroler figurines
Christmas doll figurines.

2. Christmas Doll Figurine:

When it comes to the gifting festival, we cannot keep children out of the picture. Children have their never-ending love and admiration for Christmas dolls they come across while watching a tv show, or reading a storybook. Now is the chance to surprise them this Christmas with the best gift ever. Send us the reference photo of your kid and their favorite Christmas doll and we will deliver 3d printed dolls that have the same facial features as your kid and a body that looks like their favorite doll. Kids will not only love a personalized doll that is made to look like them, they will cherish that moment for a long long time.

3. Christmas village figurine.

Christmas decoration marks the beginning of the holiday season, and every family follows the rituals of decorating their homes with Christmas accessories. One of the most traditional ways of decorating homes is by including Christmas village sets. While buying an entire village set has become pretty standard these days, personalizing your own unique Christmas village figurines can be one of the best buys and a unique way to bring warmth to your festive home.  

You can choose to customize the figurines of elves, people, or Santa with a bag full of gifts to look like your favorite people. You can also add personalized children's statues that look like your kids playing in the snow to give a more north pole vibe to your Christmas village figurines. Snowman figurines are also great additions to Christmas village sets. Any of the characters in your Christmas Village set can be personalized just from photos, and can be made to look exactly like your desired Christmas village members. You can add these custom Christmas miniatures to your existing Christmas village or make a new Village from scratch.

Christmas village figurine set.
3d printed christmas ornaments.

4. 3D Printable Christmas Ornaments:

Christmas tree ornaments have evolved over years, and they represent the interests of each individual. Some people purchase these ornaments with customized names and dates engraved, or the year stamped on them. While many others prefer a customized Christmas tree to match their Christmas decor theme. Here we present you with 3D printed customizable ornament options to keep you ahead of all Christmas tree figurines. You can choose your own Santa figurine, a replica of your beloved pet, or a custom-made mini-figures of your family members to use as Christmas tree figurines. 

Now you can order any of these custom Christmas ornaments just by sending us a few photos and specifying the requirements in detail. With our world-class 3d modeling and printing facility we not only fulfill all your requirements but also deliver happiness to your doorstep.

5. Black Santa Claus Figurine:

Christmas holidays are all about celebrating God’s gift to humanity, gathering along with family and friends, tides of cheer, and of course Santa Claus. People have widely adapted to the diversity of Christmas merchandising and black Santa Claus decorations are increasingly becoming popular. People want more and more personalized items for Christmas shopping and decoration but the options available at local stores are limited. 

At My3dselfie we are committed to make customized 3d-printed black Santa figurines from any reference photos and requirements. The best part is you can fully customize your figurines to look like your favorite person, a family member, or your best buddy. All you need to do is upload a few photos and we deliver the top-notch black Santa statue to your doorstep to make your Christmas eve the most remarkable.

3d printed black Santa Claus.
Personalized christmas Santa figurine.

6. Personalized Christmas Santa Figurines:

Now you can make your own personalized Santa figurines to celebrate the holiday season and capture your most cherished Christmas memories. With our custom-made Santa figurines, you can showcase yourself or your beloved family members as a customized Santa Claus miniature that looks like you. If you want to provide a personal touch to your festive decor theme then add a tailor-made Santa figurine that represents your own style and personality. Making a custom Christmas figurine with my3dselfie is a simple and funny way to get creative. Upload a few photos of your favorite person, friend, or any member of your family irrespective of their age, we do the creative part to make a unique custom Santa that replicates your loved ones. Additionally, consider rudolph figurines to complement your personalized santa figurine, which will make your Christmas accessories complete.

7. Christmas Angel Figurine:

This festive season there is nothing nicer than a Christmas angel figurine at your home to watch over. Christmas angel figurines are known as a symbol of good luck and are believed to drive blessings into your home. When you search for these beautiful angel figurines online you will come across a multitude of Christmas angel statues, but the personalized Christmas angel figurines can fit you the best.

Here at my3dselfie, we create and 3D print these unique angel figurines as per your requirements. You can also opt for customizable angelic sculptures that represent your loved ones. Get creative and order these custom-made angel statues just in a few clicks. You can upload photos of your beloved people, any image or screenshot of a favorite character, and we 3D print your unique christmas angel statues and deliver them to your doorstep. These lovely figurines are really elegant and can be displayed in your home all year round in times to come.

Christmas angel figurine made of sandstoe material.
Christmas superhero statue.

8. Christmas Superhero Statues:

A customized superhero christmas statue is a perfect option when it comes to finding the best gift for the true superhero fans in your house. Whether it is for a young or an adult superhero fan, these unique christmas statues tailor-made at my3dselfie will not only replicate their faces or body into a statue but also bring a wide smile to passers-by when they see it. Just upload photos or images of your dearest and the favorite superhero for reference and we will create and 3D print the best-in-the-class superhero figurine to exactly replicate their superfan. These customized superhero figurines are the best bet when you run out of gift ideas for children as they love to own and flaunt something that makes them feel powerful and boosts their confidence.

9. Christmas Couple Figurine:

With the arrival of the great festive season, couples are already overloaded with the hustle and bustles of shopping, decoration, and celebrations with family and friends. Once you are done decking the halls for Christmas, there is nothing better than appreciating your partner for making everything so special in your life.

The best way to honor your love this holiday season is through our exclusive Christmas couple figurines. For instance, our couple figurine can be made from photos of a couple dressed in Santa’s jumpsuit with two little Christmas trees on either side of them. This heartfelt treasure is sure to brighten up the mood and is a lovely addition to your Christmas decor. You can also fully customize these figurines, with your own requirements, and make them as unique as you want them to be by letting us know how you want your couple figurines to look.

Christmas couple figurine made from photos.
Santa and his reindeer set.

10. Personalized Christmas Figurine Set:

A Christmas figurine set is usually made with 3 or more different statues combined to suit your requirements. But there is nothing better than a set of customized christmas statues to give it a personal touch. You can add a few Christmas trees, reindeer, Santa’s elves, and ornaments. The center of attraction in your room will be our elegantly unique Personalized Santa Claus figurine that will look like you in the traditional Santa suit. You can even make these figurine sets with multiple Santa Claus and elves replicating your family, friend, or loved ones.


In conclusion, this holiday season, elevate your gift-giving experience with the timeless charm of personalized Christmas figurines. My3dselfie offers a diverse range of options, from customized carolers and dolls to unique Christmas village sets and 3D printable ornaments, allowing you to capture the essence of your loved ones in every detail. Whether it's a personalized Santa Claus or superhero statue, or a heartwarming Christmas couple figurine, these custom creations add a special touch to your festive decor. The versatility of creating personalized sets ensures a truly unique and meaningful gift that will be cherished for years to come. Simplify your holiday shopping with these distinctive and heartfelt Christmas collectibles that bring joy and warmth to your celebrations.