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✔️  A 3d selfie or a 3d printed figurine is a life-like, super realistic replica of a person, crafted only from a few pictures. We are the world’s first to create these one of a kind sculptures that have a minimum accuracy of 90% with the help of our proprietary process. Our figurines range from 5 to 12 inches in height. The higher the size, the better the detailing.

✔️ A gift crafted perfectly with precision leveraging the combination of technology and art to celebrate motherhood, fatherhood, the love for our partners, friends, colleagues and every human relationship & occasion. Immortalize special moments and cherish them for a lifetime.

✔️  Tailor-made and customized. Our products are crafted to bring a smile to you and your loved one’s face.

✔️  Why wait, when you can create an impeccable moment with the people you love. Don’t let anything stop you from buying happiness.

✔️  Congratulations!!, you are about to add something really special to your life and make an impact. And yes, do not miss out on the 10% Discount available for a limited time. 

✔️  After all, we are a celebration company. We celebrate love and human emotions from first cry to the last breath.


    ***After clicking Add To cart, it might take few extra seconds if the photos are bigger in size. If this happens, please wait until it takes you to the next page. It should loading on the bottom left corner of the page.




    • We ship worldwide
    • It takes 3 to 5 weeks for the product to reach your doorstep from the date of order
    • Shipping time for US, Canada is 5- 7 business days
    • Shipping time for Europe is 5-7 business days
    • Shipping time elsewhere is 10-12 business days

    We prefer that you upload  4 high quality photos. We could still create your figurine from a single photo with our propiertary process. However, to get better quality and accuracy of the subject, please try to uplaod at least 4 good quality photos.

    1. Can you do it from 1 photo? Yes
    2. Can you do it in a specific pose? Yes
    • The figurines are printed in Sandstone material
    • The figurines are very delicate and should not be exposed to water
    • CCF stands for Custom Clothing Figurine. With CCF, the clothing is sculpted exactly as seen on the image/photo. CCF gives you way higher accuracy than SCF as it will completly match the subject as seen on the image.
    • SCF stands for standard clothing figurine. We put clothings from our library suitable to the subject.
    • Both categories come with custom body that matches the subject completely.

    Yes, definitely! We will also put the figurines in embrace. You just need to simply order two figurines as a couple figurine. Just need to increase the counter at the checkout to 2 quantities.

    No Problem, That's The Reason We Offer Gift Cards. You Can Buy Them A Gift Card And They Get Their Selfies By Uplaoding The Best Quality Photos At Their Own Convenience. 

    Here Is The Link To Purchase Our Aamzing Gift Card - https://www.my3dselfie.com/products/gift-card

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 80 reviews
    Sara Dan
    Amazing resemblance!

    I had a cake topper made for my father's birthday. It turned out so well, I am going to have to get one made of my mother so I have a set!

    Don Marvel


    Robert Shackelford


    Paul Erland Langsholt
    Started figure

    After a few emails back and forth to clarify my order and what I required....I got through what I wanted and I am very have woth my statue.

    Keith LaMee
    Great product

    Is well made. A lot of detail on it. Great job

    More realistic than I expected.

    The figure I received beat my expectations. Definitely looked very much like the photo I sent in.
    It was so good that when I sent a picture of it to show my friend they said "oh you got a haircut". Lol they didn't even realize I was sending them a picture of my 3Dselfie.
    I would definitely recommend to others and I will definitely be doing more business with this place very soon.

    Jodi Gentry

    The face had a lot of red in it. But other than that It was excellent and I have another ordered


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    • Can you do if and include a campaign hat? I’m a state trooper and want one done in full uniform.

      Yes, we sure can! 

    • I have no side or back pictures of my deceased son. Can you still make a 3d figurine of him? Also, can you include his motorcycle?

      We sure can. We create figurines for deceased people with whatever we get. Yes, we can include his motorcycle for an additional fee.

    • What does standard clothing entail? Will it basically be the same as the red shirt on the sample picture?

      We have a set of clothes in our library. We would normally pick the best possible selection compared to the clothes seen on the image.

    • Can you make a figurine from a black and white image?

      Yes,  we can!

    • Can you do family figurines from photo?

      Yes, definitely. You just need to send us few photos of the member along with the family photo. You can let us know if you want us to recreate the figurines from the specific family portrait.

    • Can you expose this to water?

      Figurines should not be exposed to water as it is made of sandstone. It is a delicate product!

    • Can you do couple figurines in embrace or any positions?

      Yes, of course! In fact, we can do figurines in any kind of pose or embrace. All we need is a reference image or an idea of the pose. When you order a couple figurine, you are also eligible for a 12% discount.

    • Can you reproduce myself and boyfriend whilst on a coaster ride from a photo taken in situ? Both of us are looking at the camera but there is only that view point and part of the cab we are sitting in?

      Yes, we should be able to. We need to see the image. Please send the reference photo to contact@my3dselfie.com

    • can you print the selfie without the platform that it stands on and can you also print solid black or white figure

      We sure can!

    • What is your current turnaround time?

      Standard Service - Current delivery time- 4-6 weeks 
      Express Service- 3-4 weeks

    • I have a photo of a young girl who passed away of cancer years ago. She is sitting in a toy chair holding a stuffed animal, her feet are not showing in the photo. Can this be done?

      We are sorry to hear that. Yes, we sure can do that. It will be considered as a fully custom figurine.

    • Can you produce a person figure 24 inches tall, by splitting my picture in two, and then adding the two pieces one on top of the other?

      A 24 inches will have same approach as our approach to life size figures. We can do it in two halves and you can then assemble it.

    • Can I get a figure without clothing with all body parts accurate?

      Yes, you can.

    • If I provide you with photos of me seated, with my legs crossed, while meditating... how tall will the 3D Selfie be, if I pay for a 5-inch tall figure ($129 USD)? Also, how much will such a figure (a typical 5-inch figure) weigh (approximately)? Thank you for your help.

      This will be considered as fully custom 3d figurines and for 5 inches tall in meditating pose, it will cost $349.

    • I have a motorcycle vest with patches on it. Can you do the patches also?

      Yes, we sure can but the patches will only appear on the higher size like 9 inches as the bigger size figurines are detailed.

    • can you make a figurine from one photo 4members include so u will be crete figurine?

      Yes, we sure do :) We can have all family members together in embrace! 

    • 4members in my picture.so you will crete in toy.sure

      Yes, we sure can. Here is the link where you can order a family or group figurine https://www.my3dselfie.com/products/family-figurines

    • I want to have this done of my twin granddaughter's in their custom fairy costumes that I made. Is that possible?

      Yes, it is absolutely possible. This is what we do :) Please select the custom clothing option while selecting the variant in the product page -https://www.my3dselfie.com/products/3d-selfie?variant=24697117569

    • I wear glasses, do you suggest I upload photos with the glasses or with out?

      Please upload one with glasses and one without classes.

    • Could you do a 3D picture of family vacation for people

      Yes, we sure do! It is considered as the Family Figurine. 

    • My wife wanted a figurine of when she was younger and had a very attractive figure. She wants one in a single piece swimsuit or two piece however never took a pic in one.. could you produce one with pics taken in regular clothing

      Yes, we can!

    • Can you print a Live Oak Tree

      Yes, we can!

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