Personalized dog statue from 2d photos.


Want to get your first 3d selfie figurine? We got you covered.

Browse through our website for our range of figurines to fully customize according to your requirements, including creating a collectible figurine, or unique 3d printed art pieces for your home decor. Once you have selected the figurine type that you want on our website, you must upload a few good-quality photos for us to turn them into a custom figurine, and then finally confirm your order. That's all we need to turn any photo into a lifelike 3d figurine or a 3d printed art piece!

Once your order is confirmed, our 3d designing team at My3d selfie along with AI based proprietary algorithms will do the magic to create your 3d selfie miniature from photos.

Shipping & Delivery

By the way, we deliver across the globe and you can get your personalized 3D figurine from photos at your doorstep within three to five weeks.

Over the past years, we have delivered customized  3d selfie miniatures to thousands of our happy customers in the US, and around the globe. Our 3dselfies from photos have helped our customers preserve and cherish their special memories forever. 

With our  highly efficient, accurate yet fastest figurine making process you get a lot of fully customized and collectible figurine options to select from. Let it be a personalized 3d selfie of yourself, a family figurine, your favorite movie character turned into a custom action figure according to your needs, or a 3d selfie from a photo of your beloved pet for a keepsake or immortalizing their memories.

WHY My3dselfie?

Our custom 3d figurines are the most unique personalized gift you can think of.  They surely stand out from all other gifts. So how about a personalized 3d figurine from the photo of a couple as a present on their special wedding day? Or a customized Bobblehead figurine on someone’s birthday or anniversary? A unique custom gift always delivers your loved ones a message of how special they are to you.

So upload your photos now, and we send your fully customized  3d selfie figurine to your doorstep within three to five weeks anywhere across the globe. While you upload your photos we recommend you choose 6 inches figurine or higher, larger the size the better detailing of your face can be done to create an accurate 3d printed selfie from your photos. 

Order Process Timeline

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Select Product

Start by visiting our website and browsing our catalog. Explore various categories and collections to find the product of your choice. Once you've found your desired item, simply click on it to proceed to the next step.

Size and Variation

After selecting your product, choose the size your prefer. Depending on the product, various sizes will be displayed. The detailing gets better with higher sizes. Additionally, pick your preferred clothing variant. Standard or Custom Clothing.

Upload Reference Photos

Upload the reference photos. This step is crucial. Please make sure the photos are high quality as they are our only reference point.

Order Placed

Once you've finalized your selections and uploaded the necessary reference photos, proceed to the payment page. Fill the shipping address and choose from our secure payment options to complete your purchase. After the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details and estimated delivery time.