Charlie Chaplin Creates History Yet Again!

There are celebrities and then there is Charlie Chaplin- one of the most iconic personalities to have lived on Earth. A single search on Google and a look through few pages of it, you would find all things about him. Hence, it gives us immense pleasure to break this great news to you, exclusively on our platform. Yes! We understand and we will not keep you guessing any longer. Scroll below to find about it-

Charlie Chaplin Now Has A 3D Selfie

Born on 16th April 1889, Charlie Chaplin KBE. is a man who paved his own way as an Actor, Filmmaker, Composer and rose to fame as a worldwide icon on the basis of his screen persona. A career which spanned over 75 years was an outcome of extreme hardship and poverty. From being at a workhouse before even turning nine to getting signed at 19 as an actor, his story is one for the books. His latest feat is that he has become the first celebrated figure of the 20th century to enter into the 3D printing industry with a line of his life like figurines called charlie chaplin figurine This major development would sustain his legacy for eternity and take his statues to the households of all his fans across the globe in every nook and corner. Now that you have discovered this amazing fact about him, let us also take a look back at the life of a man known for his immense contributions to the world of arts and entertainment! 

Charlie Chaplin Played The Same Character in Movies

Prior to the release of his second film, he was strutting around one particular day in his symbolic baggy pants, tight coat, big shoes, a small bowler hat and a bamboo cane, for which he is widely known. To this, he added a fake moustache. This look of his evolved into a character for his next film which immediately turned into people’s favourite. It got so popular that it found many imitators so the press had to coin the term- ‘Chaplinitis’. He went on to carry and play the same ‘Little Tramp’ character in almost all of his films.

His Rare Collaboration

Charlie Chaplin is known for his path breaking work but he caused a huge stir when he collaborated with a female silent artist- Mabel Normand. Gender equality and rights was still a few decades away from reaching its destination so this collaboration of his was an absolute rarity of that era. The female writer, producer also directed Chaplin in 1914’s ‘Caught in a Cabaret’ and the pair co-directed and starred in ‘Her Friend the Bandit’, which was released the same year. 

From An Orphanage To Millionaire

Charlie Chaplin spent a major part of his foundational years at an orphanage as his mother’s health kept drastically deteriorating and his father was mostly consumed with alcoholism. After he found his break in theatre, he shifted to cinema after a visit to America at the age of 21. Chaplin moved in December 1914 to Essanay Studios, which touted him as “the greatest comedian in the world.” He then signed with the Mutual Film Corporation for $670,000 a year, after which he agreed to make eight comedies for First National for over $1 million. He became a millionaire before even turning 30 and in 1919, he founded his own studio with fellow Hollywood icons Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and D.W. Griffith.

His Remains Lie In A Theft Proof Vault

A career which spanned a well over 7 decades with numerous accolades including a few Academy awards, culminated on Christmas 1977 when he breathed his last. Few months later two robbers stole his coffin from a Swiss cemetery and sent his wife a $600,000 ransom demand. When she refused to pay, they allegedly threatened her kids. The bungling robbers were soon caught, however, and the coffin was recovered. It was then reburied in a theft-proof concrete vault.

Those were only a few enduring facts about the life of Charlie Chaplin the most recent one being his 3d figurines. Now, if you are looking for someone who likes to achieve everything on their own and are always persistent in achieving their ambitions, bring them home a unique 3D statue of Charlie Chaplin, a token which will inspire them, every time they look at it. If that sounds more like you then this 3D printed replica has just been made for you! Let this 3D figurine be a source of motivation for you or your friend, family and beloved one!

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