Gifting Ideas For National Grandparents Day

Gifting Ideas For National Grandparents Day  

We have dedicated days on which we celebrate our Mothers, Fathers and Teachers. In fact we have a dedicated day for every important role or character who make our lives better. Similarly, we have the National Grandparents Day dedicated towards celebrating the bond children share with their grandparents. The day is observed on various dates across the year in different countries. However in the USA, it is celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This year it falls on the 12th of September. Although, Marian Macquade is credited as the founder of National Grandparents Day for her activism and work with seniors since 1959, the whole idea of having a day as such came from the brain of a nine year old, Russell Capper who sent a letter to President Nixon requesting for the same in 1969. After years of dialogue the day was officially recognized and has grown in popularity ever since. 

1. Learn about their history

Of course, spending time with our grandparents is worth every minute. And there is no better time than now to learn about their journey in life. If you have never had the chance to sit down and have a proper chat with them then now is your time. They possess skills that neither we nor our parents have. Spending time with our grandparents provides an opportunity to gain these invaluable skills. With decades of life experience under their belts, our grandparents can sometimes provide us with the best pieces of advice and set us on the right path. One thing the pandemic has taught us is that the future is uncertain. We do not know what waits for us in tomorrow. So, better late than never we should use all the time to learn about the people around us and spend as much time possible with our loved ones.

Learn about their history
Smart watch

2. Smart watch

One thing is for sure not a thing can topple the wisdom of your grandparents. However, there is no harm in adding more elements to their armor. Staying fit and in good health should be a priority for the young at heart Grandpa's and Grandma's. Smartwatches are essential for everyone, and you can't ignore these smart wearables that will make their life a lot easier. As the elder members of your family need more care, smartwatches can be their best companions. These smart wearables can track and measure various health factors like their blood pressure, heart rate, stress, respiration, sleep, GPS Tracking, and many other features. These luxurious wearables do help you find on-screen answers to all your questions and it also gives you the weather as well as news updates.

3. Take them out

When was the last time you all went out and munched on your favorite meal? or visit your grandparents favorite places? This Grandparents day, Take them to their favorite restaurant and celebrate it with sumptuous meals on the table. Keep the menu personalized as per the dishes loved by your grandparents. If you are living with your grandparents then you might as well use it to give them some healthy reminders, take a walk back home while monitoring their heart rate and the number of footsteps taken by them. Remember that the idea of a cheat day does not apply to them. You can also take them to their favorite places, that they enjoyed during their young age and let them cherish and enjoy their golden memories.

Take them out
A High-Tech Towel For Good Hair-

4. A High-Tech Towel For Good Hair- 

For the siblings who take great care of their hair, Aquis' cult-favorite hair towels have inspired a slew of rave reviews online. The towels are made from a proprietary fabric called Aquitex that's composed of ultra-fine fibers (finer than silk) that work to reduce the amount of friction the hair experiences while in its weakest state. It also prevents hygral fatigue — the stretching and swelling of wet hair that makes it vulnerable to frizz and damage — by cutting the hair's drying time by 50%. There are countless other benefits of using this high-tech towel such as towel drying your hair can save it from extreme heat exposure, which can make your hair frizzy and damage them in long run. You do not need to apply any external chemical products for safe drying as we do for blow drying.

5. Write A Letter-

Writing letters is the new cool! More than the size or the type of gifts, it is the thought that counts. Writing a letter to your loved ones is the best way to convey your thoughts and feeling to them. It provides you the ability to pen down your feeling exactly in the way you want to express them. Sending or receiving letters from your loved ones has various mental and psychological benefits. If your sibling has everything that you can think of then take a pen and paper, sit down and write a personal letter with your deepest emotions. There is no better way for expressing love and compassion than to utilize the power of words in a heartfelt handwritten letter.

Write A Letter
Phone Loop Phone Strap

6. Phone Loop Phone Strap- 

You know your sibling best when are buying them a phone loop! You notice that they always end up mishandling their smartphones and then whine about it so you solve it with a phone loop. It's a band that secures literally any model smartphone—you pass your hand through it making it almost impossible to drop and break your phone. There can’t be a better gift than this when it comes to protecting your wallet from digging a whole by cracking your smartphone. 

7. 3D Family Figurine-

Now that the lockdown restrictions have been slowly relaxed and the situation has started to ease out, we can all start planning a nice get-together with the seniors in our family. Agree or not they make our lives so much better and comfortable with their presence and care. They may have been harsh or stringent as parents but they never fail to show the love and affection for their grandchildren. Now on National Grandparents Day, there is no bigger gift than you taking care of them. Your presence around them is all that matters to them. However, a 3d family figurines is a gift that you can ponder upon before you greet them on this Grandparents day!

3D Family Figurine

8. Cooking-

Not exactly a gift but something worth experiencing. This is going to be a fun activity for siblings who hardly find time for this. Well, this is a great opportunity for you to test each other’s culinary skills and eat all your favorite snacks at the same time. Cooking together plays a significant role in strengthening a relationship. The time you spend together in the kitchen creates positive and enriching memories. As you share attention, responsiveness, and engagement while cooking it helps you reinforce your bond. Remember there’s no marking system in it, irrespective of what the final output is the result will be Good times spent together. If not cooking try baking a cake together.

9. A Handwoven Circle Bag- 

Good siblings always carry the weight of each other. Gift your sibling a handwoven circle bag, an Insta-worthy accessory which they can also use as a chic carrier for small essentials. A perfect gift for your sister before your next planned vacation! The bag is exactly as pictured with really pretty fabric lining in the inside and comes in a little tote which can be even used to cart sunscreen and a book to the beach for the trip. See you might almost forget that you want it as a gift and not for yourself. You may definitely borrow it on the trip though. I'm sure it will only be a matter of time until you buy one for yourself too!

A Handwoven Circle Bag.
Exchange of Books

10. Exchange of Books-

Bibliophiles in the house will love this idea of celebrating their love for each other. Well, this may not be something new or rare for siblings but just in case you and your sibling fall under the category of exceptions. Exchange books or novels that you just discovered. If not that then over a cup of coffee, read out parts and phrases from your favorite author’s novel- this could very well lead to conversations you have never had before.