Independence day of United States.

10 Fun And Interesting Things To Do On 4th Of July

Each day in life is a celebration. One day you celebrate your family, the other day you celebrate love. One day you celebrate your success the other day you celebrate your gratefulness to life. Then there are days like 4th of July. It is the most important day for the people of the greatest country on Earth. It is the day you celebrate your Nation, your pride, your identity and the purpose which makes America great! Traditionally, this day is celebrated with good food, good people and great company. Parades, fireworks, concerts and large gatherings are staple activities on this special day of the year. In 2020, things were a lot different, thanks to the pandemic. Most of us were not able to gather and enjoy a gala time with our friends and family, just like other millions of Americans. However with the advent of the new decade, lockdown restrictions have slowly started to ease, we can now get back to our good old days of celebrating 4th of July but with much safety precautions. We couldn’t help but sit and work on searching for a few interesting things you can do on this independence day of the world’s oldest democracy. Let’s take a look at what all can you add to your list of activities:

1. Hang An American Flag

Flags are like natural immunity booster when it comes to celebrating your motherland, your nation, your homeland. It sparks a sense of pride in you. We are sure most of you all do this. We just took it upon us to give you all a gentle reminder. In case you did not try this ever then you know now is the time to explore the patriotic side of you. Moreover, what better time than the 4th of July to proudly display an American flag? Whether it's on a flagpole or waving over your porch this is the perfect time to pay your tribute to the land of the greats. If you wish to go out then carry the flag with you on the streets, parks, concerts, parades or firework displays, let the flag be with you wherever you go on this very special day. After such a long gap, you will surely come across many strangers like you and it would fill heart to see how they cherish this day, this moment. Also, it would be fun interacting with them. We suggest you try this because one thing this pandemic has clearly taught us is that we are all we have got.

Kid with American Flag.
Nature Walk

2. Take A Nature Walk

When was the last time you went on a hike or took stroll around the beach? If you have been stuck inside the boundaries of your four walls for the most of the pandemic, now that things are slowly limping back to how it was before 2020, I guess it is time that we go and say hello to Mother Nature. What you can do is, hit a local trail for a little bird watching, plant spotting, and bug investigating. Pack magnifying glasses, nets, and a few small mason jars, so the kids can really explore and maybe even bring home a few new "pets." Make sure to keep carry an adequate amount of hydration supply. Chances you might exhaust yourself midway considering the fact that you are going to do this after a long hibernation. Carrying ample amount of water is anyway advisable for dealing with any kind of health emergency. Do not hesitate in taking as many pictures or videos as you like, preserve these memories worthy of a lifetime. Let the organic beauty of nature take over your Instagram and other social media handles. Who knows your posts may encourage a few others to hit the road too?   

3. Bake an American cake

4th of July means good times and good times always call for good food. If food is never an ingredient of your good times then are you sure if they actually good? Eating at your favourite joints with your favourite people on 4th of July should be enlisted as an essential must-do activity. But hey let us not forget that the pandemic is not over yet. If you wish to stay indoors this year too then you can definitely give this activity of baking an American cake, a shot. Put your baking skills to test. You really should not celebrate America's birthday without some red, white, and blue coloured desserts! You can do this as a group activity with your family or invite your friends over in case you are away from your family. Take turns completing steps of the cake recipe, stick it in the oven, and then cover it with white frosting, red strawberries, and blueberries. Later on, after baking some of the best cupcakes, brownies, and 4th of July cakes, the whole family can join in on the festive decorating — or even compete in a friendly bake-off. You will surely find out how good your family is in performing group activities. Make sure to take as many pictures as you can behind the scenes. 

American Cake.
Dog parade

4. 4th Of July Dog Parade

There cannot be a better experience than celebrating Independence Day with your best friend. Wake up early and put your patriotic vest on, because if your town is hosting a 4th of July parade, you'll want front row seats! Keeping the pandemic in mind, be sure to check with your local newspaper or town website to find out if parades will be happening or if they are opting for virtual platforms this year too. In North Carolina, a pregame has been prepared this Independence Day with a 4th of July Dog Parade and Vendor Fair that will benefit Charlotte Black Dogs and Pineville Neighbor’s Place. As per Charlotte’s website, at 4 p.m. you can watch the Patriotic Dog Costume Contest, with categories including most patriotic, most creative and funniest —then stay for the pet parade afterward. Other activities include a microchip check, vendor booths, nail trims from Live Laugh & Lather and a photo booth with a festive backdrop and props. Donations of small bags of dog or cat food, or treats, are also requested.

5. Movie Night At the Backyard

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Movie at the backyard.
Lounge by the pool.

6. Lounge In The Pool

Believe it or not, pandemic blues still does exist so if you are planning to not do anything extraordinary then here’s something to think about- lounge by the pool. Celebrate the fourth of July while sitting in a pool or float with a drink in hand! It's the perfect way to spend this day of summer with the whole family or with a few close friends coming over. Sometimes with holiday plans, less is more. Make delicious summer drinks, charge up your speakers, set a few patriotic tunes on your playlist, and kick back, relax, and soak up some sun. Sometimes the simplest plans are the best. You can also prepare a healthy and heavy brunch for the bellies will get hungry.  

7. Book Reading On American History

There cannot be a better day than 4th of July to make your children or younger ones in your family to learn about the country. If you've got a little one who doesn't quite know what the 4th of July is about, use the holiday as a chance to teach them more about American history. There are so many great kids' books about history and historical figures, like I Am Rosa Parks by Brad Meltzer and Two Friends by Dean Robbins. Think of this as an Independence Day-themed talent show. Parents and kids alike can learn and perform famous speeches by great Americans such as the "I Have a Dream" speech by Martin Luther King or Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address."  

Books on American History.

8. Sparklers, Gifts and Personalized Experiences

If you can't make it to a fireworks show this year, light it up with some sparklers — they're like a much safer, hand-held version of fireworks! Plus, they make for a fantastic photo op (especially if you have some fun, festive 4th of July nails to match. Even if you plan to catch a local fireworks show, you can also create a little pyrotechnic magic in your backyard by lighting up the safest DIY alternative—some handheld sparklers. If you're really feeling creative, you could even try capturing some cool sparkler photos using a tripod and a slow shutter speed. Since we are talking of personalized experiences, you can also check out these custom 3D figurines made of 2D images only at They make up for the gift to honour someone or to celebrate someone’s memory. 

9. Attend A Fireworks Show

It isn't a 4th of July celebration without fireworks! Watch the sky light up with the entire family by attending a local fireworks show. If your town isn't hosting fireworks this year because of COVID-19, check online for a fireworks show on virtual platforms much like the fireworks show at Walt Disney world.

Firework show.
Concert on 4th of July

10. Concerts To Attend On 4th Of July

Among all the things to do and explore on 4th of July, attending a concert should be at the top of your list. Here are some of the concerts lined up on 4th of July across various parts of America, you can also refer to your local news and portals for more accurate information!

We hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful time this 4th of July. Please respect other’s space, maintain distance, be kind and take as much precautions as we can. The last thing we want is for you to be the cause of someone else’s sickness.