What is 3D selfie?

A 3D selfie is exactly what it sounds like, it is a custom-made 3D figurine of yourself, loved ones, pets, your favourite celebrity, or a gaming character.

3D selfie figurines, miniatures, dolls, 3D busts all mean a lifelike 3D figurine customized exactly according to your requirements and that too from any normal photographs. Yeah any photograph is what we need!

Sounds Innovative?  Well Accurate too.  We specialise in making any physical figurine from just a few photos that you give us and our figurines will look unbelievably similar to your favourite photographs.

So choose your favourite photographs now to get a customized 3D figurine and let us do the magic for you.

How to make a 3D selfie?

All you need to create a personalised figurine by yourself is to select the type of figurine on our website, choose best photos of your memories, parties, or photographs of you playing your favourite sport, or your first date with your partner or your newborn and share with us. Occasions are in-numerous you just need to find a reason, few best photos and we turn them to figurines.We will first create exact replica of those photos in 3 dimension and then 3d print it into a physical figurine and ship it back to you no matter which part of the world you are in. Your photo to figurine isn’t as difficult as you thought :)

Our Process

Choose a type of figurine that you want to make. We have a range of customised figurines that you can choose from on our website. After choosing the type of 3d selfie, upload few good-quality photos, and place your order.  Thats it! We only need that much to create a magic

Once your order is confirmed our 3d designing team along with our proprietary AI based algorithms will create your photorealistic 3D replica.

We then print your 3D selfie replica in 3D printers with sandstone material, process it, and get it ready for shipment.

By the way, we deliver anywhere across the globe and you can get your personalized 3D selfie miniature at your doorstep within three to five weeks.

What kind of 3D selfie do we make?

Our bestsellers include

  • 3D selfie which is a full body figurine of yourself
  • Pet Figurine of your cute furry friends that you can even carry at places where they aren’t allowed
  • Family Figurine to capture memories of every occassion and gatherings
  • Custom Cake Toppers to Celebrate Your Special Occasions
  • Customised remembrance products like memorials and urns
  • Bobbleheads with shaky heads
  • Fantasy figurines to see your imaginary toys or favourite movie character in real life

But we have many other products in the shelf for you for every occassion in your life.

At My3dselfie, we design and create 3d figurines, and miniatures of you, your loved ones, and your pets from any normal photographs of reasonably good quality. Our products can also be used as decor, gifting, festive giveaways, or keepsakes. We bring joys and smiles to create everlasting memories.

Our figurines have touched lives of thousands of our happy customers worldwide who created amazing 3d replicas of their love ones for gifting and created wonderful memories. By turning their photos into Personalized 3d miniatures we have brought smiles and created everlasting memories of their favourite moments, created art pieces for their home decor, turned their loveliest cartoons into 3D printed toys, made the perfect Minifigures for them, turned the photos of their iconic heroes into 3d printed Statues, immortalised the memories of their deceased pets with Life size figurines, turned their favourite film or superhero characters into Action Figures, designed personalised Open Busts of their family members, and made many different other 3D Replicas to suit every customer's unique requirement.

Ever wondered what you will look like as a 3d Person? Our customized figurine is the answer. Now Its your turn to create a 3d selfie now. Choose a figurine type on our website and just upload a few pics. Leave the rest on us!