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Our cat figurines and statues consists of three different types: you can choose a customized cat statue that is specially made to look like your pet cat. These custom cat clones are 3d printed from photos of your pet to replicate them as miniature cat statues.

Secondly, you can also check our cat urn figurine, which is basically 3d printed as a cat memorial figurine to honor your deceased pet. These memorial cat figurines are also custom-made from photos to look like your deceased cat. Finally, you can check out our most elegant Egyptian cat sculptures or cat figurines for home decor. Egyptian cats were well-known as mysterious and unpredictable, they were also respected in ancient times for their hunting instinct, playfulness, and affection.

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Cat 3d figurine made of sandstone
Egyptian Cat Figurine
Egyptian Cat Figurine
Pet Urn Figurine @my3dselfie.
Pet Urn Figurine-Paws Back
Grey Cat Figurine
Dog and Cat storage bowl figurines
White and Blue Cat Figurines
White and Blue Cat Figurines
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