Latest Trending Pet Urn Ideas to Preserve Your Pet Memories

Pet Urn Ideas

Grieving after losing a pet is normal and understandably unpleasant. It's an extension of saying farewell to a loved one, whether they have two legs or four. An ingrained aspect of the grieving process is the need to create a pet memorial urn that brings back fond memories of your animal friend.

If you've decided to cremate your pet, you may wonder, Should I preserve my pet's ashes? Or what should I do with my pet's cremated remains? You have many attractive options when determining how to honor your pet and Pet urns certainly stands out as one of them. Your choice ultimately comes down to what resonates with you the most.

A significant aspect of your daily existence was your pet and the time spent in grooming and playing with it. They are the ones you say good morning to first thing in the day, and goodbye every night. Its not just we as a pet owners but even most members in our families are closely attached to our pets. It’s like losing a loved one, and you should let yourself have sufficient time to grieve your pet's passing properly.

Choosing what to do with your pet after they die away will be one of the hardest decisions you have to make. Will you immediately bury them? Will the veterinarian take care of their remains? Or do you intend to choose cremation to save the ashes of your cherished pet?

Having your pet's ashes kept into an urn, keepsakes or jewellery to remember these beloved furry family member can be helpful while you adjust to their passing. You must give yourself time to recover from their loss, at the same time you should refrain from attempting to bury too deep into your emotions, as that may affect your health.

Father and son burying ashes of pet

Grieving in a healthy way during loss of a pet 

A man mourning the loss of a pet

Moving from denial to anger to feeling lonely are some of the signs of grief. Some of these signs will occur out of sequence, occasionally, you may return to a previous stage, and occasionally you will remain in a particular stage for a considerable time.

It would help if you didn't worry about how to process your loss and sadness because after all this is natural. Don't experience emotions simply because that is what others anticipate from you. If you can manage the sadness and loss of your pet in a healthy way, you will be able to move on with your life. Storing ashes in Pet Urns and keeping them near you can be a comforting way to still feel connected to your departed pet, specially when you are experiencing occasional sadness as particular memories resurface.

Honour your deceased pet while grieving but in a healthy way.

Let's get one thing out of the way straight now: weeping and mourning your pet when they die away is very natural for any pet owner. We aren't taught how to heal through our grief journey, therefore a lot of us pick it up through observing others or our own experiences. Every pet teaches us how to love someone unconditionally and hence best way to honour your deceased pet is to remember about all the positive things you learned from it

Affirm Your Furry Friend with These Heartwarming Pet Urn Ideas

Following are some of the best pet urn ideas to help you create the perfect personalized pet urns for ashes:

Dog figurine urns

1. Personalized pet memorial Sculptures and Plaques

Pet memorial sculptures are particularly made to commemorate your furry loved one alongside a touching message or a remembrance note. They also come in the form of mementoes like a paw print or your pet's collar for a lovely display. Any cherished photograph can be transformed into a pet ashes keepsake that looks like sculpture of your Pet. Alternatively, if you are looking for something more traditional then a picture of your pet with a personalized inscription can be displayed inside a frame, as a plaque.

2. Life of a Dog Figurine Urn

This pet ashes urn is an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind work of art that provides a touching way to honour the life of your lost pet.

Each piece is handmade and hand-painted by the artists to capture the special qualities and personal details of your furry pet. These urns are a unique work of art because of their vivid colours, natural characteristics, and intriguing intricacies. With this gorgeous remembrance urn, you may honour the life of your dearest pet friend even though they are no longer with you.

Rock pet memorial urn

3. Pet memorial rock Urn

Memorial rocks are another pet urn design that a pet owner can choose to buy. Natural rocks smoothened by flowing rivers can be laser engraved with the paw engraving of your pet. One can also engrave their pet's name in the memorial rock urn.

It can also be a wonderful garden memorial for your cherished pet. To create realistic urns that feel and look like actual stones, premium resins are combined with granite rock powder. They may be exhibited within the house if desired, but they are made for durable and long-lasting outdoor use.

Each of these rock urns have a tough polyurethane coating to shield it from exposure to weather and sunlight. A precision threaded screw-on bottom closure and silicone sealant are included with each rock urn to provide tamper-resistant security for your beloved pet's ashes. A personalized inscription on a nameplate made of finely plated brass is an option for rock urns.

4. Wooden Urn with Photo Frame

A favourable choice of pet urn is a wooden urn with a photo frame attached to it. If you are a lover of personalized pet urns then you can also engrave your pet's name with their pawprints near the photo frame.

A wooden photo urn is a beautiful memorial gift for preserving your loved pet's ashes and showcasing a treasured photo of them. As you celebrate their lives and the beauty they left behind, think back on all the laughs and memories you two shared over the last year.

To make your loved one's tribute really unique, add personalization to the bottom of this urn box. In these difficult times, take comfort in the knowledge that the love and memories will always be in your heart and that the picture you show will always serve as a reminder of how much you valued your loved one.

Some of the features of a Wooden Urn are Personalisation,· Durability, Beautiful Memorial and Engraving can be done on them

Wooden pet memorial urn
Keychain pet memorial urn

5. Keychain Memorial Urns

Everyone loves keychains; who doesn't? They are small, handy and easy to keep. Keychain urns have small storage boxes with keychains attached to them. Pet owners can store their pet's ashes, nails or hair and carry them anywhere and everywhere. The keychain memorial urns are best for pet owners who love to keep their pet memories attached to them all the time.

6. Ceramic Pet Urn

If you are not a wood lover, you can opt for ceramic! These are medium-sized pet urns made of ceramic with beautiful designs on them. Handcrafted and elegant, the ceramic memorial urns have paw print designs and a decorative lid that protects and treasures the pet ashes inside the container.

Ceramic pet memorial urn

7. Impression Memorial Urn

Are you looking to keep your furry friend's pay impression? If your answer is yes, this is a perfect urn choice! The urn has a beautiful impression kit where pet owners can keep an impression of the paw on one side of the box. Adjacent to that, there is a small photo frame where you will always have your furry friend with you as a photo.

8. Pet Urn Necklace

A necklace is treasured jewellery and becomes a manifold treasure for a pet owner if an urn is attached to it! One of the latest pet urns raging the world is necklace pendant urns. These pet urns necklace are small in size and are more of a pendant attached to a beautiful necklace. These urns could also be useful pet memorial gifts for people who you know lost a pet recently 

Necklace pet memorial urn
Hourglass pet memorial urn

9. Hourglass Urn 

Another wonderful idea for a keepsake is to utilize a few of your pet's ashes for a meaningful object and store the remainder in an urn. Putting the ashes in an hourglass makes a beautiful ornament for your shelf and remind you of beautiful memories with pet. It also works as a family pet memorial urn for everyone in your home.

These Hourglass Urns are a viable option for giving someone as a pet loss or sympathy gifts. These are not regular hourglasses but they are made quiet differently. They have a larger centre hole to allow the ashes to pass through. Sand also needs to be mixed to enable a free flow. 

10. Pet memorial paintings made from ashes 

You might want to commission a portrait of your pet to be painted using the material of your pet's ashes. Most of these portraits are black-and-white renditions of your pet's photo or even a family photo with your pet because the artist employs ashes in their creation. It is customary to use a coating to memorialize the portrait so you can hang it and cherish the memories of your pet for years to come. The memory of your pet can be preserved by having this portrait hanging in your home.

And it's a great way to keep your beloved pet and it’s memories close to you to know that a little bit of them is depicted in the artwork. It can be used as a custom dogs urns for ashes, cat or for any other pet ashes keepsake. Order a painting or drawing of your dog to place in your home for a priceless remembrance. Or, to honour the beautiful relationship you and your pet shared, make a framed print with one of these reassuring phrases.

Pet painting memorials
Father and son growing a tree in memory of their pet

11. Grow a Tree

Plant a tree or flower in a pot indoors or outside in honour of your deceased cat or dog. You'll be reminded of your furry friend each time you water it, breathe in its aroma, or sit in its shade. Even a kit that uses your pet's ashes to start a tree from seed is available. Many people these days are using it as a tribute during funeral for pets and nothing can be more eco-friendly way to honour your pet than this.

The impulse to honour a pet's life after the death is one of the primary reasons for tree memorials' increasing popularity. Nothing less than ideal would be to plant a Grand Oak Tree as a monument. For hundreds of years, the sturdy trunk and branches will spread out and grow to honour and commemorate the memory of your dear one.

12. Animal Handmade Plush Replicas and toys

Making a handmade plush animal replica of a beloved pet is a special way to keep the memories of that pet close. The artist makes a little facsimile of your cat or dog from a photo that you may cuddle with.

Ultra-soft fine polyester furs as well as unique noses and eyes are used to create pet-themed handmade plush replicas and toys. Then craftsmen utilise sophisticated airbrushing methods to replicate your pet's markings.

Handmade plush animal toys
Photo pet memorials

13. Pet photo urns for ashes

Although saying goodbye to our pets is heartbreaking, death is a natural part of life. When you remember about their personality qualities and peculiarities, your heart gets filled with many fond memories of them.

With custom full-body pet photos, you may keep all of your unique moments and happy memories close to you on a wall. The artist hand-paints pet photo frame urn by looking at a photograph to depict all the physical traits that made your furry pet special. Usually the best of colours, papers are used to give you an exceptional memorial item in the form of a pet photo urns for ashes. You may display them in your house in honour of your beloved pet.

14. A tattoo

Since your dog will never leave you emotionally, why not get a beautiful memorial tattoo to honour them? You can choose something basic and understated, or get a complete 3D tattoo of your beloved pet. Your arm, shoulder, ankle, or back can be adorned with a tattoo or get a symbol for a persistent display of your affection towards deceased pet. Many pet owners are even getting animal ashes mixed in tattoo ink.

A tattoo artist in work creating a tattoo in memoir of the pet

15. A Pet Angel memorial statue 

Pet angel memorial urn

This dog statue is a quiet, charming tribute to your pet that blends with your home's surroundings. A Customized Dog Angel statue might be a good choice for you if you like decor statues. It's a lovely statue of a sleeping dog with elegant angel wings. It's a nice reminder of your deceased pet, and it is made of crushed stone or 3d printed in sandstone.

Your personalised angel pet statue also acts as a decent family ornamental statue. They come as a miniature statue in different sizes, however they can even be custom made in life-size . Though no one can replace a deceased pet but still an angel statue of it may help you during grief.

16. Writing an Obituary

Writing an obituary can be a soothing way to commemorate your pet and share the priceless memories with your friends and family.

This obituary will serve as a message about your pet’s passing. It is intended to provide facts about the deceased's life, and also serves as a permanent record for future generations, and tell people about any viewing, memorial, cremation, and burial ceremonies of your deceased pet.

Writing an obituary
Pet paw memorials

17. Paw print personalised pet urns

Some pet cremation or burial services record the paw prints of your pet, and It's a wonderful homage. You'll want to save the paw print of the deceased pet for the rest of your life. Different methods are used to capture the little paw prints of your pet like clay-cast etc.

Once these are captured then they can be used in multiple ways to preserve the pawprint of your pet. Paw imprinted products like dog paw jewellery, paw keychains, paw print urn necklace, pet paw print keepsakes and many more are available to personalise a pet urn with these paw prints

18. Vase for ashes

A memorial vase or cremation vase made of pottery and your pet's ashes. The ceramic clay is combined with the ashes to produce something wholly original, made with your taste and style in mind. This goes beyond being a lovely homage. This pet urn vase is something you can keep for a long time because they serve as a constant reminder of your pet.

Pet memorial urns in shape of vases
Plantable bones

19. Plantable Bones

Plantable bones are an increasingly popular green memorial choice. These bone-shaped memorials, which can be made from pet cremains or other biodegradable materials, contain seeds that, when they develop, will turn your garden into a vibrant flowerbed.

Sending Plantable Bones as a present to someone who has lost a pet is a great option for commemoration. You can also buy a card which contains a poem or quotes from the market. Poems or quotes can be written on one side of the card, and your own handwritten message can be written on the other.

20. Make diamond urn necklace for ashes of your pet.

Cremation diamonds are created from carbon that is taken from living things, including people and pets. The carbon source is the only distinction. Fur, bones, feathers, or hair can all be used to create pet diamonds, in addition to hair or ashes for your nearest and dearest family members.

It can be immensely emotional to turn your pet's ashes into a diamond and have that diamond placed into a piece of jewellery you can wear around your neck as a keepsake.

Pendant shaped pet memorial urn
Pet memoirs

21. Memorial Keepsake box

The Memorial Keepsake Box is the perfect setting to keep precious items like collars, cherished photos, and other items that bring back happy memories of your pet. Even a letter to your pet can be written and placed in this remembrance box. A fresh memento box that can be engraved or an antique box, pick the style that best suits you. In any case, it will be a unique treasure.

Choosing How to Handle Your Pet's Ashes

What to do with your pet's ashes is a somewhat open-ended question. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that you may just leave them on a shelf at home if that feels comfortable. Or, you can pick from a variety of the aforementioned choices. Ashes don't expire, so you can choose to act now or in the future.

Pet memoirs


Regarding the numerous heartfelt things, you may do with pet ashes, our list merely touches the surface. Therefore, when you're mourning the loss of your pet, allow yourself time and space to think it through; there's no need to rush. Whether you create a keepsake out of your pet's ashes or spread them at sea, your choice will undoubtedly reflect how much your pet meant to you.

Further, your pet's ashes can be used in so many amazing ways to celebrate their life. But once the body has been cremated, there is no rush to decide what to do with the ashes. You may keep them safe and near to you by storing them in a pet cremation urn while you search for the finest solution for you and your family.

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