Gifts for dog lovers

A Guide To The Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

As per a report in AVMA’s 2017-18 US Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook, 38.4 percent households own a pet dog in the United States as compared to 36.5% in 2012. In a report by the North American Pet Health insurance Association it is stated that the average growth rate of insured pets in the United States since 2015 is 15.8% and in Canada it is 11.3%. If we look outside of the statistic books, we believe that the number of dog lovers can be a lot higher. Just like our readers, I am also a big admirer of mankind’s best friends. Now, when the question of gifting a dog lover arises, it can be very tricky at times. We scouted through some of the best options available but then it is just us thinking, it may not work well with every proud human with a dog in their house. Let’s scroll down anyways just in case something new is for you in there-

Books On Decoding Dog Language

Imagine a world where we can decipher every single message our pet is trying to convey us? Mankind is still a long way away from there but we are making progress in trying to understand their language. Check this interactive book by Aline Alexander Newman and Gary Weitzman, which is for all the dog loving kids. However, the information provided in this guide book published by the National Geographic can equally do wonders for the elders of the house in explaining the characteristics of their pet. Even though there is no hard and fast rule of communicating with your most loyal companion, they do understand love and compassion and the book has a 4.7 star rating on Amazon with over 180 odd customer reviews. There is also the fully illustrated Dog Encyclopedia which has insights on more than 400 dog breeds.

Book for decoding dogs language
Snuffle mats

Snuffle Mats

They love to sniff! They love doing the sniffing activity, it is an exercise for them. Busy in a Zoom call? Don’t know how to keep your buddy with canines engaged? Try Snuffle mats to keep them busy for hours. This mat is an adventurous and attractive toy for your dog’s sniffing exercises. An exercise which comes with tasty treats. All you have to do is stuff the mat with their favorite snacks and leave it on them to hunt for the treats. Most snuffle mats are durable and machine friendly so you need not worry about keeping them clean. Also, they can be rolled into a small bag and stored easily when not in use. Here’s an effective video shared by one user of the mat.

Squeeze-able Water Bottles

Dog lovers know in order to protect their dog’s health, keeping them hydrated is as much important as it is to engage them in doing physical activities. When you are out on a walk, hike or adventure trip, a squeezable water bottle seems like the best fit for quenching the thirst of your buddy. The BPA free Highwave dog water bottle seems to be dog lover’s favorite among a pool of options. The bottle is attached with a bowl at the top. It starts filling up with water every time you squeeze the bottle. Once released the water drains back to the bottle.

Squeeze-able Water Bottles for dogs
Glow in Dark Waterproof Collars

Glow in Dark Waterproof Collars Or Harness

This one is for the dog lovers who like to make their pet look as flashy as they are. As the saying goes precaution is better than cure, this collar is more of a safety measure for curious dogs with a knack of exploring. The harness adds more drip to the look of your dog and works great as an identifier from a distance whenever he is off the leash after sunset. It also comes in various color combinations.

Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

This is what every dog lover needs! With this you can be a big problem solver in the life of a dog lover. You must have seen your friend on many occasions stress about cleaning the messy paws of their pet. Why not solve this problem of theirs so that they can fearlessly join you in the open next time? While there are options like a waterless shampoo, the Mudbuster Paw Washer by Dexas seems to be the user’s favorite. It comes in different sizes and colors. All you have to do is dip the paws in this dish washer friendly cleaner, its gentle silicone brittles will help remove the dirt every time you come back from a walk or trek.

Portable Dog Paw Cleaner
Puzzle Game Dog Toys

Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys 

Dogs have 40 times higher sense of smelling than humans. Sniffing works as mental stimulation for the canines. For dog lovers who do not have the time to go on regular walks, puzzle game dog toys serve as a great alternative. The Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle by Outward Hound has prototypes for dogs from beginner to pro level. The level 3 Challenge Slider of the Nina Ottosson series seems to have a fan base for its quick and easy set up. It has 23 moving tiles which reveals 24 treat slots which you can fill with snacks or kibble. This is also a great way to keep your four pawed buddy engaged. 

GPS Pet Tracker

If you know a dog lover whose furry friend often likes to go on a solo voyage, then you must have seen the frantic look on their faces and the fear in their voices. A GPS tracker would be the absolute gift for humans with dogs who have a knack of exploring. Some of these trackers also give health updates along with keeping a check on the dog’s whereabouts. Battery life could be a challenge but some last for day’s even weeks. However, the faster you track your absconding friend the better it is for both.   

GPS Tracker for pets
3d dog figurines

3D printed Dog Figurines

You know how emotionally connected dog lovers are with their pet. For dog loving friends who have interest in figurines, a gift is always best when given with a more personal touch. Our 3D printed dog figurine is simply a physical 3D printed replica of your pet dog that My3dselfie can create from any normal photograph of your pet or basis any customisation ideas from you. You can also explore
our dfferent standard dog figurines collection.

Treat Tossing Dog Camera

The trainer and vet approved Furbo Dog Camera comforts your anxiety of being separated from your dog. You can call for your favorite companion whenever you are away and keep a check on their activity. It also has a Dog selfie and Barking alert for dog lovers concerned with security. By gifting this to a dog lover you ae only proving that you care not only for them but their dog too. 

Treat Tossing Dog Camera
Customised Dog Winter Coats

Customized Dog Winter Coats

Planning a trip to Alaska with your friend? Worried about temperatures affecting his dog? Try the The K9 Apparel Custom Dog Winter Coats , reviewers seem to love it. It is being tailor made to exact specifications of your pet so that they do not find it uncomfortable to wear. Those of were some of our suggestions. Besides, these gifting options you can always take yummy treats for your friend’s cuddle buddy or simply pamper them with your affectionate love and care on your next visit.