Women’s Day

International women's day celebration ideas

Most humans unfortunately do not realize the value of respect and validation. We take it for granted for every little thing we do. Then, there are some who like to earn it by the virtue of their efforts and endeavors. At the beginning of the 20th Century, women across the world took to streets voicing their opinion on equality. The men of the world were busy fighting wars leaving all responsibilities on womenfolk. This marked the beginning of a global movement which is still active over a 100 years later. Although, huge progress have been made across several fields on various terms, the destination still seems far. In February 1908, thousands of women took to the streets of New York against poor working conditions. To observe this historic movement still ongoing, a National Women’s Day was observed on 28th of February 1909 for the first time in USA. The plight of these women resonated with thousands in other parts of the world. The word kept spreading and the very next year first International Women’s Day was held. Purple, Green and White are the official colors of International Women’s Day which came from the Women’s Social and Political Union in the UK in 1908. It became widely popular as a day of resistance against gender inequality. 

1. Gifts that evoke emotions 

Think of the best moments you have shared with the woman you wish to celebrate! Think of that one thing that can make her happy, filled with emotions. Is it a heartfelt letter? Or an album full of pictures? Think about it. One thing we can suggest is a 3D Selfie. Why? Because it works 90% of the times in evoking emotions irrespective of what the occasion is! Also, a 3D printed figurine makes your giftee realize how great you think of them. It can be custom made based on the photos that you provide. It could be the two of you in one frame or just her alone celebrating her biggest achievement in life. 

Personalised 3d Gifts for women
Dedicate a letter to woman

2. Write a letter

While there is nothing wrong with gifts. A letter always does a more effective job than most. Dedicate a letter to the women in your life who have been with you throughout your evolution. Remember that each word and sentence has to come from your heart. Also, there is no word limit in this, it could be long or it could be short, what is important is that it has to come from you! They deserve to hear great things from the people around them every once in a while. This is something they will cherish for life. A personal letter is never ordinary. It could very well be their source of inspiration to strive for even bigger things in life! 

3. Go shopping

If the women in your life can barely make time for themselves then this is your chance to convince them to take a break. If they prioritize other’s care above theirs then tell them that they should save one day for self-care. Take them out, take them to a parlor or Walmart or Ikea. Take them to wherever they can have a refreshing experience forgetting all their daily hassles. If going out is not the safest option then go on an online shopping spree! Or just window shop a list of places online which you can visit next time you are free to go out. 

Go shopping on international womens day
Donate or contribute for cause of women or girl child empowerment

4. Donate or contribute for cause of women/girl child empowerment

The website of the International Women’s Day Community states their theme for this year as ‘Choose to challenge’. The whole idea is to take a step further towards collective individualism. Their website has enlisted a wide option of events to be held on 8th of March. With a pandemic still part of our lives, chances are most of these events will be held virtually. Besides that there are definitely a lot of activities that will be held locally on the day in your vicinity, find out about them and hit a go to whichever option seems suitable to you. You can keep this a secret till the Women’s day eve. 

5. Take a pledge 

What better motivation for the women in your life than you taking a pledge that you will be doing all that you can in your capacity to spread more awareness about equality and the women’s day movement! Take the superior team of women in your life as your advisor and just jump onto the mission. Learn more about them and their inspiration. Find out what they think is missing in the movement and how you can make a contribution to that. There can’t be a better way than this to celebrate the International Women’s Day in its truest form. 

Take a pledge on international womens day
Celebrate Them Each Day

5. Celebrate Them Each Day

An initiative to make the Women’s’ Day a global movement led by German activist and theorist, Clara Zetkin was established at the International Conference of Working Women in 1910. Thousands across the globe joined the movement demanding for equal working conditions, voting rights and many such other concerns. After almost seven decades since its inception, in 1975 the United Nations officially recognized 8th of March as a day to acknowledge the efforts put in by women and celebrate their Social, Political, Cultural and Economic achievements. International Women’s Day also coincides with Mother’s Day celebrations in the countries of Serbia, Albania, Macedonia and Uzbekistan. The day is observed as a National holiday in many countries like Russia. Since 1996, every year a unique theme is being decided for the day and various activities are being held throughout the year based on the theme. This year’s theme is ‘Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world’. What started as a protest against unequal pay and voting rights, has now evolved into a global forum discussing important elements around development and empowerment. While the world celebrates, take this opportunity to celebrate the women in your lives!

We believe every day is a celebration but on days which are specifically marked as an occasion in the history books, the celebration needs to be double. Use this opportunity to celebrate all the women in your life who have stood by you through thick and thin. We have curated a few ideas as to how you can celebrate this special day of the year but you know, just feel free to be the boss of your own thoughts and celebrate the women in your life the best way you can think of! Like veteran poet Maya Angelou said, ‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you’. 

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