Custom bobbleheads -Top things to consider before buying them.

Have you ever wished you could own a Custom bobbleheads that looks like you, a friend, loved ones, or member of your family just because you have seen a bobblehead like that at someone’s place and found it damn cute.  You probably would have seen a Bobblehead that looks like someone in an office, someone's home, a shop or a website.

Custom made bobble head is not just a wonderful personalized gift, but it also brings a smile and happiness in our lives. They are also called as ‘personalized bobblehead dolls’. Even at a slight touch these bobble heads start nodding their head up-and-down, or side-by-side giving a sense of instant acknowledgment to us.  

Despite the fact that your own personal bobblehead, or the one made for someone are both amusing to look at, they also symbolize strong bonds with the person we are gifting to. Most 3d printed bobble head available in the market look cute and funny, but when it comes to personalized gifting to someone dear to you, they may not even look close to the person being presented to. And many a times the cheap personalized bobbleheads bought without sufficient research and back-ground checks may convey an unflattering impression that they do not look like the recipient of the gift at all. After giving a personalised gift like that no one would like a feeling if recipient thinks the product isn't personalized or it doesn’t resembles him.

Bobble head when customized are very popular as a decor-cum-gifting item, but shouldn't it also appear to be unique especially when being given as a personalized gift? 

The following information should help you choose wisely from the numerous bobblehead stores that offer a customised bobble head online. 

Things to consider before you order custom bobblehead

1. Accuracy and detailing

Accuracy in the details and close resemblance to the person in photographs are very crucial points for you to choose the best custom bobble head maker online. These details usually include facial expression, nose, eyes, eye-brows, hairdo, skin-tone, body shape, and body language.

A 3d printed custom bobble head dolls can be made from any standard 2D photos. However it could disappoint you when the Bobblehead maker is not able to match the personality in the photograph. Lack of skill set or technology to replicate a person or a pet exactly may kill the surprise element associated with bobble head figurines and make them lesser adorable.

A fully custom bobbleheads that has been personalized well should not fail to amaze you as it will match the person in the photograph accurately. It will not only match your skin tone and color, but also your facial characteristics and even outfit and clothings.

2. Material

There are different materials like clay, wood, resin, nylon and Sandstone that personalized bobble heads are made from. Sandstone certainly stands apart among them because in 3d printing it gives the best results in terms of matching the colour, shape as well as texture. 

3. Choosing the right size while creating your own bobblehead:

Like every other 3d Figurine a custom bobble head doll also usually comes in different sizes like 5 inches, 6 inches, and 7 inches. However please keep in mind that bigger the size higher will be the accuracy and detailing that you get in them.

4. Handmade bobblehead vs 3d printed: which one is a better option? 

Hand sculptured figurines have evolved quiet a lot, and custom Bobbleheads were no exception Different materials have been tried like clay wood, etc. and these alternatives are also available in the market . Yet, in terms of accuracy, designs and detailing 3D printing and modeling has changed the game because of their finer detailing and color matching .

The accuracy in a 3d printed fully custom Bobble head can be unmatched only if the design of the statue is able to deliver the accuracy that you are looking for.

Compared to handmade Bobbleheads, 3d printed ones certainly appears to be far more realistic and can be your best custom bobblehead choice, only if the store you are picking them from has the capability to produce lifelike figurines.

5. Custom bobbleheads - reviews do matter

In a product like personalised bobblehead emotions do matter, and hence customer reviews are crucial. So make sure to check out reviews of customers who have bought either Bobbleheads or any other custom figurines from a store before making up your mind. Happy customer reviews are very important before you order any highly personalized product like these.

6. Who makes the best custom bobbleheads?

Today 3d printing technology has made it easy for all of us to order a personalized bobble head sitting in the comfort of our homes, and without going to a 3d scanning studio. Whether you want to make a bobble head as a collectible of your favourite personality, as a gift for someone or for making your own bobblehead, these3d printed figurines will continue to amuse us. 

Moreover the last few years have made online shopping so accessible, as a result more and more Bobblehead varieties are being added to the collections. Even during any festive season we also get to see bobbleheads on sale. These figurines have always amazed us and many people now a days own a bobblehead, if not in a collection, then at least a single 3d custom bobblehead  that adds a vibe to their desk.

However when it comes to fully custom bobble head figurines the choices are relatively lesser, as it is about creating lifelike Bobbleheads. Since they are replicated from photos they should exactly look like you. But most of them miss the detailing to replicate your facial expressions and body language. However for readymade bobble head collectibles the choices are pretty wide.

There are different bobble head collectibles or ‘ready-made Bobble heads’ available in the market now. The majority of these resemble famous personalities including sportsmen, actors, ex presidents, wrestlers, fantasy or superhero characters, animal bobbleheads and other important public figures.

7. Where can i get the best custom bobblehead?

For personalized gifting, or creating life-memories you may now have to make your own bobbleheads as opposed to buying readymade ones. These should look like your sibling, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, or another member of your family. At My3dselfie our Artificial Intelligence based 3d modeling technology along with our professional 3d designers exactly create bobble heads that look like you, and we will personally work with you to make sure your Custom bobbleheads are flawless.



Best custom bobblehead maker is the one who can help you bring your creativity to life, and ensure that your loved ones feel happy about your personalised gift every time they look at it and smile . The aim should be to precisely embody the spirit of the person in the photograph, while taking care of any other personalisations you request.

There could be several situations in which you might require to buy a custom Bobblehead. For example you might be seeking for a creative method to market your company or brand, or you might want to make a memorable gift for someone special. Whatever be your motivation, buying a personalized bobblehead is always enjoyable and unforgettable but the process of choosing the best store can be little time taking.

In terms of product quality, accuracy, and detailing at My3dselfie our customers have given us the highest ratings. Many of our customers have placed their trust in our abilities and bought multiple customised figurines from us. Our 3d Bobbleheads have been recommended by our customers as the best 3D printed gift.

If you're looking for a high-quality custom 3d printed bobblehead which is not just value-for-money but also replicates the person or pet accurately . We at My3dselfie will make them and deliver anywhere in the world. Every detail that our customers provide to us is accurately captured by our artist and 3d modeling technology. Custom Bobbleheads are the most thrilling and captivating gifts you can give someone unlike ordinary gifts, so make sure to invest your time into finding the best one before making a purchase.

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